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by Marshall Barnes 11 months ago in future

The coming collapse of the future it was supposed to be and the rise of Mission - Earth:12KB4

Arvin Ash wouldn't believe this futuristic prediction...

Futurism is a delicate and ego driven game. It's all about gathering together data which often is influenced by personal bias and then playing fortune teller with the results. "I see everyone riding in self-driving cars in 10 years." Yeah, right. I remember when people were saying that, derived from the perceived disinterest that young millennials had in cars. I said baloney and I would make commercials focusing on the thrill of driving, and what do all the car commercials feature essentially, now 10 years later? I am a strong believer in the power of the individual and one thing I've learned is that the groupthink that has become the hallmark of the 21st century has its loop holes and chinks in the armor.

And so here we are. In a room full of strangers, figuratively speaking. Thrust in a world ravaged by the COVID-19 crisis with the Doomsday clock set to 100 seconds to midnight at our back, we're supposed still believe in a future of AI, and uploading our conscious into computers, with yet a new normal to contend with and now a new belle as well, due to arrive to the ball, in the form of a new swine flue.

Pandemics were just part of the reason for the advancement of the Doomsday clock, as well as that of the threat of nuclear war, information warfare, climate change and a few other choice issues. One thing that was omitted was the threat of an attack from outer space. Not aliens, but asteroids and meteors.

Although it wasn't mentioned specifically, one contender, always on stand-by, is the threat of a big rock from space arriving on time to ruin everything with a potential, extinction level event impact. One day, not long ago, Russia got a little taste of what such a day would be like, when a meteor came awfully close to crashing into a city - close enough that the shock wave caused wide spread minor destruction involving broken windows and similar havoc.

The idea of danger from a meteor or asteroid strike, as just being a rare event, would be a mistake. Although there are many such space objects out there that are tracked to watch out for Earth collisions, there have been cases where a few have gotten by unnoticed, a thought that can be frightening.

So the idea that humanity is safe here, and need not worry, is an idea that has been rejected by many scientists already, such as the late Stephen Hawking. His solution? Escape to a planet called Proxima B!

Ironically, Hawking with his "genius", cites a solution that is little more than a Hail Mary pass with a name that sounds like the title from a science fiction film. Proxima B is not only too far away to be of any help to us now or any time in the near future, our best efforts for space are too far off as well. In that regard I nominate Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos as our "best efforts". The next video states Bezos' case for him.

So, according to Bezos own position, his space efforts won't provide any benefit for one to two generations, totally out of range to address any oncoming threats that we face now, let alone questions regarding the safety of these floating environments from asteroids or attacks from Earth by hostile forces. But with the timing being so far off, let's look at Elon Musk and his agenda.

So once again, although the plan is to get humans to Mars could begin as soon as 2022, that is within my window as to when we need to have safe escape havens already established. Just think back to how life was just last year and now how disrupted it is. We have no more room to be complacent. We only have wiggle room perhaps to get the best solution started and if not Mars, it's certainly not Titan, the alternative to Mars the space community argues for.

So, despite all of the positives that Titan has over Mars, it is still too far in the future to save us.

So while Musk has plans that are a lot closer to fruition than anything Jeff Bezos is doing, they still aren't close enough to happening to be of any short term use. Remember, I'm not taking anything for granted anymore. As far as I'm concerned, we're already out of time. Even the U.S. government is prepared for it - they think. With four major underground facilities for their planned "continuity of government", there are still plenty of unaddressed issues, as revealed in the video below.

So, while the US Government has its continuity plans laid out, depending on the nature of the calamity that takes place, it might not mean any assurance of National Security. With safe havens in four underground bases, the landmass of the country is still vulnerable. However, that doesn't have to be the case. If the Mission - Earth:12KB4 plan works, the means to establish a massive 100% safe haven can be assured. Mission - Earth:12KB4? It's the completion of the R&D that has been underway to enable time travel to the past, 12,000 years ago and establish two way travel between that era and now. That may sound shocking to you but that's because the media, like The Root has pretty much ignored the news about serious research and instead have chosen to promote people like University of Connecticut's Ronald Mallett who is a proven fraud yet the media plays up his bogus claims to be working on a time machine, which is a story that's nearly 20 years old with zero progress and linked to a failed scam artist in Miami. A connection that Brittany Shammas of the Miami New Times, covered up.

Fake news: The title of the above video couldn't be a bigger lie...

The transfer for continuation of the U.S. government could easily include the ensured continuation of the American people and the exclusion of their enemies. There will be no sharing of the technology or knowledge of how to access the location leaked out. As Americans, everyone working on this project not only is well aware of proprietary restrictions involving any sharing of sensitive information, we are also aware of U.S. Code 35, Chapter 17, Segment 181 which prohibits the sharing of technological information that could be a threat to U.S. National Security, let alone ITAR regulations that would apply. Earth:12KB4 can serve as a location massive numbers of people can eventually and rapidly move to, if required and with impunity. Earth:12KB4 will be a place Americans can be beyond any threat. There are no such options in space.

