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Exploring The Alien Worlds: A Journey into the Realm of Exoplanets

Unraveling Mysteries of Exoplanets

By Solomon OdipoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Exploring The Alien Worlds: A Journey into the Realm of Exoplanets
Photo by NASA Hubble Space Telescope on Unsplash


Have you ever come across the word “Exoplanets?”. Exoplanets simply means planets that are outside our solar system. A long time ago, people used to live in groups of large numbers of people called villages. They only knew that at night it was dangerous to walk since that was the time their enemies ruled their land. So, they lived under the caves to protect themselves from dangerous animals like lions. As time passed, people became curious about what lies beyond the mountains, hills, and oceans. So, we had explorers. During exploration, all the seven continents were connected. Black people came to learn that there are people like them who exist but are white. Due to increased food shortages, pandemics and struggle for the limited resources, human technology started to enhance leading to industrialization and technology.


With the improved technology today, humans have become more curious than before. Some years back, they wanted to learn about what lies beyond the mountains, hills, valleys, and oceans that they interacted with daily. Today, we want to learn about what lies beyond our solar system. Why do you think humans have become more curious about the solar system than the ocean which is around us? Story for another day. Do you know that beyond our solar system borders lies a universe like our own solar system? This is according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Does this mean that not only Earth supports life? Are there other creatures or beings living out there? Could it suggest that individuals who pass away might be reborn on these planets? Could it be that these beings or creatures living on these planets have more advanced technology than ours? Let us take a flight into space and try to answer these questions.


These are massive exoplanets that might support life. There are several of them but we are choosing only a few to discuss today. The first one is GJ 1214b. The planet was founded in 2009 by a ground-based project. It orbits a red dwarf star making it a hot planet. It is more than two times the diameter of the Earth. From the study, it is suggested that the planet might have significant amount of liquid-water ocean, hydrogen, or helium on its surface. As the saying goes, water is life. So, this project shows that there might be life in GJ 1214b. If so, then who is living there? Are they huge animals or just some funny creatures? Next exoplanet is Kepler-22b. Discovered in 2011 by Kepler-22b, the planet was in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. The planet was huge being more than two times the diameter of Earth. It is suggested that the planet could be a world of oceans. Those are just a few exoplanets that seem to support life. Since our technology is not capable of telling us exactly what these planets are all about, let us try to find out who might be the dwellers in these planets.


In the Mexican Congress held on September 2023, Mexican journalist Jamie Mouson presented two tiny bodies with elongated heads and three fingers on each hand. The journalist claimed that the mummies were found in Peru. The question is, which human skeleton has such features? Why did the international critics dismissed the matter without further investigation? Can it be that we are already living with Aliens on this planet? So many people think that with the rapid advancement in human technology, some extraterrestrial lives are backing it up. They believe that superpower nations are hiding these Aliens in their military bases to help them advance their military technology. Could it be that these extraterrestrial beings are protected in military bases or research facilities like Area fifty-one? Research shows that answers to all these questions might be available by 2029. Do you think our governments have blindfolded us? Keep tuned for more upcoming updates.


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  • Esha Akinyiabout a month ago

    That's fabulous, Solo. The content is informative.

  • Onyango Rollinsabout a month ago

    Now that's a Story worth grabbing a popcorn

  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Superb excellent story

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