Lewis Jefferies

Film Industries and Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth.

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'Doctor Who' to Bring Back the Cybermen in a 'Darker and Scarier' Series 12 Next Year
a month ago
Doctor Who Series 11, which aired in 2018, broke records with its first episode, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth." Nearly 11 million viewers saw Jodie Whittaker in her debut episode that sparked a unique...
Judoon Take Over Gloucester Cathedral Ahead of Their Highly Anticipated Return to 'Doctor Who'
3 months ago
This article contains some spoilers for Series 12. We recommend you read at your own risk. Series 11 of Doctor Who not only introduced a new showrunner, but a new Doctor and companions as well. Jodie ...
Kunal Nayyar Teases Next Week's 'Big Bang Theory' Bumper Finale, as the Crew Dismantle the Set
3 months ago
First airing on September 24, 2007, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. The CBS sitcom has run for twelve years, and now it’s coming to a close with a bumper...
Why An ‘EastEnders’ Episode This Week Has Helped My Mental Health
4 months ago
Note: this article contains personal mental health experiences that may be distressing for some. Sean Slater’s [Robert Kazinsky] short return to the BBC One soap EastEnders has been an interesting one...
Exclusive: There Are Currently No Plans to Release the 'Doctor Who' Series 10 Soundtrack
4 months ago
April 15, 2017 was the day Peter Capaldi’s Swan Song Doctor Who series began broadcasting. Series ten, episode one, which was titled The Pilot introduced Pearl Mackie as the 12th Doctor’s final compan...
Glimpse at Jodie Whittaker's New 'Doctor Who' Costume as They Appear to​ Film a World War II Story
5 months ago
Series 11 of Doctor Who introduced new companions, a new showrunner, a new TARDIS, but most importantly, a new Doctor. In July 2017, Jodie Whittaker was announced as Peter Capaldi’s replacement and sh...