Navy F-18 Pilot Intercepts UFO

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Navy F-18 Pilot Intercepts UFO
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Navy pilot recalls UFO encounter: "I think it was not from this world."

The Pentagon has released gun camera footage of a Navy F-18 intercepting a UFO off the coast of Southern California. On the morning of 14 November 2004, a vehicle described as being shaped like a tic tac was spotted making maneuvers that are not capable of being reproduced by Earth-borne aircraft.

This is consistent with a lot of UFO sightings throughout the years as pilots describe the vehicles making right angle turns and accelerating away at instantaneous velocities that are currently unattainable by aircraft designed on Earth.

The one thing that makes this sighting different from others is that it is probably the best-documented one since it was clearly captured by the gun camera footage of the F-18. What makes it even more unique is how for the first time mainstream media has picked it up and is discussing it in prime time news slots instead of relegating it to the off-channel "ET" and "UFO" discussion groups.

First released by the N.Y. Times as part of a larger story documenting $22 million dollars having been spent by the Pentagon to study the UFO phenomenon, this story was the main UFO sighting contained in the article. Once the N.Y. Times published the article, other major newspapers worldwide picked it up and ran with it and it even started appearing on local TV news stations as well as major news channels like FOX and CNN.

It really is the first time that a UFO intercept has carried enough credibility. People wonder could this really be a vehicle from another planetary system and can this discussion take place in the mainstream public sector without people who think it might be not be ridiculed as in the past when stories like this were not covered by the mainstream media.

In order for the sightings to ever lead to a resolution of this phenomenon, the terminology has to be reviewed. It is not hard to realize how the problem has been allowed to fester ever since Edward ruppelT first coined the term UFO.

Pilots are taught that in order to FLY (Forward Levitation using energY), a winged planform has to be accelerated through an atmospheric medium. The shape of the wing causes the airflow to travel faster above the wing than below the wing causing a low-pressure area on the top and a high-pressure area on the bottom which in turn generates lift. This is known as Bernoulli's principle.

The fact that some of these sightings are being described as vehicles that do not have wings mean they are technically not flying since they are violating Bernoulli's principle. In addition, you cannot fly in outer space. So a vehicle that has transited a star system to arrive at Earth would not have "flown" here. Clearly, the term UFO needs to be re-evaluated.

The vehicles would need to travel faster than the speed of light to get here and be able to return home in a reasonable period of time. Currently, the only Earthing term that makes that a possibility is a Tachyon which is a hypothetical particle which travels faster than the speed of light.

TACHYON, which is a portmanteau for the morphemes TACH and beYONd, allows for the interpretation of the term Tach One, meaning Speed of Light similar to Mach One meaning the Speed of Sound. So these vehicles would be capable of traveling at speeds greater than Tach One. Or, just like jets travel at Mach numbers, Volutes (the technical name for these vehicles), would travel at Tach numbers. Tach One, Tach Two, etc...

This allows for a new acronym—CTV for Celestial Tach One Vehicle. This term could compete against the term UFO when describing these intercepts. When criteria exists that shows the vehicles may not be UFO's but may be from Extra Terrestrial origins, this term would provide the credibility required to take the conversation taking place in the mainstream media to the next level and provide a resolution for this phenomenon.

In addition, the Civilian or Public sector really needs to take the lead on this one. Waiting for the Government and Military to tell us what is going on when clearly we can just figure out what is going on is why we are still sitting here using concepts and terminology from the 1950s more than 65 years later and still have not solved anything.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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