Addictive Games to Play on Your Browser for Free in Minutes

by Paisley Hansen about a month ago in product review

Whether you're stuck at home, or in the office make sure you give your mind a break and play a game!

Addictive Games to Play on Your Browser for Free in Minutes

Cabin Fever has been rampant in the year 2020. So, whether you need an escape from quarantine, a short break from the drudgery of the office or something different to do with your kids, computer games can be a good change of pace. Maybe you don't have the time or money to be a big-time gamer, but even the most simplistic game can cut the monotony. Even better, you don’t have to download anything and you can play right from your browser for free. So, next time you get bored, try these diversions:

Create a Course for Bosh

Draw a line from the upper-left of the screen to the lower-right and press the play button. Your tiny sledder, Bosh, is the crash test dummy for your new course. With all its simplicity, Line Rider ends up being hilariously entertaining; you’ll instantly be hooked. Simulated physics is what it's about, so you’ll have to keep Bosh safe from getting stuck in a crevice, crashing or completely going off course, falling into never-ending oblivion. However things pan out, you can save any of Bosh’s adventures so that you both can relive the “good” times again and again.

Take a Magical Journey

Navigate your robot unicorn through a seemingly endless stage that includes platforms, crystal stars and pixies. Gameplay goes faster as the game progresses. Before you know it you’ll have your robot unicorn running and dashing and jumping to a looping “Always” song by Erasure. Magical ...

Devour Apples for a Longer Life

At first glance, you might wonder how something featuring two dots is going to hold anyone’s attention; just wait. Snake is deceptively fun and challenging. The snake (first appearing as a green dot) moves surprisingly fast. You have to accurately navigate it to each apple you want it to eat. The more apples it eats, the longer it grows. Whatever you do, don’t let the snake hit the wall or it’ll be game over. A game (or several good tries) can be played within a couple of minutes.

Get Angry

Despite the name, there’s no way to be in a bad mood while you’re playing Angry Birds. The story, in general, is an on-going war between an assortment of multi-colored flightless birds and a group of egg-stealing green pigs. The birds slingshot themselves to attack the support structures of the pigs, which in turn destroys the pigs. Now you can play various versions of it on your browser. It’s challenging and will keep you laughing. If your job has a no game policy you’ll want to be sure to keep your volume down; the screaming birds and snorting piggies will rat you out!

Get Lost

GeoGuessr will take you on a sort of surprise mini-vacation. You’ll be randomly deposited somewhere in the world on Google Street View. Now, take your best guess at your location. If you’re a fan of geography and/or traveling, the randomness can make this game addictive. It’s also great if you want something you can play in tiny increments.

Have a War of Words

Are you a hunt-and-peck typist? ZType is a simple, yet addictive game that will speed up your typing and accuracy as you shoot down enemy spaceships and missiles. Destroy the incoming threat by typing the attached word. Also, be cautious of dangerous flying debris. Inaccurately typed words don’t count, and the words only get longer as you progress. This game helps with typing speed, accuracy and muscle memory.

Putt Through Other Worlds

Wonderputt is a mini-golf course with cute graphics and courses, unlike anything you’ve seen at a real-world course. This world is ever-evolving as you navigate through its unique level design and the multitude of crazy transitions. You must set your knowledge of physics into practice as you try to determine the appropriate punch for your putt. You may also witness an alien abduction.

Life can get a little too real at times, so you might as well take a little break in another world, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. Leave one or two games open in your browser for a quick getaway at a moment’s notice!

product review
Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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