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5 Items You May Have Missed in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76 you may miss items such as U.S. Government Supply Requisition, Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets, Claim Tokens and so on.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 21 days ago 6 min read

When we enter Fallout 76 we will get many different loot items, some of them are of very high value, but there are also many items that we will ignore. So how do we maximize the potential of our loot? Below we are going to show you some ways to use some of the props that you may have overlooked, which will bring us a lot of rewards.

U.S. Government Supply Requisition Holotapes

U.S. Government Supply Requisition

U.S. Government Supply Requisition Holotapes are randomized loot items found in Fallout 76. They allow players to request an emergency supply drop when used at a Relay Tower terminal.

To use them:

  • Go to any Relay Tower terminal and load the holotape.
  • Select "Request Emergency Supply Drop" from the terminal menu.
  • This will mark the airdrop location on your map with a yellow circle.
  • Travel to that location and look for the orange smoke to find the airdrop crate.
  • You may need to pick the lock on the crate if you don't have the Master Infiltrator perk.
  • The crate will contain useful supplies as a reward.

The U.S. Government Supply Requisition Holotapes in Fallout 76 allow you to call in an airdrop of supplies when used at a Relay Tower terminal. The rewards from these airdrops are randomized, but typically contain some combination of the following:

  • Weapons (often lower-level)
  • Ammunition
  • Stimpaks and other aid items
  • Caps (bottlecaps used as currency)
  • Plans/Recipes
  • Junk items

The quality and quantity of the loot tends to be better when calling in the airdrop from higher-level regions of the game world. However, many players feel the rewards are generally underwhelming for the effort required, especially at higher levels. If you think so, you can buy the items you need directly from fallout 76 online store, which will save us a lot of time.

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets are rare items that can be obtained from killing Feral Ghouls and Scorched enemies in Fallout 76. They can be exchanged with a Bellhop Protectron located in the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort for various rewards.

To use Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets:

  • Go to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and enter the main lodge building.
  • Head upstairs and then go down two flights of stairs to find the Bellhop NPC.
  • You may need to complete the "Key to the Past" quest first to gain access to the Bellhop's room.
  • Interact with the Bellhop while having Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in your inventory (found under Misc in your Pip-Boy).
  • You must give the Bellhop the tickets one at a time. Even if you have multiple tickets, you can only turn them in individually.
  • In exchange for each ticket, the Bellhop will give you a rare reward, which can include unique plans and items.
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

When traded with the Bellhop, Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets can yield the following rewards:

  • Pre-War money (100% chance)
  • Random clothing items like the Western Outfit, Red Dress, Skiing Outfits (11.11% chance each)
  • Junk items like Gold/Silver Pocket Watches, Lighters, Utensils (11.11% chance each)
  • Ski Sword (non-legendary, 11.11% chance)
  • Fancy Single Action Revolver or Fancy Pump Action Shotgun (3% chance each)

The Fancy weapons are unique legendary variants with special modifications and cannot be obtained elsewhere. While most rewards are common junk/clothing, the rare Fancy weapons make Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets a sought-after currency for some players.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical data in Fallout 76 is a quest item used to initiate and complete the repeatable quest "Forbidden Knowledge". It can be found randomly in containers across Appalachia. When obtained, the player receives the quest to turn in the technical data to Scribe Valdez at Fort Atlas or Camp Venture for rewards.

Where can you find Technical Data?

Technical Data is an item that can be found in locations like desks, safes, filing cabinets (especially the blue and orange cylindrical ones) at places such as:

  • AMS Corporate Headquarters
  • Sugar Grove
  • Whitespring High School
  • Silo sites
  • Westtek (a good farming spot in the filing cabinets)

Once you collect a piece of Technical Data, it will start the "Forbidden Knowledge" quest. To complete this quest and earn rewards:

  1. Go to Fort Defiance and find the Brotherhood of Steel Scribe inside.
  2. Interact with the Scribe while having Technical Data in your inventory.
  3. You must turn in the Technical Data one piece at a time. If you turn in multiple pieces at once, you only get rewards for one piece.
  4. For each piece of Technical Data turned in, the Scribe will give you a random reward, which can include rare plans and items.

