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TikTok has dominated the app scene for years now, but creators could still leave if this doesn't change.

by No Introduction 8 months ago in social media
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Platforms typically cater to all their top creators. TikTok has an issue that can affect all creators with any size following.

TikTok has dominated the app scene for years now, but creators could still leave if this doesn't change.
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

TikTok has dominated the app scene for a few years now and it continues to grow stronger with a growing user base as well as new creators blowing up and becoming overnight sensations. People are posting multiple times a day to continue to utilize the algorithm to have this same type of success and it really isn't surprising. Becoming a TikTok content creator can change your life in every aspect.

However, there are quite a few things that are constantly affecting creators of all sizes and it's becoming notably frustrating for users as it puts people in a time out from posting on their account after being banned from posting. I used to think this was just trolls or extremely sensitive people who report a video or creator because of their content, but I've noticed even popular ASMR creators talk about getting banned and having a video stopped during a Live because they did something that went against TikTok guidelines.

By Magnus Andersson on Unsplash

Now I watch ASMR here and there cause it is soothing to me, so I was actually on one of these Live videos watching them make their content to their heart's enjoyment. I try not to stay very long on the app generally so I wasn't in the room when it was taken down, but I did see them post a video about that specific Live show that was reported for breaking community guidelines.

I don't think this would be the most frustrating thing if it happened once or twice, but this creator continued to post about getting banned from posting pretty much during every Live video.

For any creator who's doing this many Live videos it's most likely a decent source of income, so for them to get banned is already a big middle finger to the work they are putting in, but when it is a creator that seems to be doing nothing wrong and is still constantly reported because of what seems to be creator trolls shows that there's a lack of authentic investigative work done by those at TikTok.

My own personal example is when I first downloaded the app I was constantly getting tagged in these random videos that said I had won something and all I needed to do was click the link in their bio. It was an obviously fake account and video because the people in these videos looked nothing like the profile picture they had up. I reported the account for being spam and was notified after a while that it in fact was not violating guidelines. There are also videos that portray very sexual acts that continue to stay on the app without violation.

As a very small creator myself having dealt with getting pushed off an app by trolls I can say that TikTok, as popular as it is, is not standing by itself anymore, but is standing solely because of the creators that go viral on it regularly as well as the already established creators (most of whom have moved onto bigger things since their viral days).

This should concern those at TikTok. A new app can come out at any time that could be centered on focusing its content around providing better protections for good creators who aren't breaking guidelines. The same could be said for creators moving over to other platforms such as Instagram's Reels or SnapChat's Spotlight series'.

It wouldn't be anything new for a creator to jump shit to another platform if their needs weren't being met. I just don't think those who are in charge of monitoring and providing content to users on the app realize if they continue to allow creators to be banned without actual cause, those creators can and will move somewhere new where they can be allowed to create their content without being wrongfully restricted to do so.

By Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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