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The Elon Musk camp responds to my saber rattling challenges with a time travel threat of their own, LOL!

By Marshall BarnesPublished 2 months ago 18 min read
If you're going to challenge someone, at least have your facts straight. ^ FAIL.

As you can imagine, I was rather surprised to learn that one of the Elon Musk fanboy groups, in this case, Elon Musk Evolution, issued a veiled challenge to me on Youtube. Now, I already have a challenge in the works - that I'll get time travel to the past to work in order to evacuate people from here to the distant past in an operation we call Earth:12KB4 before Elon can get people to the planet Mars. I expect that we'll be able to achieve the required breakthrough next year. Recently, Musk announced he was delaying a SpaceX launch to Mars back to 2029. I have Elon in a strategic "check" because as long as I have a breakthrough before 2029, he loses and he can't deny our competition because that would mean he's not going try to get Mars. This proves that he is not focused on the threats to the future that he claimed to be.

But is this video clip from the Evolution is about that - Oh NOO! It's about some BS about time travel and how Elon is rumored to have his own time machine in the works now over at Tesla Motors, according to some "insider". Let me tell you right now- EVERYTHING in that opening video is a bunch of clap trap which makes it look like a veiled response to my challenge - "SEE! Elon can do TIME TRAVEL TOO." which I can assure you he can not. In fact, if this clip from the Evolution is any indication, Musk wouldn't even know where to begin. It's what Bell Labs engineer Richard Hamming called, an "attack" or how to know where to begin to tackle a problem. But talk is cheap and unlike the Evolution, I've got the proof. Here we go -

1. First of all, the title is WRONG. Nothing's happened but that's common for the Elon fanboy video missives - start out with the baseless click bait. Then in the opening their comments about what could be done with time travel is straight up, sci-fi cliche crap followed by hype about the government keeping time travel secrets.

2. Next comes the claim that Elon has a time machine at Tesla Motors. FALSE. I know he doesn't or he would be doing what I am and not wasting his time talking about us taking rockets to get to Mars. Space is a dead end as I've explained before in articles like Jeff Bezos and the Great Space Mistake and in my open letter to Elon as well as my challenge letter. If he already had a time machine, he'd know that. Second, where the Hell would he have gotten it from? His background doesn't provide the knowledge for him to even THINK about building a time machine, not even close. Not the same case with me. I already built a small scale time machine for particles and waves and beat the University of Connecticut's Ronald Mallett in a race to be the first to do so -

As I said, I defeated Ronald Mallett in that race while at the same time getting recognized by PwC Strategy& Inc.'s CEO Time Machine for being like a CEO from 2040 and a few years later, oddly enough, being referred to as the "Elon Musk" of the Ohio State University area's WakeUp StartUp entrepreneurial program. Imagine THAT. Who would've thunk it...?

Not long after, I became serious about pursuing time travel related activities on a full scale level, initiating the ZeitNauts program and conducting further research.

3. The next thing the Evolution did, that showed their ignorance, was including not only the Philadelphia Experiment next in their list of time travel evidence, but also gave the wrong type of ship involved - showing a carrier instead of a destroyer escort, which was the USS Eldridge DE 173. And it has been proved by me and a team of researchers that time travel was not involved in it and all claims of time travel involvement came from a proven liar, Al Bielek or his copy cats. Make no mistake - the experiment was real but not Bielek's version, which was only promoted to fill the void left by authors, William Moore and Charles Berlitz, when they didn't do a follow-up book to their first.

The USS Eldridge DE 173

4. The video then jumps to the false conclusion that because of the Philadelphia Experiment it must mean that time travel is real and that Elon is probably already testing it. Wrong again and I know because my research background put me right in the middle of such science. In 2000 I created a specially synthesized electromagnetic field that I intended would warp time in a unique way - it would allow you to create an inverted time dilation effect where you would arrive somewhere sooner than you should have at the speed you were going. Since speed is determined by the energy input, the result would've saved gas as well as made journeys shorter.

The headlines say it all and freaked out the little town of Circleville during their breakfast...