By patiently turning in your Technical Data to the BoS Scribe one by one at Fort Defiance, you can maximize your chances of receiving rare and valuable plans as rewards in Fallout 76.

What rewards can you get by using Technical Data?

Turning in technical data to Scribe Valdez provides the following rewards:

  • Brotherhood of Steel paint plans for power armor (higher rarity plans at higher ranks)
  • Experience points (making it valuable during double XP events)
  • Other miscellaneous loot

The paint plans are particularly valuable, as higher rank plans like the Elder paint can be traded for rare items like legacy weapons. To maximize rewards, it's recommended to turn in technical data one at a time and read each new paint plan before turning in more, as this unlocks the next higher rank of plans to drop.

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Claim Tokens

Claim Tokens are a form of currency in Fallout 76 that can be redeemed for various rewards at Claim Token Exchange Terminals located near the entrances of the Abandoned Mine Site Kittery and Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine.

How to Obtain Claim Tokens

Claim Tokens are earned by participating in the "Lode Baring" event, where you protect robots as they dig for resources.

Lode Baring


  • During the event, you get 2 Claim Tokens for each interval that the robots stay alive while digging.
  • After successfully completing the event, you receive an additional 10 Claim Tokens as a reward.

How to use Claim Tokens

Players can interact with the Claim Token Exchange Terminals to view the available reward tiers or "Hauls" that can be purchased using their accumulated Claim Tokens.

To redeem your Claim Tokens:

  1. Go to the terminal located near the Lode Baring event site.
  2. Interact with the terminal while having Claim Tokens in your inventory.
  3. You can spend the tokens to purchase different "hauls" or supply packages from the terminal.
  4. The more tokens you spend, the better the haul - ranging from a "Standard Haul" to a "Jackpot Haul."
  5. These hauls contain useful resources like ammo, scrap, and other supplies.

Potential rewards from redeeming Claim Tokens include:

  • Plans and Recipes (e.g., C.A.M.P. plans)
  • Ballistic Ammo
  • Junk and Ore
  • Outfits (e.g., Western Outfit, Western Outfit with Chaps)
  • Legendary Weapons (e.g., 1* Fancy Revolver, 3* Fancy Shotgun)

Each Claim Token weighs 0.1 pounds, so they can quickly become a burden on the player's carry weight and stash space if accumulated in large quantities. Players can choose to sell or drop excess Claim Tokens if they do not plan on redeeming them immediately.

Mr. Fuzzy Tokens

Mr. Fuzzy Tokens are a form of currency and miscellaneous items in Fallout 76. Accumulate these tokens and head to The Company Store to peruse a variety of prizes, ranging from quirky novelties to coveted Mr Fuzzy costumes.

How to Obtain Tokens

Go to Camden Park and complete the three daily "Carnival Games" quests - the Hot Dog Eating Contest, Dross Toss, and Lucky Mucker. Each of these quests awards 3 Mr. Fuzzy Tokens upon completion. So you can earn up to 9 Mr. Fuzzy Tokens per day by doing all three quests.

Using Tokens

Using Tokens

Tokens can be exchanged at the terminal inside the Camden Park Company Store for various prizes, including:

  • Mr. Fuzzy pencils (5 tokens)
  • Paddle ball ammo (5 tokens)
  • Food items like cotton candy bites and gumdrops (5 tokens)
  • Jumbo Mr. Fuzzy plush (20 tokens)
  • Mr. Fuzzy mining helmet (20 tokens)
  • Paddle ball toy (50 tokens)
  • Camden Whacker melee weapon (50 tokens)
  • Super comic books (100 tokens)
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit (150 tokens)
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot head (300 tokens)

These above items are the ones that we tend to ignore in the game, which can bring us a lot of rewards. Of course it also requires us to invest a lot of time, if you want to focus more on the game, then you can buying caps fallout 76.

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