If the Mission - Earth:12KB4 is successful in its fund raise (a mere $100,000), within one year it is estimated that if it is in fact possible, as all things seem to indicate, to make a connection with an Earth in a new, parallel world copy of 12,000 years ago, a base could be set-up there from which the work could commence that would lead to starting settlements there, just as Bezos plans in orbit and Musk plans on Mars, except they would be a lot easier, cheaper and faster to establish. Nearly everything that needs to be tried or found out is already known, it's just a matter of doing it. The property from which to launch operations has already been acquired. It's gated and secure, plus has spacious inside and outside facilities. In fact some of the equipment for experiments has already be purchased or built. In addition, the building already seems connected in a hyperspatial/dimensional way. Strange things happen there. Almost on par with the legendary Skinwalker ranch in Utah. There's an article that mentions it, published on the Higgypop web site - Parallel Universes and Paranormal Realities .

Depending on who is involved, whether or not there's any government role, one of the things that can be investigated is energy and mineral resources. In fact, one of the funding methods for the project would be to sell mining rights to a mining company to mine for precious minerals, metals, etc. Right now, China has already threatened to cut off access to rare Earth metals used in tech hardware. Success in opening access to the past would mean access to China during its neolithic period when acquiring rare earth metals would not be difficult. China here would not be able to prevent such an operation and legally they would have no claim to those metals since this would not be connected to China here and would not be under their control or possession any more than they could claim ownership rights to minerals in Taiwan.

Precious minerals is one of the biggest selling points for investment in space exploration. However, if Earth:12KB4 becomes viable, the ROI on mineral exploration will dwarf that of space operations, down to the toddler scale as becomes obvious in the Bloomberg video below.

The cost that space mining brings to bear also includes push back on how much mining should be done in space, as described in the Futurism.com article, Scientists: We Need to Protect The Solar System from Space Mining and how far it should go. Conversely, it's easy to see how many resources exist in Earth:12KB4 because it's the same that has existed here and exists in the same places that it does here. None of the technical issues exist either that do with mining asteroids, for example. The profit factor, however, can be summed up easily this way - How would you like to have access to 2% of the gold in the U.S. - THAT EVER WAS?!

It has come to my attention that as far as the time period in question goes - 12,000 years ago, there is debate as to whether or not a cataclysm struck the Earth at that time that wiped out many already established ancient civilizations. Obviously, when this project moves forward, experts will be consulted as exactly when this event occurred so as to have the proper target, which would be after the cataclysm but before any significant rise in human population. We want to arrive at a time when there are relatively few humans anywhere so that the dominance of what are being called, the "New Arrivals", - Americans from the future, can be established without any significant resistance, if any. Ultimately, the plan is to not only be able to transfer people, but also equipment and supplies and that would include aircraft. Any part of the world at that time would be within reach, just as it is now. Eventually, satellites will orbit the Earth there as well, not only for communications but to track weather just as they do here, now.

The future that futurists have sold us on is being disrupted already, right before our eyes, with the potential of a radical new detour on the horizon. As it stands now, that future will be the birth of a super American one in one form or another, with Americans leading a new world as the sole world power there, let alone super power. For going back that far will mean history there will not be a repeat of what it was here, and due to the true, discontinuous nature of time travel, there will be no asinine paradoxes to be dealt with.

What will happen with the rest of Humanity is anyone's guess. The United States will not be abandoning this world and at any rate, dependent on who and how third parties get involved with the Mission now, if there is no official U.S. involvement in the beginning, then it will start, and probably remain, a private venture. After all, it is within our nature to be independent. If there is official U.S. government involvement then what follows is predictable and only U.S. allies will have access to it, and allies will be defined as those with friendly relations and not based on need. When we would have access to the entire world's resources, what do we need OPEC nations for, we barely need them now. Of course China would be left out as would N. Korea, Russia, Iran, etc. Geopolitics will have no meaning there and there will be no need for the political gamesmanship that defines world affairs now. I can see humanitarian efforts however, helping relocate persecuted populations that have no propensity for violence. I can see, however, that there'll be no transporting the potential of future conflicts, just because we might feel sorry for them now.

Either way, it will mark the end of the world as we've known it where, for the first time, a portion of Humanity leaves this world for the reestablishment of itself on another, with the irony of course, it's still the same old familiar one, just next door.

(If this is a subject that interests you, you might look at the petition to raise awareness for the Mission - Earth:12KB4 at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ )

Marshall Barnes
Marshall Barnes
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