In conducting further research to understand just what was happening we did the much requested "race test" where a car with the new system, named STDTS (Space Time Dilator Transmitter System) ran at the same speed with the system engaged, against another without it at the same speed. To our shock, the car with the system left the other behind and leaving us with the realization that the car was going faster without going faster. Famous physicist and author, Fred Alan Wolf, consulted with us and helped determine that we had a space warp effect on our hands. I discovered Soviet scientist, N.A. Kozyrev , had determined that a force that will move a spaceship in a particular special case could be produced by means of changes of physical properties of time. In other words it is the warp drive." That's what I had done. We tried gravity drops and they confirmed acceleration during free fall over the pull of the Earth's magnetic field. When by chance we discovered that the increase in speed was invisible to radar, the final irony kicked in, confirmed by the late rocket scientist and entrepreneur, William Mook, that it exhibited elements of Einstien's Unified Field Theory. I had recreated part of the Philadelphia Experiment.

I traveled the country, attending space conferences, including many attended by SpaceX personnel.

That was all before 2015 when I had determined that space was not the answer and if I was to escape what I believed to be coming, I needed to nail down time travel to the past.

Well, since the Philadelphia Experiment didn't involve time travel, there's nothing for Elon to test. Besides, the real secrets of time travel cannot be derived from the technology involved with the Philadelphia Experiment. I know. In the '90s I was the world's number one researcher on the legend, from all aspects, especially technologically. I was able to conduct successful experiments in optics that reproduced similar results of optical invisibility with a full scale replica of the Santa Maria which were so compelling that by 2007 an exhibit of optical invisibility was incorporated into the visitors center for the ship. So the second someone starts talking about the Philadelphia Experiment, I know whether they're legit and the Evolution aren't.

This is why I know that Musk has no chops when it comes to time travel knowledge, if according to the Evolution boys, Musk is talking about having to go very fast if you want to move through time. When I heard that in the video I knew where they were headed which is Einstein based, relativistic physics which has no place in actual, serious time travel research as I have lectured about many times before. They cover the entire issue about time dilation and using it to go to the future but then having to go faster than light to go to the past, which no one can do, and if that's the data set that Musk is dealing with he might as well be determining how to get to Mars by using clues from old Edgar Rice Burroughs books.

5. So, of course if they're talking about the Philadelphia Experiment, you know (or you outta know) they'll be mentioning the Montauk Project which allegedly had time travel as well and is the inspiration for the TV show, Stranger Things. There's nothing there to base any actual scientific research on so the Evolution boys are just blowing smoke.

6. Their video next talks about using black holes and wormholes as means to travel to the past but then have to admit that there are too many problems and issues involved to make it practical, first of all the great distances that black holes are located from the Earth and no one knows for sure that worm holes that are traversable for us, exist. More on that later.

8. The above Evolution video clip then talks about the possibility of the government knowing that there are time travelers here from the future and concealing that fact. In reality, I don't know for sure what the government knows about that but I do know that I'm in the process of telling them about programs that have existed here and do exist in other parallel worlds involved with gathering information from us here and using it. They have advanced technology that allows them to look through a window or screen type device, which can see any location here, whether inside or out. I know this because one of these beings spied on me conducting an experiment based on the time travel related work of Yakir Aharonov which was being video recorded and for a 30th of a second was visible to the camera but not the naked eye. Below is the scene as it was caught for the 30th of a second and below that are images of a face being reproduced using our technology exhibiting similar resolution lines throughout just as there are in the face appearing above the experiment set.

"The Face", upper right, observing experiment in center frame.

Below is a scene from the TV program, FRINGE, which used to be on FOX TV. In this scene, a device similar to the one used to spy on me is demonstrated for military officials.

