5 LEGO Games That TT Games Should Make

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These 5 franchises would make great LEGO games.

5 LEGO Games That TT Games Should Make

Let me start by saying, this isn’t going to be a ‘we need sequels of XYZ’ article, or a list of old games that need remaking. Despite the fact I would love to see a DC Supervillains 2, and possibly a Marvel Supervillains or DC Superheroes game, and the fact that LEGO Lord of the Rings needs to be remade in a better way. I want to address the untapped movie/TV franchises that would make amazing LEGO games.

I must also note that these suggestions will be in no particular order. These are all franchises that I believe would be a fun gaming experience should TT Games take them on.

1) Avatar/Legend of Korra.

TT Games have been putting a lot of focus into ‘superhero’ LEGO games lately, and Avatar could easily function as a superhero game. The play style would be similar to the existing games – you could have benders with flight, water benders that can freeze things, earth benders breaking walls, fire benders melting gold, etc. The main difference would be the world – a setting more in the realm of fantasy, with exotic creatures and a more rustic aesthetic. The open worlds could be as big as the four nations; or scaled down to the main cities.

As for storyline, it could be based on the series itself or follow the more original approach that recent LEGO games have adopted by having the player create a new ‘Avatar’ who has to learn to master the four elements, and battle a big bad villain. Perhaps the player could even choose which nation their Avatar incarnation will be born into.

2) The Dragon Prince

Humans, Elves and Dragons – oh my! This Netflix original series captured my heart almost immediately, and has much of the same appeal as Avatar does (largely due to having the same creators). While we are a mere 3 seasons into (what is aiming to be) a 7 season run, there is still a lot of scope to create a beautiful LEGO fantasy game where the player can scour the 5 kingdoms and explore the stunning yet dangerous land of Xadia. Instead of 4 base elements like in Avatar, TDP gives us 6 ‘primal elements’ plus the evil dark magic which could cover any LEGO obstacle the developers wanted to create.

3) Scooby Doo

This may be more of a personal fantasy, but it still makes the list. I have been a Scooby Doo fan since childhood; to this day I still keep an eye out for the new animated films to make sure I give them a watch. I’ve played the Scooby Doo games that were released, including both Wii games (First Frights and Spooky Swamp), both of which I think were made quite well – particularly First Frights. There are a couple of LEGO Scooby Doo movies, so why no game?

Well, as mentioned before TT Games have been erring more on the side of superheroes lately. Having played some of their earlier games recently (Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean) it’s quite obvious that non-superpowered adventures can feel a little lacking now, especially when the character roster is made to be so vast. You just don’t need 100+ characters when you only have a handful of abilities to distribute between them. The only thing more infuriating is having dozens of unneeded character clones (I’m looking at you, LEGO Incredibles!). However, traditional adventures could still work with a little ingenuity and a willingness to tweak a few elements. For example, in DC Supervillains the Joker has exploding pies to blow up silver – I’m sure people wouldn’t find it too odd for Shaggy to have such a power. Velma can easily do tech panels, Fred usually is given strength, and Daphne tends to have secret ninja abilities at the best of times, so giving her rope and agility would make perfect sense. Scooby can dig, and giving him and Shaggy ‘disguise’ abilities to trick guard boxes would add to the comic feel that the cartoon has always had. Then the roster can be filled with maybe ONE clone (as long as it has a different ability!), monsters, creepy innkeepers, friends and a Frank Welker cameo because he is amazing.

4) Disney Heroes and Villains

Ok, so this one is more than likely doomed to gather dust in the recesses of our imaginations until the end of time. Or, you know, Disney’s inevitable takeover of the world. Regardless, let’s take a moment to explore this unlikely possibility.

Disney characters have a way of capturing the hearts of young and old alike. There is a cornucopia of characters, classic and new, that could fill a LEGO roster with ease. All we need is a story, an adventure to link all these wonderful characters so that the player can dance and glide and karate chop their way through the LEGO world as their favourite hero, villain or sidekick. I see Rapunzel using her hair as a rope, I see Simba using ‘wolverine’ claw switches, I see Kaa using mind control and Gaston headbutting breakable walls and the Jester from the Hunchback of Notre Dame breathing fire to melt gold. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – I’m sure you can already envision the abilities your favourite characters could have. The ‘main characters’ could be ones we know, or a unique custom. Their task? To stop a big bad wizard, or help fellow kingdoms defend themselves from a merciless villain team up. Ok, so plot would need to be ironed out a lot more. The point is, the bones are there – TT Games just needs to let its imagination run wild.

5) Star Trek

Whether you're a fan of Discovery, TOS, DS9, or everything in between, how could you not want to go exploring planets traversing through space and using an array of fun imaginative gadgets? The franchise's selection of colourful aliens would not look out of place on the character roster. The possibilities for storyline are truly endless, and TT games would not be lacking for material for DLC one-off adventures. The game need not take place in any particular series, instead the Starship LEGOPRISE could drift through space landing on a selection of planets for levels in which you need to either save the inhabitants or repair your ship unnoticed - after all we do have the prime directive to consider.

All in all, every LEGO game is a comic, PG take on the franchises we love, and as such there are several franchises that would make good LEGO games. I’m sure whatever TT Games has in store for the future, we’re going to have a blast.

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