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The Investment Warning Against Funding Ronald Mallett

The evidence that nothing is right about this media hoax is obvious now, but people aren't told to even look...

By Marshall BarnesPublished 4 years ago 11 min read
All that's left of the attempt to defraud time travel investors by World Patent Marketing

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"But to do the study, he needs $250,000. That’s walking-around money for Elon Musk, but not for a career academic without family legacy money."

So writes Caroline Delbert, in her fluff piece on Ronald Mallett, This Guy Is Pretty Sure His Time Machine Would Work for Popular Mechanics which, like all articles on Mallett, is filled with ironies in plain site. For example, Delbert states that Mallett needs "$250,000" to do a study, yet according to writer Tom Ford, for Net Worth Post, Mallett is worth a cool $10,000,000. Maybe so, but I do know Mallett's fund raising efforts have been sketchy at best. I know for a fact that he turned down the chance to get $1,000,000 back in 2008 over paranoid, professional jealousy with me when we were friendly and has refused to do a Kickstarter campaign for the bogus reason that the donors would want their own time machines. Yet in 2015 he switched to wanting to raise millions and millions of dollars once he fell in with Miami businessman, Scott J. Cooper, but I digress...

"He says the time travel mechanism could take you back only as long as the machine itself has been on, which means roughly 2019 at the earliest..." Delbert continues. Well, it wouldn't be 2019, because he hasn't built his time machine yet which is what she wrote in her January 2020 article, he needed the $250,000 for!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for why well heeled tech investors, who may be intrigued by Ronald Mallett's notion that time travel to the past is possible and that he's made the needed breakthrough, should beware and ignore the repeated waves of publicity that he gets from the media. You've heard the term, fake news? The Ronald Mallett media machine is nothing but that. Since at least 2006, he has received repeated waves of media interest (the latest from late November 2019 to last month) but it's always the same story each time with nothing new. Trust me. Here's an example from CNN in 2007 -

Now here's CNN again in 2015 -

Note that it's exactly the same story as before with no new developments in his research at all. Finally, CNN does another story in December of last year and although it's filled with exactly the same fluff and malarkey, this time some of the critical truth about Mallett's theory is revealed.

"Sutter says he is aware of Mallett's work, and thinks it's interesting, if not necessarily on track to deliver results.

'I don't think it's necessarily going to be fruitful, because I do think that there are deep flaws in his mathematics and his theory, and so a practical device seems unattainable.'

Serious criticism of Mallett's theory was voiced in 2005 by Ken D. Olum and Allen Everett, of the Institute of Cosmology, Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tufts University. They said they'd found holes in Mallett's equation and the practicality of his proposed device."

Take note, these are just a few of the number of physicists that have found deep flaws in both his mathematics and his theory, which means the proposed function of the device. What's Mallett say in return? CNN reporter, Francesca Street states, "Mallett is quick to clarify that his ideas are theoretical" and that, "He says he's currently trying to get funds to conduct real-life experiments."

That's why I'm writing this article. Because if you're an Elon Musk or some other tech interested billionaire, you've got a target on your wallet and Mallett is aiming for you. But there's more you need to know - there's zero chance that Mallett's device will work if built. None. Nada. Nyet. Why am I so sure? Because I actually work in the research area that includes time travel and Mallett doesn't. As a conceptual theorist and research and development engineer, with a quantum physics background, I've written breakthrough papers on the subject, carrying the field away from the dead end of Einstein's theories of Relativity and into quantum mechanics where scientists like the Perimeter Institute's Neil Turok believe the answers lie and where the actual progress has been made. In these days of COVID-19, we have no time for academic nonsense since, as I reported recently, the accomplishment of time travel to the past is paramount as it is the best, and most efficient means of escape from a pandemic or any other extinction level event, and we are so very, very close now. Billionaire preppers take note...

I have analyzed Mallett's design, theory and model for time travel and wrote the definitive critical paper that proves there is no way his idea will work because his model for time is wrong, his conceptualization of how it would work - doesn't and it relies on the existence of Closed Timelike Curves which have never been seen in reality and are most probably mere mathematical anomalies. But most importantly, I reveal statements that he's made himself that indicate he lacks the intellectual acumen to even be allowed in the time travel research field at all -

"'Why I didn't see this sooner, I don't know', he laments in his book, Time Traveler. 'Perhaps it was again a matter of being too close to the equations to see the big scheme of things.' That and another admission he made earlier on page 165 in the last paragraph, 'As a theoretical physicist, I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work,' might explain why this design is so incomplete and a conceptual calamity."