I might add that the technology I was exposed to was not anywhere near me, even in a parallel universe. If I'm correct, it was in a parallel world not related to this one and the tech was also located there but with the ability to see anywhere in spaces or across times. But there's more. A chance reading of this article by Michael Bunkman of the Brownwoodnews.com. He wrote a time travel piece about those photos that people see which appear to have people using cell phones or other futuristic tech before its time. He noted that there were no cell towers back then and it, and my experience with the face, caused me to think:

To Michael Bunker:

You're right. No cell towers then. Those aren't cell phones. You've inadvertently contributed to potentially solving the mystery...I'll give you credit, of course, when I release my theory later today in my actual online article on Elon Musk and the Elon Musk Evolution's claims about time travel...

Here's the deal - We had suspected that people - special agents, from a number of parallel worlds had been coming here since the 1920s. Pure speculation that we classify as "camp fire stories." This was all during the 90s. Then these old films and photos starting showing up with the speculated time travelers with cell phones and other devices. It was obvious many times that they were something else being misidentified and in fact many people would turn to trying to check old records to find out what these things really were. Then the "FACE" shows up and for the first time we were confronted with radical evidence that couldn't be ignored. Then I saw Bunker's article and it hit me - they're not cell phones but they are communication devices - quantum communicators!

I'm not saying that all of these examples are communication devices, but there may be some that are since none of them are cell phones. How to communicate across quantum realms has been a problem that I've been looking at for 30 years now. I won't go into it now but the possibility of a hand held quantum communicator makes perfect sense, especially since there were beginning to be so many hand held devices already in limited use at the time as to not appear entirely suspicious. More on that in upcoming missives from me.

The video closes with speculation on whether the government has a time machine that's being kept secret because of its possible use of black holes which were derived from research that had been conducted at CERN that could get out of control and destroy the world if they aren't really careful. I can assure all of you that that is not the case. In 2010, Dutch physicist, Johannes Koelman, and I determined that the physics behind the claims of micro black hole dangers stemmed from claims of a CERN employee that they could turn the Large Hadron Collider into a "black hole factory". Koelman did the physics determining that the black holes would be too unstable to last more than a fraction of a fraction of a micro second or less, and I did the analysis of the PR data and how it was handled and determined that CERN was at fault for exaggerating their LHC claims to make them sound "sexy", something that I found they have engaged in again with claims that they would breakthrough to a "parallel universe" .

The video below, a product of another Musk fanboy group, Elon Musk Live, is filled with similar relativistic worthlessness but adds the silliness of the possibility of Elon being a vampire and the possibility of him being a time traveler from the future. In fact, former Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, had joked in 2017 that time travel exists because Elon is "from the future". In their discussions about time travel, they mention Stephen Hawking's infamous party where no time travelers from the future showed up, though there was no mystery there. They also mention the use of black holes and wormholes for time travel, in particular micro worm holes that frequently open and close, rapidly. It just so happens that my time machine prototype, the Verdrehung Fan, forces such wormholes to stay open longer and larger, large enough for radio waves and particles to pass through and we did so with an image of Stephen Hawking at NASA. I presented a paper on it, Technological and Theoretical Foundation For Travel Through Traversable Wormholes at the 2014 International Space Development Conference, the same one where Musk spoke that year. In fact it was used in a promo for my book on Hawking, Space Warps and Time Tunnels: The Infamous Legacy of One Stephen W. Hawking.

The 2014 ISDC was the same one I had tried to schedule a 60 second meeting with Musk for, through his generalist personal assistant, Mary Beth Brown, who had all of charm of an AI secretary. Even though I told her I would be speaking there, so she would know I wasn't just some kind of fanboy, she just couldn't see squeezing me in for that brief bit of time. Elon is so busy,you know. Now, Musk and I are competitors. Just what might have happened if the meeting had taken place and Mary Beth hadn't had such a gatekeeper complex. She was eventually fired at any rate...

As for Musk being from the future, I was actually tested by a program called, CEO Time Machine from PwC Strategy& Inc, an international trust and consulting firm for a range of industries from defense and aerospace to automotive. As you can see in the video below I was found to be from the year 2040 or at least think like someone from there. So not only are my technical achievements futuristic but so is my thinking. Aside from his money, Elon Musk's got literally nuthin' on me. If Earth12KB4 works, I'll have more money than he'll ever have....

