The Science Behind Listen!

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The Doctor Who episode is full of explosive ideas and thoughts that make us think.

The Science Behind Listen!

"Listen" makes you think.

"Listen" makes you wonder.

"Listen" keeps you hooked.

But most of all "Listen" teaches the physics of fear.

Why Do I Like Listen? I Shall Tell You Why!

No monster or alien here. Just fear itself. What is fear? What are you most scared of? It's time to realise the truth of what you are most afraid of. Don't be afraid. Once it's out, you know you will never be afraid of it again. It's probably nothing. The episode is full of explosive ideas and thoughts that make us think. Are we actually alone? Is there always someone wondering around us 24/7? Do we talk to ourself because our brain knows there is actually someone around us and we don't even know it? Maybe. Just turn your back and it's gone.

The Doctor explaining his thoughts to Clara.

What's that in the mirror? In the corner of your eye? What's that footstep following? But never passing by? Perhaps they're all just waiting, Perhaps when we're all dead. Out they'll come a slithering, From underneath your bed.

Every Series has that one creepy episode to it. "Listen" hits that spot right in my heart that really stands out to me in Series 8 compared to other episodes. The Doctor is seen talking to himself in his TARDIS. Just like he normally does. But why? Is someone with him and he doesn't know it? He begins to wonder when we talk to ourselves that we are actually talking to someone or something that is tucked away somewhere without anyone noticing it. Is someone listening in on your personal conversation between you and yourself? Or is it your biggest fear watching over you? We all have one fear. Whether it's ghosts, heights, night time, the dark. Things like that. Listen gives us one thing that gives us the chills. Nothing. Sorry, did you say nothing? Yes I did. So I'm scared of nothing? That is what I like about "Listen". It teaches us that we're (probably) not alone. We're constantly being monitored by something constantly.

2) - Spooky Dream That Gives Us Chills!

There's always been that one dream that has spooked us. There's too many examples to give. But have you had the dream that there is someone or something pondering in your room somewhere? You suddenly wake up, open your eyes, then start to get out of bed. Suddenly something from under your bed quickly grabs your ankle. Your body temperature drops and you're too scared to move. What do you do? Think about it. I'll come back to it later on.

3) - Intriguing Time Travel!

It's time to travel back to the past. This time, we rely on Clara. Clara is told to put her hands in the TARDIS's goo flanges. She is told to remember something that happened in her past. Don't get distracted! It will ruin it. Clara can't stop thinking about Danny Pink (who she has been dating) and we end up in Gloucester in the 1990s. We are at a children's home. Why a children's home? A little boy is sighted in the window. Who? Well it must be from someone in Clara's past. Or is it? Turns out it is a little boy called Rupert Pink. Danny Pink, now Rupert Pink. Same man? Hmmm.

Clara goes to investigate, she goes up to Rupert's room and explains that there is nothing to be scared of. She slides under the bed to prove that there is nothing under the bed but Clara herself. Rupert joins her to make sure. Spookily something sits on the bed. Clara and Rupert are shocked. Who is it? Another child? The Doctor? It's not the Doctor as he comes into the room and starts giving Rupert a pep talk about fear. Fear is just a superpower. This scene suits the 12th Doctor. I like it. It shows that the Doctor really is just full of knowledge and shows that he can be dark when it comes to it. The 3 of them turn there back and stare out the window leaving whatever it is under the bed sheet on it's own. Suddenly, it's gone. What? Where? Surely it was just another kid in the home playing a trick on Rupert? Who knows? Is fear trying to get the better if us? Don't let fear beat you. Be the better person. Just turn your back from it, and it's gone. You beat it.

Orson Pink

Back at the restaurant, Clara has returned to finish her date with Danny. It still doesn't go well as Clara spots a man in a Space suit wondering around. She follows him in the TARDIS assuming it's the Doctor up to something again. Oh it's not the Doctor it's a familiar face. Well kind of. Meet Orson Pink. Hang on first Danny Pink, then Rupert Pink, now Orson Pink? What's going on? Is it the same man? Orson is a time traveller from 100 years in the future. Orson was found by the Doctor going through Clara's past. So there must be a connection somewhere between them. We learn that Orson has been living on the last planet in the Universe. No life, no sounds. Just rock. We learn Orson's fear. He believes that there is something out there. Is he alone? Is someone watching him every second of the day, of every week, of every month, of every year? Does he not know it? Orson is scared of the dark because there might actually be something out there. Suddenly something starts banging the door as if something is out there. A chill goes down Orson's spine. Is he right? He's been watched all this time. He isn't the only person on this planet? Or is it just his fear? Having a fear is the worst thing you could possibly have. It's always on the top of your mind. You just can't get rid of it. Why can't you just lock it away and move on from it? Is it the dark out there trying to get in? Is Orson's fear haunting him because it's all he can think of? The Doctor get's knocked unconscious and Clara takes the TARDIS for another trip. That's what I like about Listen. Wherever you are, whatever the time, your biggest fear is always with you. Is that who you are talking to because you know it's all the company you have around you?

4) - The Doctor's Childhood Revealed!

Clara under the Doctors bed.

One man. One fear. The Doctor's biggest fears. The dark, dreaming and being alone. How do we know? Clara ends up in a barn where a young boy is seen crying. Probably just Danny or Orson again. But wait! Once people arrive in the barn, Clara swoops under the bed. She over hears the people talking and saying he’ll never be a good soldier if he keeps crying, nor a good Time Lord. Time Lord? Have we gone back to the Doctor's Childhood? Yes we have. The boy wakes up and gets out of bed and Clara grabs his ankle! Oh no! Going back to what I was talking about earlier, the dream we've all (probably) had. What is under the bed? You've been grabbed on the ankle, what do you do? Just think to yourself, what just happened is just a dream and there truly is nothing to be scared of. So what do you do? Just get back in bed and go back to sleep. If it's just a dream, there's nothing to be scared of. Nothing is going to come and get you. Nothing! I promise you. Sleep it away. You're safe where you are.

5) - No Distractions! Apart From Jenna Coleman!

To understand "Listen" fully, you need to watch it from start to finish. Don't stop halfway. You lose focus. You can't lose focus, Listen really grabs your attention and keeps you interacted all the time. Listen teaches us that being scared of something is perfectly normal. We all get scared of something at least once in our life. Over come it and beat it. Show your fear what you've got and destroy it once and for all. Be brave overcome your fear. No questions. Just do it. Next time you're scared of something, do the most bravest thing of all, admit it. Admit that one tiny thing scares you. Bravery will beat that fear of yours.

Jenna Coleman's acting in this Episode is phenomenal. It brings out her personality of a character. If I'm honest, yes okay I'm going to say it. I'm not too scared, Clara is my favourite companion of New Who. There. Said it. People will disagree. I'm not bothered. I'm not scared to admit it.

Be brave, be strong. Don't be afraid.

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