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Why Halloween is my Favorite Holiday

Halloween Rocks

By Mother CombsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Why Halloween is my Favorite Holiday
Photo by Sabina Music Rich on Unsplash

Yippee!!! It is here! It is finally here!! Halloween day is here!! The best Holiday of the year is finally here for us to celebrate! Get out your candy! Get out your costumes! It is time to party!

You may wonder why Halloween is my favorite Holiday. You may think, “Mother Combs, is Halloween not a little immature for one so old as you to love so much?”

Well, let me tell you why I love it so much.

Halloween is the only Holiday that does not pretend to be something it is not. It is simple. It is still for the young at heart to celebrate.

On Halloween, you do not hear kids asking for expensive, needless items for the holiday. They only expect treats and candy. It is still a fun holiday for kids to celebrate and for adults, too, without the expectation of going into debt for the next four years to pay off an iPad. And you do not have to lie to them and tell them that some fat guy or some bunny will be bringing their gifts.

As stated above, Halloween does not require you to lie to your kids or your kids to be treated differently. There is no Santa or Easter Bunny to celebrate this Holiday with. There are no candy hearts that one kid may get, and another might not get. All kids get treated equally on this Holiday.

It is simple. Kids buy or make a costume to wear, go door to door, and ring a bell. When the door is answered, they say, “Trick or Treat,” and candy is given to them. Easy peasy, one, two, three. Nothing easier. Nothing sweeter.

Decorations are even reasonably easy to set up unless you are one of those who set up a whole haunted house in your front yard. Otherwise, all you need are a few pumpkins, carved, of course, some cobwebs, and some sheets to make ghosts with some lighting. If you don’t have the money for anything but candy, just turn on your porch light; the children will still come in their costumes for you to see. They do not care if you decorate, just if they can get some treats. So simple.

Then there are the haunted houses. Some are scary enough to scare the pee out of you. Some tame enough for a five-year-old to go through. Some with fantastic corn maze outside. Others have a pumpkin patch surrounding them. It is great fun for the whole family at times to go and visit.

You must never forget the Halloween parties. The kiddies have their classroom parties and parties that their friends throw. Then, the teens have parties that their friends and youth groups put on. Then, there are the adult Halloween parties. Movie parties, costume parties, and treat parties. All are fun. All are a staple of the Halloween season.

Of course, I must remember the Halloween movies made for this time of year. You have Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas for the kids. Then you have the scary shows for the adults. Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Saw, and the list goes on and on. There are so many scary shows to watch this time of year; it would take a year of Halloween to watch them all.

There are so many reasons why I love Halloween above all other Holidays, but I do not think I could list them all. But these are the main reasons that I love this Holiday.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my mind.

Have a most Happy Halloween.

Blessed Be.


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Mother Combs

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    I think the best reason is not needing to lie to kids about santa and easter bunny. So many facts here!

  • Alisa İnnokate6 months ago

    Another great story! I always find Halloween as a very "cool" holiday, and your story reminds it too

  • Lamar Wiggins6 months ago

    I second that!!! Hurray!!! I used to dress up as an adult all the time for work when I lived in Colorado. I saved one of the costumes I made back then. One guy offered me 200 bucks for it lol, I declined. Hope you have a blast, Mother!

  • Dana Crandell6 months ago

    Had it not been for Halloween, I never would have met my wife.

  • Halloween is a lot of fun. I love seeing all the costumes!!!

  • Cathy holmes6 months ago

    Well done and Happy Halloween.

  • Mark Gagnon6 months ago

    I really like your line of thought. Not a lot of commercial hype for this holiday, just good old fashion fun!😈

  • Hope Martin6 months ago

    I agree with ALL of this. Let's not forget the deep rich history behind Halloween that is fun to learn for the older ones.

  • Andrea Corwin 6 months ago

    Liked your story and the breakdown. I was always stressed if invited to a party because figuring out the costume was too much. Figuring out one for my kids was stressful. Sure you can buy one in store (if one can afford it); there is pressure in the kids around the costumes. If we are home on Halloween, I always buy candy I do NOT like to hand out, or there won't be any for the kids!! 😂

  • Celia in Underland6 months ago

    Super interesting. In the UK, Halloween (at least wasn't when I was last there 8 years ago) a very big deal. And, in Slovakia it is pretty non-existent, except for a party thing we do in the high school. It is so huge in the Americas! I enjoyed your sentiments behind liking it, and can see why you have gotten behing :) Thanks for the insight 👻👻👻

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