The segment below is from a question and answer session regarding Elon Musk and time travel where I was queried about the subject and gave answers in contrast with a non-expert's. My contributions are in italics.

Why isn't Elon Musk focusing his resources on time travel technologies?

Answers requested by

Tarzan Frankl

Marshall Barnes

Author of the book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel

Because he’s focused on space travel and is mistaken with his idea that going to Mars is going to make some kind of difference, It’s not. Space is a dead end. The problem is humans can’t live in space without extraordinary efforts that won’t last. And we’re running out of time.

Meanwhile, alternative efforts are underway in the direction of time travel developed free from the mistaken notions derived from relativity theory. As Neil Turok said to the BBC, the answer is in quantum mechanics.

There’s an answer on here that proves what I’ve been saying about people who PRETEND to know what they’re talking about in relation to time travel when they DON’T. Here are their reasons why Elon Musk doesn’t get involved with time travel:

1. The Technology Doesn’t Exist!

Actually it does. It’s not based on the FAILED notions that everyone talks about, just because they can trace them to Einstein some how. Einstein didn’t even like the idea of time travel.

2. There is No existing Market for it and No One is going to invest the money to create a market.

Actually the market for the achievement of all out time travel rivals that of the entire space industry. Why? Because for anyone smart enough, it’s obvious that if you could go back to the past you could mine for gold, you could access to nearly all the gold in the world, not to mention precious minerals and metals. In addition there’s land to be sold to businesses and people who will want to relocate to avoid the future calamities and extinction level events to come here. I like the scene in the movie, Synchronicity, where the businessman says, "The invention of time travel. How MUCH?"

3. Elon Musk is interested in the Future, Not the Past. And the Future is what we make it!

That part is true but it’s a very poor bet. The future is doomed. Doubt me? .5 million Americans in 2019 thought the future was looking pretty good. Then the hands on the Doomsday clock were moved to 100 seconds before midnight. Not long after, the Corona virus comes along and 6 months later a couple of futurists estimated we only have 30 years before society collapses and that’s not enough time for Musk to get anything established on Mars. Meanwhile, that .5 million Americans are DEAD. So much for relying on the future…at least HERE.

4. Actually, if Elon Musk was going to take on an Impossible challenge, it would be discovering Anti-Gravity! That would benefit his current companies.

Actually, he’d do warp drive first but he’s admitted that he has no way to figure out how to get that done. He doesn’t know how to do time travel either.

5. There is NO valid Reason why Elon Musk would venture in a new direction, on something that would only serve as a distraction!

As you can see this person has no clue what he’s talking about. If Elon Musk knew how inexpensive time travel research is compared to what he blows on space, if he knew how much more money there is to be made once it works, how many more people he could save vs space, and if he knew there are people already close to making that happen before he’ll even be able to start his first Mars settlement, he’d invest in it. The remaining R&D costs are only $100,000!

I find it highly ironic that on question #5 the guy with the initial answers turned out to be so wrong - just assuming that Musk would stay focused on his goals and not get distracted like he has with Twitter. I warned Elon that getting involved with Twitter would be a mistake.

In preparing for this article I ran across an important video of Musk which I had never seen before but makes the point that I feel very compelling and that is the question of whether or not WW3 will happen before we can become a space faring civilization. He gets it right - if it does, that's it, we're finished. So if that's the case it casts Elon's judgements in a poor light and puts his priorities in question with a heavy dose of doubt as to whether he has what it takes to even run an interplanetary operation.

So, in closing, the move by the Musk fanboys at Evolution to try to make it look like Elon could be as much of a force in time travel as he is with rockets, was a major misstep. Not only does my background and experience with the subject dwarf his to the level of a South African beetle bug, I dare say he's exhibited no acumen at all required to comprehend the foundational science to even begin to have the technical and conceptual awareness and skill to even be allowed in a serious discussion on the subject since he would have nothing of consequence to contribute, let alone to be able to attempt a time travel research program of any kind, at all.

I think he's hit his limit...

"Will Elon Musk succeed in his attempt at time travel?"


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