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A True Story of an Alien Contact

The Venusian Visitor

By Cosmic SecretsPublished 26 days ago 4 min read

Imagine this: You are the President of a mighty nation, and one day, you receive a visitor from another planet. He claims he comes in peace and has a message for you and the world. He says he can help you solve your problems and join a galactic community of other civilizations. He also mentions that he has only three years to complete his mission. If you were in this situation, what would you do? This is not a science fiction scenario. It is reportedly what happened in the 1950s when a friendly alien named Valiant Thor visited Earth from Venus. His story is considered one of the most fascinating and controversial cases of alien contact ever recorded. It is also one of the most inspiring and challenging stories ever told.

Who was Valiant Thor?

Valiant Thor (or Val for short) was an extraterrestrial being who claimed to be from Venus, the second planet from the Sun. He looked human, except for having six fingers on each hand and other anatomical differences. He had an IQ of 1200, spoke 100 languages, and had a vast knowledge of science, history, and religion. He came to Earth on March 16, 1957, with a mission: to invite humanity to join the interstellar community and to warn us about the dangers of nuclear weapons. He said he had a message from the High Council, a group of benevolent aliens who watched over our planet and wanted us to evolve and prosper. He also said he had access to advanced technologies that could solve many of our problems, such as disease, poverty, and pollution.

He did not come alone. He had two companions, Jill and Donn, who stayed in his spaceship while he went to meet the authorities. He landed in Alexandria, Virginia, where he was greeted by two police officers who escorted him to the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

How did he meet the President?

Valiant Thor met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon at the Pentagon. He presented his credentials and proposal, called "The Victor One." It was a document that outlined how Earth could benefit from joining the interstellar community and how we could avoid self-destruction by abandoning nuclear weapons. He also offered to share his knowledge and technology with us, but only if we agreed to use them for peaceful purposes. He gave the President three days to consider his offer and to consult with his advisors. He said he would wait for his answer at the Pentagon, where he was given an apartment as a guest. He also said he would not reveal his presence to the public as he did not want to cause panic or confusion.

What did he do at the Pentagon?

Valiant Thor stayed at the Pentagon for three years, from 1957 to 1960. He met with many government officials, military leaders, scientists, and religious figures during that time. He also traveled around the country and visited various places of interest. He was friendly, charming, and respectful to everyone he met. He also demonstrated some of his abilities, such as telepathy, levitation, and healing.

He tried to persuade the people in power to accept his offer and to change their ways. He warned them that if they continued to pursue nuclear weapons, they would face dire consequences. He also told them that other alien races were not as friendly as him and might pose a threat to Earth. He said he was here to help us, not harm us. He also made friends among the humans who believed in and supported him. One of them was Frank E. Stranges, a Christian evangelist who wrote a book about him called "Stranger at the Pentagon." Stranges claimed to have met Val personally and written his book based on his conversations.

Why did he leave?

Unfortunately, the President and his advisors rejected Valiant Thor's offer. They feared that accepting his help would undermine their authority and their economy. They also doubted his motives and his credibility. They thought he might be a spy or a trickster. They decided to keep him at the Pentagon as a guest but not a partner.

Valiant Thor was disappointed but not surprised by their decision. He knew that humans were not ready for his message and his gifts. He respected their free will and did not force them to change their minds. He completed his mission on March 16, 1960, exactly three years after he arrived. He said goodbye to his friends and left the Pentagon. He rejoined his companions in his spaceship and departed from Earth. He said he would return someday when we became more mature and open-minded.

The story of Valiant Thor is fascinating and inspiring, but is it true? There is no conclusive evidence that proves or disproves his existence. The only source of information is Frank E. Stranges, who claimed to have met him personally and written his book based on his conversations with him.

Whether you believe in Valiant Thor or not, you can still learn something from his story. He represents a peaceful, harmonious world where humans and aliens can coexist. He also represents a challenge to our beliefs and values, where we must question our assumptions and actions. He also represents hope for a better future, where we can overcome our fears and conflicts and join the interstellar community.

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