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What you know and what you do

by Aaron 2 months ago in Humanity
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As the old saying goes, "easy to have three training, one training is easy, two training is easy, three training is not easy", "easy with heaven and earth", is not the same with common sense?

As the old saying goes, "easy to have three training, one training is easy, two training is easy, three training is not easy", "easy with heaven and earth", is not the same with common sense? We live in common sense, "spring", "autumn", we use them without thinking, is simple; The same thing has different manifestations at different times, changing infinitely, is to become easy; Common sense comes from life, and it is not easy to apply for a long time. Therefore, Zhuangzi said, "The way is defecating." Because of common sense, we are calm in life.

It is because common sense is so USED TO us that we are often unaware, just as time and space are so static AND ABSOLUTE TO us, that WE were deceived thousands of years before Einstein. So we suddenly understand that common sense, although common, but also to know, act, think.

The so-called knowledge of common sense is not just the natural reflection of adding clothes when it is hot, but the careful observation of the existence of nature. Without this intention, where is common sense? Without common sense, how can we do it? If you do not, you will suffer disaster. For example, for people, know the time of heavy traffic, so that they will not be late for appointments; Napoleon, unaware of the vastness of Russia and the coldness of winter, foreshadowed the battle of Waterloo because of the clear walls of Russia.

So for common sense, know it.

The so-called practice of common sense is not only the evidence after knowledge, but also the necessity of life. The reason why we need to know and practice is that knowing is easy and doing is difficult. It is difficult to do, so do it. Common sense of the knowledge, is sleepy sleep, tired rest, is the three points of the world, is Liu Bang Chu strong Han weak and strong to Hongmen. The practice of common sense is to conform to nature and move with The Times, so it can avoid harm and pursue benefits, so there is a wake up spirit, only the Han Dynasty.

So for common sense, do it.

As for the thinking of common sense, that is the higher requirement after the unity of knowledge and practice. Because common sense is so common, it is invisible to us to ignore and get used to. However, everything in the world is eternal in changing, and it is not suitable for us to act rigidly. If we keep what we have, there will be no progress at all. Therefore, the motto of the soup plate is: "go all the way to the new day, every day, and every day." "Kang Zhao" said: "as a new citizen"; Zeng Zi said, "The superior man uses all means." Because of the thinking of common sense, Eyre put forward the theory of relativity, Bohr put forward the quantum mechanics; In history, it is not because of the ideological thinking and reform, and then know and act, only thirty years of reform and opening up and the rise of China today?

"Easy and accurate", it is with common sense, with common sense, we maintain an ancient civilization, but whether life or development, do not know the common sense no language progress, no common sense to avoid trouble, do not think of common sense but also can not make further progress.

So, might as well use the son of the "careful thinking of it, discernment of it, practice of it" and said, for common sense, we want to know, do, think of it, by is, there is a calm life and continuous progress.


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