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Sunak Flies to Meet Biden and Albanese.

Summit Between UK, US, and Australian Leaders.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Sunak Flies to Meet Biden and Albanese.
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

Rishi Sunak has flown to Washington to refuel and has flown on to San Diego. Sunak is no stranger to California. The Sunaks have a home in the state. Also, Sunak had a green card which enables one to live in the US. Mr. Sunak apparently surrendered this when he became Prime Minister.

So Sunak whilst in San Diego is meeting his American and Australian counterparts. Sunak will meet with Biden and Albanese to declare China is a military threat. All three leaders will coordinate their speech to declare this. It is thought their language will be deliberate so as not to alarm China. However, the fact that 3 major world leaders are meeting to discuss China will be seen as a threat by Beijing.

If conflict is to come with China many think it will be in the latter part of this decade. Many think it will be over Taiwan. China regards Taiwan as a runaway province. Since the Communist revolution of 1948, China has regarded the island as a runaway province and wants to reunite it with the mainland. Taiwan was where China's Nationalist government fled. Ever since Tawan has been a thorn in the side of China.

Whilst in the air Sunak told reporters the door must be kept "ajar" with China. It should not be isolated as Russia has over Ukraine. Yes, China is a military threat but China must be kept in the loop for talks. Sunak said lessons must be learned in regard to Russia invading Ukraine. These lessons can then be applied to the China-Taiwan situation.

Many question the wiseness of Sunak being out of the country. As a major bank has collapsed (not literally but business-wise), Jeremy Hunt's budget on Wednesday, and the BBC furore over Gary Lineker. However, Sunak is probably right to regard China as a bigger problem than the other 3.

Sunak has moderated his language over China. When Sunak was running to be Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative party he said China was a threat both militarily and economically to the UK. Never once did he say the door must be left open for talks with China. Perhaps he wanted to be seen as tough and hardline on China by Tory members and MPs. Now he is Prime Minister he has changed tack. Identifying China as a threat but for some reason leaving the door ajar for dialogue with China.

China cannot be ignored as it is a military power armed with nukes. Also, China is a vast industrial and economic power with a massive influence on the world stage.

If war does indeed break out unlike Russia invading Ukraine the Western powers will intervene. As will local nations like Japan, South Korea, etc. Such actions may indeed lead to consequences unforeseen.

Many said that about Russia invading Ukraine if NATO intervened. If NATO and the US intervened directly to confront Russia. However, that did not occur. Although it could be argued by NATO sending weapons to Ukraine we are already technically at war with Russia. By sending weapons and training Ukrainian armed forces we have whether we like it or not taken the battlefield against Putin. Yes, Ukrainian forces are doing the fighting but they are using NATO-supplied weapons. Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons but so far has not. That doesn't mean Russia never will but thankfully Russia has not as yet.

Many think President Xi is gearing up China for war. As Chinese defence spending is being increased. Perhaps gearing up for a potential clash with the US and its Allies over Taiwan or something else.



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