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What if space was used to fight World War III?

Unleashing the cosmos: The Battlefield beyond Earth

By Robinson OsasPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
What If Space Was Used to Fight World War III?

Our planet is on the verge of another catastrophic World War, and while it's horrifying to think of what might happen to people everywhere, this time the war might unfold on a battlefield unlike any other. Which countries would be the main cosmic combatants? What kinds of never-before-seen weaponry would be used? Would the war ever end? So let's explore what might happen if World War I was fought in space before we launch into the cosmic battleground of World War I. No matter when exactly the full-scale conflict would erupt, the stage has already been set for quite some time.

There has been a developing digital arms race for technological supremacy between the US and other countries, and many of these geopolitical rivalries and alliances have already been intensifying and could explode outside of our atmosphere at any time. The most powerful nations on Earth, China and Russia have already been at odds over a number of international agreements. For example, the nuclear weapons treaties are being undermined by climate change, which is turning the Arctic into a strategic military location. Additionally, nations are developing a wide range of anti-satellite and other space-capable technologies. As the boundaries between Earth and space become increasingly hazy, the powder keg of international relations is about to burst if a violent conflict breaks out in the last frontier.

Could we even refer to it as a World War? Well, discussing this term wouldn't be very useful when the conflict was taking place on completely new dimensions—well, not really—but the conflict would still be contained within our four-dimensional framework of space and time. That being said, there's a chance that we could be fighting interdimensional wars even farther into the future. Just remember not to get ahead of ourselves too much, as space warfare technologies would be far beyond what we are currently able to accomplish the three most powerful countries, as well as others like India with cutting-edge space programs Japan and the EU would have to expedite the creation of a completely new armaments arsenal, with both new and old satellites becoming active Elements of the different combat vehicles; they might be redesigned to resemble extremely advanced communications scramblers, anti-missile defense systems, or even high-powered laser beams.

Though it sounds like science fiction, this is just the beginning. Soon, every nation engaged in warfare would create spacecraft to engage in combat on battlefields. Beyond conventional orbits, these spacecraft could be human-controlled and autonomous, but they would probably resemble highly developed fighter jets built for complex maneuvers in space. They would also be equipped with some of the most terrifying new weapons that could wreak havoc and destruction, like long-range laser weapons to attack targets back on Earth and highly destructive weapons to engage in close quarters dog fights with enemy spaceships.

The so-called "rods from God" would be used against targets on Earth. While all of that may sound like science fiction, I regret to inform you that it is possible that these weapons could actually occur. Known as "kinetic bombardment rods," these weapons would accelerate to incredible speeds as they descended through the atmosphere upon impact. They carry the force of a nuclear weapon but lack any radioactive fallout, meaning that entire cities could be destroyed at the touch of a button.

Earth could still face severe repercussions from a space battle, but more on that later. This extreme weapon was developed by a Boeing researcher in the wake of World War II as a means of delivering devastating blows without using nuclear weapons in the combat zone. Weapons like these would be a Game Changer, and the satellites carrying them would be extremely strategic targets to take out in order to prevent massive casualties from artificial meteor strikes.

One of the most important strategic sites in a space war would be the largest satellite in orbit, the Moon, which would be a hotly contested area for base construction and would also house research and development as well as artillery. laboratories to create new weaponry; it might even become a battlefield in and of itself as various nations launch ground invasions or assault each other's bases. With all the conflict erupting in space, the borders of the battle could continually expand as newer and more capable technologies develop.

Eventually, the struggle could lead to a deadly conflict over Mars, the asteroid belt, or beyond. The repercussions of this war on Earthly civilians would also be severe. Landscapes: the meaning of one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind would take on entirely new interpretations in this dangerous war zone. A worldwide breakdown would result from the widespread destruction of satellites.

Although the battles would rage off the planet's surface, there would be no escape from the new reality of War. Every night, as you watched the stars, you would catch glimpses of orbital bombardments easily visible to the naked eye. Now, you may be wondering just how far would World War III in space go and just how would it ever end. Well, it's impossible to say at this moment, but you could certainly imagine that this kind of War would be nearly completely unpredictable. Instead of fighting over territory on Earth, the focus would shift to seeing who could conquer the vastness of space.

How would a satellite start? To take things even further, who's to say it would ever end? Perhaps it wouldn't be humans but rather another advanced alien civilization that would intervene and diplomatically end the conflict. If that were to happen, then let's hope we don't get too carried away and find ourselves at war with other species from far-off planets, but now that makes me wonder. Crossing fire could evolve into the construction of massive space stations that serve as bases for a new era of deep space exploration and conflict.

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