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Science, Religion, and Our Future

by Jacob Copeland 4 years ago in science

The Peaceful Ideas of a Loudmouth 19-Year-Old

Personal Artistry “The Ancestry of Thought”

One thing I find in great abundance while observing the behaviors and beliefs of my fellow people is an utter lack of realization that we are a kind of ape, "monkey" if you wish to speak in modern slang. It’s always important to understand where we came from, to know the origins of our thought, so that we can recognize outdated and progressively harmful behaviors with a sense of urgency in order to eliminate them. People really do walk, talk, flirt, and fight just like monkeys, just slightly more advanced.

In our world, it’s easy to see how wastefulness, neglect, inefficiency, and stupidity are seemingly woven into the fabric of our societies. Our current systems were designed in a time of complete ignorance in science as well as the value and nature of life; the times of the Bible, no less. See, the Bible has already been assessed by the scientific community as a source of scientific truth, and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community agrees that the Bible is not such a source. The Bible, plainly said, is a collection of stolen diary entries from insecure, fearful, and ignorant human ancestors, which have been edited and manipulated to further a parasitic agenda of leeching off of the community, while making promises of big change and revelation. Nothing ever changes under the influence of these religions, because they have not been updated in thousands of years. The pages and words are not filled with nuanced, deep wisdom, just confused, resentful ignorance. The religious wait upon a god to enact change and conquer their problems, so therefore they think their patience, their idleness, is somehow virtuous. They live around the ideas of procrastination, the wastefulness of time. It is the sense of urgency that is virtuous and respectable, using what little time you have underneath the stars to do something good instead of sitting on your knees with your hands clasped. We need to do away with antiquity, tradition, and authority if our global civilization is to survive to see unity and peace. Religion is a thought virus that exploits your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses, the weaknesses you don't even know you have, and uses you as a device of self-promotion. They take your money and tell you that you’ll get tenfold in the future. They comfort you with stories of an afterlife and its majesty, but in the real world the only thing after life is death. Relgiosity is a mental cancer. Just like our immune systems, we have mental systems that are designed to protect our computer-brains from faults, but the systems aren’t fully developed, due to the latency of natural evolution, so we get cancer and mental disorders as symptoms of these mental-illnesses.

If we can use the Bible in any way, it would be to observe the flaw and fallibility of early, undeveloped, Homo-sapien intelligence, but not as any source of relevant or progressive truth. For those things, we have Truth Mk2, science. After a bunch of critically-thinking monkey people started seeing flaws with the system and were curious about their enviornment and reality, they invented science to satisfy their intellectual urge to explore and ellaborate. To paraphrase the great Richard Dawkins, a pHD evolutionary biologist, “if you build planes with science they fly... Science works, bitches.” Science has an outstanding track record of repeated succes and innovation, which has consistently been the cause of a spike in the quality of life. As science gets better and stronger, we do! And with all of the scientific, technological advances of modern science, the only thing stopping us from meeting the needs and desires of every human being while being responsible and balanced with the our environment and our resources is tradition, atiquity, and authority. Our old people lead us nowhere, but profess to have direction. They keep us enslaved to monotonous, mind-numbing jobs that promote wastefulness, competition, and narcissism, and then blame the young for the world's problems. Religion cannot survive the evolution of our intellect. The young and able should lead us into the future, and we should all respect and share the world with one another. With science as our backbone, there is no thing we cannot accomplish.

We should all fight for our freedom, just as our ancestors did in the face of their tyrannical and corrupt governments. We are not cattle, but we are owned and donesticated as such. But I am not property. I’m not some asset of your business. I am, you are, everyone, we’re all human beings and we have the right to all knowledge, all freedom, and peace. We have the right to lead our lives in the best way we see fit, just as our leaders do, but none of us have the right to govern others without consent, and I never, ever remember giving my consent to having money stolen from each of my paychecks, police abuse, and what they call justice. I am a free-thinker, and I hope the same for all of you.


Jacob Copeland

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