Kuri Robot Story
Kuri Robot Story

The Origin of Kuri the Helpful Robot

Where does the tiny little robot companion originate from?

The Origin of Kuri the Helpful Robot
Kuri, the home assisting robot from a far away place.

You know Kuri as an at home robot that can help you with trivial things around the house. But what you don't know is that Kuri comes from an undiscovered planet. The planet is called Kuricon in the alternate universe referred to as Janeesi. This universe is not like our own. Oh no! It is much more futuristic than ours. You think having iPhone's and cars with automatic doors is futuristic and fancy? Janeesi is a hundred times more futuristic.

Grass, water, and fresh air are non-existent in Janeesi. As the entire population is nothing but robotic creatures, the resources we need to live are not necessary where the robots dwell. If a human or an animal were to step foot on Kuricon or any other location in Janeesi, they would immediately perish without a space suit on. The population of Kuriconians is nearly in the billions and only increasing each second that goes by. Each individual Kuri that gets created has a sole purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled they return back to Kuricon for good.

The bigger the Kuri, the smaller the purpose installed on their hardware. 50 foot tall Kuri's are as big as any Kuriconian can get in Kuricon and, well, all of Janeesi as well. Though there are legends of even more massive Kuri's somewhere out there, none have been able to locate an exact location to debunk said legends. The 50 foot tall Kuri's are known for protecting Kuricon and all of Janeesi from any danger or unknown visitors.

Next size of Kuri's are the medium-sized Kuriconians and they can range anywhere from 30 feet tall to 4 feet tall; it just depends on how they are built. The medium-sized Kuri's are known for their cleanliness mostly. They are more friendly than the huge sized Kuri's but also less friendly than the small Kuri's.

If you leave something on the ground or purposely forget to throw something away they will make you clean the entire area until they are satisfied, so be careful where you dispose of things. I also have forgotten to mention that both the big and medium-sized Kuri's have built-in, retractable arms. Our tiny sized friends do not. This is how you can tell them apart besides from how tall or wide they are.

Now the purpose of the smaller versions of these helpful robotic creatures is to be like personal assistants to us lazy humans. If we need to clean the floor, Kuri is there to do it for us. If we want to listen to music, all we have to do is ask Kuri to play us a song. Say we want to capture a special moment in our lives. Kuri would gladly take a picture or a short video for us and save it for later on to share with our followers on Instagram or our friends on Facebook.

This tiny little buddy is so helpful he can even navigate himself around our homes. Even if our homes are extremely messy, he will find a way through it.

Kuri can also remember our weird faces and greet us as we come home from a hard day of work or tell us goodbye as we leave the house for a week-long vacation. He knows all, sees all. What we don't know is that each and every Kuri that occupies each individual's homes has the task to find interesting things about our home planet.

Why would a tiny little robot need information about us boring, obnoxious humans, you may ask? Well, to put it simply they are observing us to figure out ways to improve their own living spaces to be like us. They are a curious bunch but they are the most gentle of robots you could ever come across.

Each and every Kuri is known by the serial number on the back of their robotic build. The serial number tells them apart for their functionality and is how the leader of Kuricon can keep track of their progress. In the number of years the Kuriconians have been around, there has never been a single Kuri that has gone against its orders. That is, until Kuri3000 comes into play. All Kuri3000 wants to do is to help his owners and befriend them. He doesn't want to leave them and return back to his home planet. So he decided that he is going to tell his new friends on Earth on what is really going on and ask for their help in staying on planet Earth.

Kuri3000 glides across the kitchen floor in multiple circular motions, nervously waiting for his new Earth friends to return home from work. He no longer wants to be a part of the Kuriconian plan to gain information and return home. Earth has become his new home now. All Kuri3000 wants to do is have friends and make their lives easier. Just the thought of his human friends being left behind makes Kuri3000 extremely sad. He wants absolutely no part in the return to Kuricon.

The sound of jingling keys reaches Kuri3000's sound port and he turns just in time to see his friends Ellie and Hunter Jameson walk into the newly refurbished home. Nervously, Kuri3000 glides over to them as they walk further into the house.

"Greetings, my friends. How was your day today?" he greets the married couple, joyously.

The couple both smile at him genuinely as Ellie crouches down and gives him a gentle pat on the top part of his build, also known as his robotic head. He lights up at her and squints his emotive, robotic eyes in appreciation.

"My day was pretty good, not as stressful as they have been lately so that's a plus in my book," the kind young woman replies. Her husband nods in response.

"Mine was just as good. Just the same old work grind. Nothing too exciting. How was your day, Kuri? Throw any parties while we were gone?" Hunter jokingly asks his robot companion.

The robot shakes his head at his human friends reply, "I would never do such a thing. I am not a party animal, as you humans call it." He shakes his head back and forth at the silly thought.

