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Pulse Waves of the Universe

by Jazlyn W. 2 years ago in science

A theory regarding bioenergy and its ability to morph into a positive, negative, or neutral charge/state.

Bioenergy has been something of a mystery ever since people took the first steps towards spirituality. Parapsychologists, researchers of the phenomenon of the brain, when it comes to gifts such as telepathy, or seeing auras, have been researching it since the mid 1900s, and within the past century have been able to prove its existence through tons of newfound technology. However, by proving the existence of such an otherworldly sensation new questions have arrived. Namely, whether aura is just in a positive and negative state, but that it can be in a constant neutral pure moldable state that isn’t strictly tied down by a specific connotation. In either case, the answer is that it can be channeled into all three possibilities, that it has the ability to have a negative charge, a positive charge, or a neutral charge if not something more than a person can fully comprehend.

Before continuing on with this topic there are a few basics that need to be covered to have a better understanding over what this theory is based on. Aura, also known as bioenergy, is a natural phenomenon that is defined as an atmosphere that surrounds each and every object, person, or animal individually. Every being and object has an aura that is specifically formed to them that radiates anywhere from two to five feet, depending on how healthy, what emotion, and/or what said things’ characteristics are. These large bubbles of electric charged pulses look almost like a beacon of coloured radiating waves when the aura is a completed personal atmosphere. However, if you were to break down these electromagnetic fields into layers, there are multiple levels that all stick together while constantly fluctuating with the state of their host which eventually composes what becomes the final product. For the sake of this argument human aura levels are what’s going to be touched on and explained, due to it being the most well known and studied. The seven levels of human aura are as follows: Muladhara (The Root), Svadhisthana (The Sacral), Manipura (The Solar Plexus), Anahata (The Heart), Visshuddha (The Throat), Ajna (The Third Eye), Sahasrara (The Crown). Each of these levels have a specific area, job, and colour that represent what they are for and ultimately what they are. Now that there is a platform of understanding over bioenergy the theory that aura has more than three electric charges, positive/negative/neutral, may begin.

The first law of thermodynamics, the area of science that deals with different types of energy, is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed just transferred, or molded. With this thought in mind it can be inferred that aura can be molded into any type of electric pulse even ones that we cannot yet classify at this point in time due to aura being more so on an unpredictable spiritual level. But before jumping into the rabbit hole of the different types of technology, how bioenergy is measured, and why said theory cannot be thrown out the window the explanation for what is known must be covered.

For starters there is speculation that aura is caused in humans by the pulses that emit from our neurons as they fire from the synapses. However, many people combat that our brain is overran by chemical activity to the point that electrical pulses to that magnitude is not possible. A website by the name of ITEM has stated that, “Medical theorists tend to argue that mental activity is merely chemical, because of the chemical neurotransmitters involved, the fact is that neurotransmitters are created only when electrical impulses induce a voltage in a neuron that exceeds the firing threshold of that nerve.” (ITEM, 2002 ) With this being said, our brains are constantly firing pulses out to this magnitude, which means that aura is fully capable of sustaining itself just by the brains activity.

The brain only puts out two different electrical charges, negative, and positive, while our synapses are firing which covers two of our possibilities. “Since the brain is neurologically connected to the entire human body, these electrical impulses may travel throughout the central, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous system, creating characteristic electrical fields.” (ITEM, 2002) However, there is reason to believe that the neutral state comes in while our brain is at rest.

Imagine that someone is running down their street. Their heart rate would be up a significant amount, and they would be considered to be in an active state, but if said person is sitting down, or sleeping their heart rate would go down to a resting state. While their body is in this resting state there isn’t a firing of a negative or positive charge, but there are still electrical pulses going through their body just by their heart beating. With this in mind our electric pulses that create our energy fields would be in a neutral, or resting state.

Due to technology today it has become much easier to gauge these different changes, as each energy field fluctuates, which is what has made it possible to begin to understand these different changes within our energy.

The superconducting quantum interference device, also known as S.Q.U.I.D., is how scientists measure aura. The device uses quantum physics to detect even the smallest of fluctuations in an electrical field. “The device may be configured as a magnetometer to detect incredibly small magnetic fields—small enough to measure the magnetic fields in living organisms. Squids have been used to measure the magnetic fields in mouse brains to test whether there might be enough magnetism to attribute their navigational ability to an internal compass.” (Nave, R, N/D) S.Q.U.I.D. is only capable of determining the range of these pulses and how strong they are. For someone who is considered healthy, or active these pulses might range to five feet out from the person as said from above. To break down quantum physics the device measures through tesla, the measurement of energy fluctuation, which eventually adds together to equal Gauss. They are both ways to measure energy, except Gauss is focused on electrical energy solely. Look at it like you have two sets of fifty (Gauss and Tesla), one written in word form, the other written in numerical form. They’re both numbers that have been written out separately, and they both mean the same thing, but the number form is more specific. (Gauss) However, despite one being a more specific form of the number, if put together they still equal one hundred (which equals a form of quantum physics). “One Tesla equals 10,000 Gauss. The Earth's magnetic field, which is strong enough to turn a needle on a compass, is 0.5 Gauss. A 7-Tesla magnet is 70,000 Gauss, or 140,000 times stronger than the earth's magnetic field.” (NYU Langone Medical Center / New York University School of Medicine, 2003).

On top of S.Q.U.I.D. being used to gauge energy pulses, scientists also use Kirlian Photography. Kirlian Photography uses a special camera that allows the viewer to see the colourful bubble of light around the person, or object of choice. It was created by Semyon D. Kirlian in the early 20th century. Although these are the few main used inventions they give outstanding evidence that aura does exist which allows for more questions to be asked and in turn answered.

By using the knowledge of psychology, neurology, and parapsychology it can be concluded that aura can have three types of electrical charges that are determined by our brains due to what has been discovered and proven.

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This is by no means pure fact. From my own personal research I came across questions that I have sought to answer. This is one of many to come.

Jazlyn W.
Jazlyn W.
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