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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 1: Cancer is not as fragile as you think

Comprehensive analysis of Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 3 days ago 7 min read

Hello everyone, I am Sobai ah, today, I will take you into the inner world of Cancer ah, first of all ah, I want to express ah, Cancer, in fact, is an outside when the content of the constellation, many giant friends say ah, I always write Cancer very weak ah, because I especially like to describe the inner world of Cancer, and especially like to analyze the state of Cancer in the feelings, so there may be Friends will feel that I described Cancer is very weak, but in fact I can tell you ah, Cancer can be said to be the shortest ranking of the 12 signs of the zodiac, can be ranked in the first three ah, so it can be said that Cancer is a rigid outside and soft inside the constellation, you may have friends do not know how rigid Cancer in the end ah, I can tell you responsibly, you no matter how good relationship with Cancer, Cancer like you, as long as Walking on the road, you did not give Cancer greeting, Cancer must pretend not to see you, and I can tell you responsibly, I do not care how much Cancer like you, what is your relationship, Cancer to talk to you, you ignore the Cancer he hides at home to cry secretly will not find you, so Cancer is actually a particularly tug of war constellation.

I can also tell you that some of my friends may say that we are genuinely enthusiastic on the Internet, the face of Cher's blogger is particularly crazy, I can say that there are all kinds of fans of the constellation looking for me is to chat ah, a photo ah autograph ah what what, right? I can say that there are all kinds of fans who are looking for me to chat, take photos, sign autographs and so on. Because Cancer simply will not make this request, can understand? It is possible that now this live room sometimes Cancer super white, I like you super white ah, is not you in reality you see me, you do not necessarily dare to come to me to say hello, believe it or not, even if you pay attention to five years ah, and then look to me to say hello ah, oh, super white ah, I ah pay attention to you for a long time ah, I still like your analysis ah, and then he said hello to go, that the photo together or The visa requirements, he may not mention, why? Because he will feel that if you do not show enough enthusiasm, show me not enough attention to this kind of words, I am not in a hurry, why do I take a picture with you.

Right, I greet you, you ignore, oops, I'm with you and such a ghost like ah, may go home and start, hum, concerned about five years, did not expect such a person, and indeed friends you have to think about, said ah, Cancer special emotional ah, special emotional, this is actually all part, because Cancer and with the constellation of 12 signs in the face turn over the fastest one sign Cancer, Cancer sink into the feelings, often only sink into the feelings that they think the feelings, think oh, you like me, I like you, there is a misunderstanding in the middle of us, so that I still have feelings for you, I can not leave you, he will be out of this kind of feelings, but once Cancer think clearly, is that you really do not like me, or I really do not like you, there is no misunderstanding between us, Cancer on the spot judgment. And he will not have any what to retain ah, or memories of what, is directly on the face, and then our previous past story, there is no story, we used before the feelings are past, we do not have a future, no future he as long as he can make him think clearly, turn this concept, he divided this momentary thing, and he can not practice what old feelings, as long as the practice of old feelings into.

No feelings, as long as no feelings, he can not want anything, this is Cancer, so I always describe Cancer in the inner world of feelings, as if Cancer is a very soft, very fragile such a person, fragile to fragile, soft and soft, in Cancer he can not bring feelings, not heart to solve some of the trouble, is what I said in this social death scene, the scene of social terrorism That is to say, you can be stern, you can be arrogant, you can posture, only one situation, he can not, what situation he is tired, he broke down, as long as he is not tired to a certain extent, he can definitely tense. So I said before Cancer ah, he is always hanging on, hanging on to this word is not why, he is indeed hanging on, but he did not hang on, because he is used to hanging on, you think you say he is very tired? He does not admit it, right, I have always been like this ah, so what can I do? He may be more than two o'clock at night, why I am Cancer, why I am always hanging on hard, why I am always so tired ah, but this word he will not talk to.

Say to anyone, you want to if you say speculate his words will not have any meaning, he will not say to others, because he is used to it, I'll days to you Cancer what kind of people ah, on the Cancer 12 o'clock chat with his favorite person, say good night, and then the other party back a uh, the moon emoji, did not return good night, and then the month are lying in bed, I started, oops, I gave him to say good night, he only gave me I'm not sure what he means, he's just not interested in me, he must like someone else, and then gosh, I'm so tired of holding on like this every day, why do I have to be so humble, why do I have to be like this, why do I torture myself? 1:30 suddenly the other party to a good night, because just did not sleep, so I did not say good night, now I want to sleep, wish you good dreams a sentence, Cancer he this this directly on the bed jumped up ah, he really like me, I knew, and then happy to fall asleep, a beautiful dream, he is such a person, he sometimes you all say what Cancer are depressed, Cancer is very painful, very very very aggrieved, he All just because of one thing, but as long as there is a better thing to cover it up, he was able to instantly happy, so Cancer.

He depressed is the easiest, the most rapid, at the same time he instantly happy, the ability to get happy is also the easiest, he often may only need his favorite person's words, a gesture, a facial expression, or say got a black gift, he will be in that moment especially happy, then even if you say uh, quarrel with the boyfriend, and then very difficult, and then called with his mother, his mother said to her, oops , it's okay, baby girl, you're just mommy's pride, there's mommy here you don't have to be sad, hey, this month more also filled up ah, right, she's also happy ah, also ah, it's okay ah, I, oops, my mom is around me, I love I love my family, why should I be sad for him, why should I shed tears for him, I don't, then eh again again yanked up, he is such a person it, so there are many Cancer said, eh, you, if you are Cancer, you are too weak, not I am not so weak, or I said, eh, you want to think you are not so weak is good, to show that you are not really around a lot of people who love you, can give you the feelings of such a need and environment, this is what I also stressed ah, Cancer is a person who can not leave the feelings, this sentence said many times, but I today again I want to add a sentence, what I call Cancer is a person who can not be separated.

Feelings of people, this feeling does not refer specifically to love, must not refer specifically to love, the family of origin in the parents love, and then the green leaves particularly good, very good at educating children, such parents taught him Cancer and the kind of family of origin is not good Cancer, he may not be the same person, on Cancer he as long as there is a little bit of feelings in the heart as a tie, he will certainly require himself to be a good person, to be a Good people, do a soft person, do a love of things, but where the heart of living without any feelings, family, friendship, love all a little bit after the collapse of the open, he will begin to produce the kind of disgusted with the world, disgusted with the self such emotions, he will begin to become particularly paranoid, particularly crazy, so I said Cancer is a person who can not leave the feelings, is so.


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