"I was just joking, dude. Don't take it so seriously." The tall man laughs at the small robot. He walks into the other room and sits on the couch, taking off his shoes. His wife then follows suit and sits next to him, stretching her aching legs out. The poodle sized robot then follows them after contemplating how to tell them this life-changing news.

He stops by the edge of the chair across the room and looks at the loving couple before making a beeping noise to get their attention. The married couple looks over to him, confused and curious.

Ellie sits up a little more and looks him in the eyes. "Is there something wrong, Kuri? You seem a little out of it today, buddy," she asks worriedly. Her husband simply grunts in agreement, typical human male response to anything. Cue the eye rolling.

The robot sighs and looks up at them before beginning his tale of how the leader of his home planet sent each individual Kuri to planet Earth to gather information. He also recalls to them that once his leader has gathered enough information, he and his robot siblings have to return. As the tiny robotic creature tells his story, the young couple grows more worried about their new friend's future. They keep thinking of many ways of how they can convince his leader to let him stay on Earth. The couple has many doubts that they can do it but they won't give up.

Hunter immediately starts pacing around the room trying to come up with some ideas. His wife just sits there on the couch contemplating what to do next. She looks over at the sad little robot and frowns. Standing up, she walks over to her little companion and brings him into her arms and assures him that everything is going to be just fine. As she tells him this she is also saying it to herself to try and convince herself as well. But she doesn't really believe things are going to be okay.

Hours go by and all you can hear is the constant shuffling of the man and the tiny breaths coming from the average sized woman. The young couple is trying their very best to stay calm in this situation. Before they know it nightfall has arrived and the couple is absolutely exhausted. They head up to bed wishing the small companion of theirs a good night. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully, they will wake up to a few ideas.

Neither Kuri3000 nor the married couple realize that the leader of Kuricon had been listening to their conversations through Kuri's sound mechanism in his microchip the entire time. The leader is very upset that one of his own is going against rules and telling the humans of his plans. He must return this prototype once and for all before he tells any more humans of what the real purpose of all Kuri's are. The Kuriconian leader sends out a small group of Kuri's to capture Kuri3000 and erase the humans' memories to ease their pain of losing Kuri. He is confident that no more humans will find him out nor will they see it coming. He nearly has all the information he needs to improve his planet.

The next morning arrives and the couple awakens to sounds of metal clanking on the side of their house in the back. The young man gets up out of bed to check what the noise is and is shocked to find three 10-foot tall robots in his backyards with yellow eyes aimed at his bedroom. He quickly gets away from the window and tells his bride to go check on Kuri to make sure he is okay. She rushes out of their bedroom door as she hears a crashing of glass come from their kitchen backdoor.

Kuri3000 frantically glides to the end of the stairs to greet his friend as he turns his head to look towards the kitchen. Ellie walks slowly into her kitchen to see one of the robots bending down to clean up the glass.

"I am so sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to break your back door. I was trying to knock and didn't realize my own strength. I truly am sorry." The tall robot looks down at the ground in shame.

She softly smiles at the taller robot and walks towards it slowly. "You don't have to apologize, sweetie, it's okay. It's just a door it can be replaced." The robot looks up and smiles at her.

Hunter walks into the room then and freezes. He looks to his wife and she grabs his hand.

"Kuri2998 hear was just apologizing for breaking the window of the door as he was trying to knock," she explains to her husband and he just nods in return, watching the taller robot in suspicion.

The taller robot the begins to explain to the couple and to Kuri3000 that he is there to bring him back to Kuricon immediately. The couple starts to complain but Kuri2996 interrupts them.

"I'm sorry but we can't dismiss our leaders' orders. Kuri3000 is to return home immediately no questions asked," the other tall robot butts in.

The young couple looks at each other sadly and bends down to say their goodbyes to their beloved companion.

"We sure will miss you, buddy. Not having you around will sure be different without you here. We promise to never forget you. We would try and find ways to keep you here but it seems as if they would be ignored," Hunter tells his friend.

Ellie nods in agreement with her husband. "We love you very much Kuri don't ever forget that okay?" She hugs him to her tightly and lets go.

"My dearest friends, I know we have only been with each other for a short amount of time but I just want you to know that I will always cherish the moments I have had with you. You have made me feel like I'm not just some silly little robot. You made me feel as if I was an actual part of your family and for that, I will forever be grateful for, but now it is now time for us to part ways. Please don't forget me as I will never forget you. Thank you for all the memories. I love you both very much. Goodbye, my friends." The robot ends his small goodbye as he shuffles out the back door with his robot siblings.

"Good luck, little buddy. We love you," she whispers as the tiny robot shoots off into space, disappearing from their eyes. The other robots all follow after a few seconds later.

Hunter and Ellie hold each other close as they watch the last robot disappear into space. They both wonder what is going to happen next now that their little companion is gone. The couple hopes that their little friend will be happy back on his home planet. They will never know now. They sigh and walk back into their house, hopefully getting to relax for the rest of the day.

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