Rebirth, Rejuvenation and Renewal: March 2020's New Moon in Aries

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On Tuesday, March 24th, 2020, just four days after the Spring Equinox, we will have a New Moon at 4’12 degrees of the fierce and fiery sign of Aries. Here’s what to expect.

Rebirth, Rejuvenation and Renewal: March 2020's New Moon in Aries

On Tuesday, March 24th, 2020, just four days after the Spring Equinox, we will have a New Moon at 4’12 degrees of the fierce and fiery sign of Aries. Here’s what to expect.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon represents the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is conjunct the sun and invisible to the human eye. New Moons are a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a good time to start a new project or make a radical change. It's also a good time to find clarity on what you want, and release what no longer serves you. The effects of a New Moon generally last for about two weeks, up until the next Full Moon.

It may be helpful to think back to what was going on in your life during the Full Moon in Virgo or the Full Moon in Aries six months ago, for certain themes may be repeating themselves.

Whatever intentions you set now should come into fruition by the time of the Full Moon in Libra on April 7th.

Those with any personal planets or angles between 0 to 10 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will most especially be affected by this New Moon.

New Moon in Aries March 2020

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. Represented by a ram, traditionally Aries leads the flock of the zodiac; it's position in the sky at the Vernal Equinox marking the arrival of Spring, when the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and the plants and animals around us are sprung back into activity. It's connection with Spring, and the end of Winter, when the dying sun comes back to life and the earth is reborn a new, makes Aries, the sacrificial lamb, a symbol of new beginnings, energy, creativity and regeneration. Christian traditions reflect these themes still to this day. The Easter holiday, when Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, rises back from the dead, is always held the Sunday after the Full Moon following the Suns' entry into Aries. The time of darkness is over. The light brings everything back to life.

Aries has a "dark side" of it's own too of course. Aries is the sign of the warrior, known for it's short, sometimes violent, temper, and selfish attitude. Traditionally coinciding with Roman war season, the month of March is actually named after the Roman God, Mars, Aries' ruling planet. Ares, the Greek God of War, was known for his destructive, chaotic nature and impulsive, thoughtless aggression, as opposed to his sister, Athena's, more smart and strategic approach to conflicts.

But even in it's "dark side", Aries is still a flash of shining light. Bold. blunt and straightforward, Aries is rarely known to engage in any underhanded, or manipulative, behavior. In fact, Aries is known for it's impatience for dishonesty and subtle or passive aggressive cues. Thus, I suspect this New Moon to cut through all the fluff and reveal the truth for what it is.

"Pallas (Athene) and the Centaur" by Sandro Botticelli

The most important aspect behind this New Moon is it's conjunction to the asteroid Chiron at 5'17 degrees Aries. According to Greek Mythology, Chiron was a centaur, who, unlike the other centaurs who were known for their violent and bestial nature, was known for his love of wisdom, knowledge and teaching abilities. He was most especially known for his knowledge of medicine. One day, his student, Hercules, accidentally shot him in the thigh with an arrow. Although Chiron was immortal, the wound was so painful and agonizing, that he sacrificed his life in exchange for the freedom of Prometheus. Chiron brought humanity the gift of healing. Known as the 'wounded healer' in astrology, Chiron shows us how we can use our own pain and suffering as tool of transformation and a motivator to heal others.

The New Moon in Aries' close conjunction to Chiron, an asteroid associated with both illness and with medicine, sheds light on our current medical crisis, the coronavirus. There is likely to be a lot of pain and suffering, but this pain will likely give way to rebirth and healing. Perhaps, our current medical crisis will help heal some of society's wounds, whether that be environmental problems, or economic problems, such as a lack of paid sick leave or problems with our current healthcare systems and the way we treat service workers.

The New Moon and it's conjunction to Chiron will also be square North and South Node at 3’41 degree Cancer/Capricorn, indicating a time of karmic clearing. This possibly gives some credence to the (controversial) idea that the coronavirus is an instrument of collective karma for humanity's cruel and selfish treatment of animals and the environment. Whether you believe that or not, this New Moon is definitely a time to look within and heal our internal wounds. We can use this time of isolation for spiritual activity, to learn and evolve. It is a time of rebirth and growth.

"Climate Change" collage art handmade by Ka van Haasteren, found on The New Moon will highlight some of the worlds' major economic and environmental concerns brought to light by the coronavirus pandemic.

The New Moon is also sextile Saturn at the first degree of Aquarius. This aspect will help to usher in a new age. It helps give us the perseverance and responsibility needed to find practical solutions to society's problems, or perhaps, issues we deal with on an individual level.

Meanwhile, Saturn is also square Uranus at 4’46 Taurus. While Saturn in Aquarius represents government, society and global issues, Uranus in Taurus represents shocking changes related to the environment and our economy. It might indicate a food shortage, or a shortage in other valuable resources, brought on by the coronavirus panic. It could also indicate a massive economic crisis, as many people are forced out of work due to illness and a lack of paid sick leave.

"Kiss of Death" by Bruna Kazinoti 1988

Mercury at 6’27 Pisces' sextile to Uranus represents a silver lining. This aspect indicates genius thoughts, divine revelations, and rapidly developing solutions to our problems. The truth will flash right before our eyes, and it will be so obvious, we'll be surprised we haven't thought of it before.

And at least love is still in the air. Quarantine and chill anyone? Venus is Venus at 20’12 of it's ruling sign, Taurus is making many positive aspects, showing us that love is the answer to our problems. It's closest aspect is it's sextile to Neptune at 19'00 degrees Pisces, a symbol of universal love and compassion for others, as well as fairytale-style storybook romance. Venus' trine to Jupiter at 23'23 degrees Capricorn represents harmonious unions, good luck in love, and people getting along. Meanwhile, the trine to Pluto at 24'44 degrees is an indicator of sexual intensity, passion and deep intimacy. The trine to Mars at 25'32 degrees is also another indicator of good sex and strong physical attraction but also harmonious relationships between men and women, and solving conflict peacefully, through diplomatic means. Perhaps, all this time out of work, away from the social scene, will allow us to spend more time with the people we really love. Another silver lining.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is all about new beginnings. Coinciding with the Spring Equinox, when the Sun is reborn after a cold and dark period of Winter, March 2020's Aries New Moon is all about rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal. The conjunction to Chiron and square to the Nodes show us that this is a potentially painful time, a time of illness and deep psychological wounds, but there is a bigger purpose behind all this, a deeper meaning, something karmic and healing. The New Moon's sextile to Saturn in Aquarius show us that this healing is not only personal, but this current crisis could trigger positive changes in our society as well. Healing a dysfunctional system. Meanwhile, Mercury sextile Uranus will help us find creative and innovative solutions to our problems, and Venus in Taurus presents us with a silver lining. Positively aspected by Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, Venus in Taurus tells us that love will help his endure through these troubled times and come out transformed.

Kaitlyn Maura
Kaitlyn Maura
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