Pentagon Spent $22 Million Investigating UFO's

The secret is they already know what they are.

N.Y. Times just released a story documenting a classified program by the Pentagon ushered in by former Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Over $22 million was spent trying to uncover the secret behind the UFO phenomenon. They even released video footage of Navy F-18 with the objects visible as they were tracking them.

While the news channels pick up the story and people are posting it on all their social media channels what no one is picking up on is the possibility of what might really be happening.

Subliminal dissemination is the process by which information is released into the public sector for the purpose of enlightening the Earthlings just enough as to what is going on without giving away to much and cluing everyone into what is really going on.

Could the government and military be complicit in a secret plan to slowly, over time, reveal clues as to the existence and presence of extraterrestrial life here on Earth, all the while concealing it as a bunch of failed classified research programs that seemingly lead to nowhere?

Public opinions ranging from this is complete lunacy and a total waste of time to a conspiracy theory and cover-up that the government has secretly made contact with the beings are being challenged back and forth all over the inter-webs.

What no civilian is putting forth is that the government and military may be doing this on purpose. Is it plausible that not only do they actually know what is going on, they are making it go on? Could the government and military be acting as though they are inept, when in reality, they are orchestrating a highly effective plan that is beyond the imagination and comprehension levels of Earthlings, essentially a form of alien intelligence that Earthling minds cannot conceive?

Is it possible that humanoid extraterrestrials live among us (HETLAU) and they have been here the whole time and the Earthlings are totally unaware? Is it possible that some of our government and military leaders are actually HETLAU? Would this explain why Civilians populate these institutions but once in there, actual HETLAU would then invoke their own hidden agenda? Could additional HETLAU actually be civilians in other sectors of society such as business, entertainment, religion, and technology? Disclosure might be referred to as "Flipping the Planet," as in they are going to turn on the public awareness they have been here the whole time. Could the government and military be intentionally releasing this information because it is slowly heightening the public's awareness, which will make their plan for disclosure someday go smoother?

If you view all of this from the viewpoint of skeptical Earthlings all of the UFO-related stories dating back to Ken Arnold first sighting them and the crash at Roswell and each denied encounter since then have made the concept of ET and UFO's basically a comedic punchline if you don't take it to seriously. The closer you come to wanting to believe or discuss it from the position of something larger might be happening, society starts to brand you as a conspiracy theorist; and the further you move towards discussing it as a possibility the more you are viewed as, essentially, a schizophrenic and are suffering a mental break with what the larger group of society views as the truth and fact.

Will we see additional information continue to come forward? As each incident occurs will the masses just brush it off as nonsense and ignore the implications? Will each incident encroach even further into mainstream society?

Previously most storylines stayed in the realm of so-called ET and UFO experts and it was difficult to find large groups of people who are aware of all the ET and UFO lore on the planet and able to discuss it at length. Yet this incident was different as it was immediately picked up by all major news networks and has encroached into mainstream media.

Has the plan of the HETLAU shifted into a new phase? Will we continue to see the repeating patterns unfold and slowly see larger numbers of civilians becoming more involved in trying to understand what is really going on?

Will organizations like SETI add a focus to searching for HETLAU as a possibility or will they just continue to ignore it as a possibility and provide cover for the HETLAU? Could they be leaving clues they have been here the whole time such as naming their institutions with anagrams like SETI = IS ET?

It will be interesting to see if any civilians are able to put forth a plausible theory to explain what is really going on.

How does it work?
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