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Mission - Earth:12KB4 Could Mean Confronting Ancient Aliens, Myth or Not...

The controversy over the Ancient Aliens craze could get settled via an even more shocking scenario... Time travel.

By Marshall BarnesPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
Mission - Earth:12KB4 could reveal who built Gobekli Tepe, primitive humans or...

You know, it's one thing to talk about doing this and doing that, but a time comes when you have to do more than just talk. You have to actually act, but before you do that, you have to plan. You have to do some research, crack open a book or two and basically get your act together to show that you actually know what you're doing. And so it is with what probably is the most ambitious exploratory mission ever taken since Apollo 11. Mission - Earth:12KB4. The time travel project to establish bases, and then ultimately settlements and cities, approximately 12,000 years in the past as I described in the breakthrough paper, A Special Report:TEMPORAL_ESCAPE.

To set the record straight going in, the odds are better than 95% that you haven't a clue as to how time travel really works and that would be true regardless of your education, because of the overwhelming amount of misinformation, disinformation and bad science fiction written with all the accuracy of the film, A Voyage to the Moon. New discoveries have been made that have been only half reported, or not at all, and there's no better example of the confluence of all of that than the Ancient Aliens TV show.

Michio Kaku talking about a highway of souls of millions of aliens moving at the speed of light? Never mind that. What I'm keying in on is why the speed limit for anything with mass would apply to a spiritual entity like a soul? It doesn't make any sense but the reason Kaku said it is because he was referencing Einstein and that's something that's done too much for things that aren't even applicable, as in that case. The other would be time travel. There are no useful, practical solutions in Einstein's theories for time travel. None. And trust me, all time travel is dealing with multiple universes. That's why Caroline Cory said the only way we're going to there is if we understand the laws of physics differently...from a multidimensional perspective - not a liner perspective.

That's what's behind the M-E:12KB4 effort, an understanding of the laws of physics differently, beyond Relativity. In a nut shell, time travel will work based where quantum mechanics, information theory and temporal physics, meet. The late John Archibald Wheeler, speaking of his delayed choice experiment on a galactic scale, told Discover magazine interviewer, Tim Folger, "By the time the astronomers decide which measurement to make whether to pin down the photon to one definite route or to have it follow both paths simultaneously the photon could have already journeyed for billions of years, long before life appeared on Earth. The measurements made now, says Wheeler, determine the photon's past. In one case the astronomers create a past in which a photon took both possible routes from the quasar to Earth. Alternatively, they retroactively force the photon on to one straight trail toward their detector, even though the photon began its jaunt long before any detectors existed."

The key phrase that I have in bold letters is that the astronomers "create a past". Using new methods in development now, the phrase could just as easily read, "the scientists create a new past in which special teams arrive from the future to establish new settlements."

Any doubts about this can be shelved by listening to Wheeler himself discussing the basis for this, in the video below.

M-E:12KB4 is built on the foundation of years of productive research and most recently, physical R&D and experiments conducted within the aerospace and entrepreneurial communities.

(Above: From the incomplete documentary, Dawning of the Age of Time Machines)

So with an array of technological platforms and equipment to experiment with and a knowledgeable focus on exactly how the physics works, the only question to solve is the ability to lock down a specific point in the past and the ability to maintain a consistent targeting allowing for the back and forth travel, to and from there. This is a major requirement to allow for transport of equipment, resources and personnel. Once that is accomplished, it's all on the table - a safe haven for escape from any extinction level event that could threaten humanity here, which means all those proposed space colonies will become money pits, vast resources waiting to be mined - dwarfing the estimated value of space mining, land for food production and to resettle persecuted populations there in humanitarian efforts that will work 100% instead of being a NGO band-aid.

So all this sounds great, fantastic even, and then someone from the peanut gallery waves a copy of the New York Times with the article on how now the Pentagon is admitting to knowing that UAPs (UFOs) are real and in some cases may not be from this world. Physicist Eric Davis, of all people, was one of those quoted for the article which makes things very interesting. Davis was the author of the 2004 Air Force Teleportation Physics Study for which I wrote the only private sector analysis of for a wealthy industrialist in 2005, (out of which came a few elements being used in the M-E:12KB4 operation) and whom I know from when he was my track chair at the 2013 100 Year Starship Symposium in Houston.

So if UFOs are real, that brings the whole ancient aliens scenario into play, as these other worldly visitors are said to have been involved in the early stages of human civilization and, by some assessments, in the development of humans from more gross, biological predecessors, through genetic manipulation. There is even speculation that there have been conflicts between various alien races that were in competition for control of the planet and its residents, as it were.

Be that as it may, such speculations bring to the fore a single, grand "what-if" that must not be ignored. What if the aliens show-up and find us New Arrivals beating them to the punch? I've found a window between by-gone eons and the beginning of history as we know it, after a reported flood and an asteroid strike. Basically at the end of the Ice Age. Seeing as how the aliens won't be expecting to see any advanced humans around, I think that it might throw them for a loop. The thing to remember is to get over their potential existence and remember why we're doing what we're doing and it's certainly not to worship them.

The purpose of Mission - Earth:12KB4 is more than just an escape for today's humanity from extinction level events. A way to hide from all the reasons why the Doomsday clock was advanced to 100 seconds to midnight this year. It's for humanity in this new version of the past, to get a chance at a better world than what our ancestors got, alien intervention or not. And it will be a world for the New Arrivals to win in totality, more via a Peace Corp model than war, although our technological superiority will be self-evident. For humans that the New Arrivals encounter, they would get the benefit of not being given any of the false religions and manipulations that the ancient alien scenario involves. After all, did these ETs give us world peace, love and brotherhood? HELL NO! According to some of the stories I've seen, they sometimes fought among themselves!

So what if aliens do show-up? According to many observers, they already have - here. There hasn't been any major incidents of violence now, so maybe there won't be then. But if the Mission is successful, rapid penetration of this new past will be forthcoming and with private sector involvement, primarily at first from mining concerns and humanitarian efforts to transfer persecuted populations and refugees from here to there. There will be private security with them and if the US government doesn't get involved, an organized structure being planned now, will go into place that will include security forces as an integral component.

Long before we see if M-E:12KB4 can make the connection to the past, war games will be planned by my Angry Eaglets group as gedanken experiments for possible scenarios that will help in the further development of wunderwaffen that could be used against any ETs that decide not to play nice. The AE already does the same against Chinese and Russian platforms and have successfully designed countermeasures to the Iranian missile project intended to create its own wormhole then emerge at the target, as envisioned by Iranian physicist Mohammad Mansouryar when he was in the Iranian Air Force for the AMAD division, said to be covertly developing Iran's nuclear arsenal.

I'm aware there are those lesser mortals who balk at talk of taking on space aliens, and I won't even honor their logic by repeating their ill formed arguments. I saw a police helicopter dropped in 1994 by one of these devices (which was reported to the DIA) and I see no reason an advanced version couldn't drop a spaceship, though I won't reveal anymore details. I've made my point.

With all the benefits to be had - billions of dollars in mining, land, resolutions to humanitarian issues and increased security and shelter that space efforts will fail to provide anything approaching the same cost/benefit ratio of, Mission - Earth:12KB4 faces only two main questions - will it get fully funded at its $100,000 cost and will its R&D deliver on its scientific promise.

Any questions about ancient aliens will be answered when the New Arrivals set boots on the ground there. It'll be small steps for them but a huge, quantum leap for Humanity, to be sure...


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