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Take you into the inner world of Taurus part 7: Taurus most wanted is always the inner peace

Comprehensive analysis of Taurus

By GiovanniPublished 4 days ago 7 min read

The next paragraph we talk about why Taurus to reconcile with themselves, I cite a very kind of reason ah, Taurus why to reconcile with you? Because Taurus is a very proud person, at the same time it is a very axis of people, at the same time it is a very vulnerable person. For example, when he was born, and his classmates had a conflict, quarrel or even fight, and then others ignore themselves, and said they can remember ten years to remember 20 years, why as long as he did not reach a reconciliation, he will always remember, he will feel that they are too much, he will always remember, including parents or for a classmate or for a friend, all the people with whom he had a conflict, he has offended the people He remembers, but why will he fight with you into reconciliation? Because he is proud, because he holds a grudge, I will be angry, not to reconcile with you because you offended me, you scolded me, so I can not reconcile with you, but I will remember, I will feel guilty, because I also forget that you do not conflict, so he remembers, that on the other hand, Taurus will begin to regret, because Taurus memory is particularly good, right? I remember all the happiness and sadness, conflicts and clashes we had together, so I think it is inevitable that the two of them will quarrel with each other and then scatter? No, as long as the time is not so impulsive.

So Taurus will often feel that if they had not said that at that time, how good it would have been, so Taurus will definitely remember, so why Taurus he needs redemption, why he needs to reconcile with himself, just like I said those people, those who have offended or things, and later on, not corresponding to people or things, but corresponding to their own shortcomings, which is a very painful When I was in junior high school, I was a particularly tricky hand, quarreled with people every day, and then one day I joked with my best friend, he got angry, quarreled with me, and then fought, and then not friends, and then the next meeting again, this Taurus can not see why he remembered that, remember that incident, on that shortcoming, so later he was offended by all the people one by one corresponded to his different shortcomings He also has no way to reconcile with those people, which is the same as he has no way to reconcile with himself, like I said Taurus, he is a very primitive person, Taurus likes to joke with people, used to express goodwill, that Taurus because joking offended people, he can not joke with people, and can not show goodwill with people, then he.

He is in this hidden and pinched situation, he can really make friends with people? Actually no, and as I said, until he reaches reconciliation, his heart is closed, so why is this reconciliation why is it so important? It's not that he can't reconcile with people, it's that he can't reconcile with himself, he is a long time, he runs himself very tight, pretending to be very serious, very mature, won't joke with people, very formal, very proportionate, very distant, is this a friend? This is the state of Taurus want friends? This is what Taurus wants to feel? I said then why he can not get the feelings he wants? Because he did not reconcile with himself, so he could not open his heart, to make friends in his way, so he could not make real friends, so Taurus in the years out of society, he could not make friends, why? It is because he plays closed, he did not reach a reconciliation with himself, in love, in the affection especially so. I have to not say this live these Taurus, you will make friends with their parents? Your dad's birthday, you give him a red packet, what will you say? Happy birthday Dad, you will add a sentence Dad, I love you.

Do you? You give mom for Mother's Day, you take your mom out to buy gifts, happy with your mom, you will come to a sentence mom, you worked hard? Tomorrow after the eve, you will go out with your loved one, you ask her deep confession? It's hard, like I said, I don't know why, that I can imagine, I don't know why, is the heart, is the heart demon, you can't crack it, you have no way to overcome it, because you seem to think this thing is no big deal at all, but it does give you a kind of self-imposed closure, prefer to say ah, we make up in other ways, we express in other ways, but change For the lens, what has changed is impossible to recover, only reconciliation, but not with you, but self-reconciliation. Really do not care about a thing, but it is very difficult to very difficult. For the feelings of the introduction of friends, think about it, think about your first love, why you want to break up? Because you don't love anymore? Because tired? Because of a change of heart? Neither because you suddenly found you face this person, you do not know why, and you.

Why do not know what to say? Another particularly complex emotion, because you do not know what he did wrong, but you did not do wrong, you just do not know how to face him? You thought the relationship is a lifetime, you thought the two people take each other as the only, you thought the two people can be for love regardless of life and death ah, and then you suddenly found that he does not seem to love you so much, found that he does not seem to put energy in his future, although will feel the teenagers 20-year-old people are also very normal, but you have no way to face him, even if you can accept two people in love or take each other as Only, you can only do so with the next person, but you can not face with that person is the biggest pain point in Taurus, he can reconcile with himself, but he can not reconcile with this person. So why do I say Taurus growth is reconciliation with themselves, why? Because what has happened he can never forget, and he found nowhere, he will not tell anyone, so this kind of thing in his heart will make him a sense of resistance, he actually cared not that how you treat me, not that you put no, have not as the only, put me in what position? Rather, I put you in that position, you actually did not put me in the same position, not your line of habit.

Actions touched me, but rather I let me peek into your heart through your actions, and yet let me down. Then when I put you in that position, you did not put me in that position, so how am I going to trust you again, so it is impossible to face this person, impossible to reconcile with this person. Then why can face the new person to do so? It is because Taurus will no longer put the new person in such a high position, so he can also accept this new person, not to put themselves in the same position. Feelings for Taurus growth is a kind of attrition, many people say Taurus can learn to be ruthless, for the gold, feelings are a kind of attrition, in the process of growth, whether it is family or friendship money love, no matter who I am to, to what pay feelings, I remember clearly, those who come or go, in fact, I will remember, then I think I will learn to cherish love, learn how to love people? I will, indeed, learn how to love a person, learn to cherish a person, but my limited, go one will deplete me one, he will only let me learn to be more awake to distribute my remaining love, rather than let me learn how to go.

Let yourself love more.


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