Mallett has never written a single original paper on the time travel (look!) and you would think that he would have done at least a few by now - if for no reason than to make me shut-up about it. No. Not one, which brings to mind that if he's such an expert as portrayed, then why not? Because he can't - he's not an expert. He doesn't even list time travel as a research interest on his UConn department of physics web page.

Any doubts about my assessment of his motives should be set aside when you see what he says towards the end of the 2019 news clip below, -

After comparing the costs of LIGO experiment, that discovered gravity waves and the NASA space program, to his quest for time travel, he says,"People ask me all the time when is time travel going to happen and my answer to them is when we decide that we want to give it adequate funding. It's not going to be done with a DeLorean in a garage. It's going to require teamwork, scientific advances. It's going to require funding on a large scale." He never talked that way before linking with Cooper in 2015. However, here is Cooper and Mallett talking with the Altoona Mirror in November 2015,

"This is incredibly exciting. There is so much going on in scientific research right now... It feels like we are on the edge of a new frontier. I am thrilled to welcome Professor Ronald Mallett to our board, to help us take the field of physics to its most cutting edge."

Later, Cooper continues but lets his "slip" show a bit.

“Dr. Mallett is a true scientist and visionary...He wants to change the world. His only mistake is that he hasn’t been focused on commercialization. That’s where World Patent Marketing comes in. … It may cost tens of billions of dollars and years to achieve but we will make sure that Dr. Mallett gets the funding he needs and that his work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

“To twist time will require greater energy, and we’re talking many, many millions of dollars eventually over a dozen years,” Mallett told the paper.

Tens of billions? That's Cooper embellishing. Note Mallett quotes millions instead. Mallet later told India's Motherland magazine, “The total amount to accomplish everything we are hoping to, both with space manipulation and time manipulation is probably going to be about $500 million, altogether”.

$500 million indicates to me that Scott J. Cooper was planning on defrauding Silicon Valley level billionaires, or groups of multimillionaires and Mallett was going along for the ride. Mallett had already started a company, Time Travel Technologies, with Cooper, which was registered with the state of Florida and then was brought under the WPM umbrella. That's where the page grab came from at the top of this story - an advert to start selling Time Travel X units for $799 a pop. But it was the video that Cooper produced that was the major failing for the duo, as it was filled with misrepresentations of fact and lies, a violation of Florida consumer protection law 817.06 and which a report on it was sent to the Federal Trade Commission by the Florida AG's office as further evidence for their investigation that resulted in World Patent Marketing getting shut down, and with it, Time Travel Technologies.

(Above: Thumbnail for illegal Time Travel X fundraising video)
(Above: Tweet sent by Mallett showing his involvement in promoting the illegal video)

"So $500 million is a bargain! I mean, you’re talking about something that has practical applications, that could actually directly affect all of our lives, and revolutionise how we live," Mallett said to Motherland. "Once again, WPM has allowed this to develop, so it’s really very, very exciting for me. And we’re going to keep things very transparent, and involve the people..."

And so Mallett and Cooper couldn't keep their businesses transparent and involve people - even as they were promoting those businesses.

Mallett is no businessman and Cooper is no scientist, and they were lying to each other. Cooper on the amount of money they could realistically raise and Mallett on the viability of so-called "spin-off technologies". I have only to show a promotional video from the Lavin agency on the subject, to prove my point:

Ronald states, "There's 2 parts to my work. Remember I talked about the twisting of space ? That actually can lead to a whole new form of communication..." I was shocked to see this because I knew immediately that there is no way to use his work to accomplish any form of faster communication. "What my work does is manipulate space itself...", which is true but not by any way applicable to sending information faster than light which is what it would have to be, since with lasers it can already travel at light speed. "If you can actually push space itself, then information that you're transferring is not just simply going through space but the information is going with space."

I found the entire statement frightening at first because it reflects a pathological desperation on Mallett's part to try to stay so relevant that he would make such a statement which, on its face, was obviously untrue for 2 reasons. 1. He said his work twists space. There's no way to twist space faster than the speed of light. Period. 2. How is he going to even "push space" continuously so that light can travel with it? Simple answer - he's not. But he will waste money attempting to "try" to be sure, in vain, and hope to die with the world thinking of him as the bold innovator whose dream is left for us to finish. Fat chance.

Furthermore, in a deposition under oath, according FTC attorney, James Evans, Scott Cooper blurted out, "What did you think? That we were going to build a time machine? We were going to make money off of the spin-off technologies!", exhibiting his own ignorance to the obvious fact he been had by Mallett, unless that was just an agreed to party line to make the whole operation sound more plausible. In any case, there would be no such tech spinning off anywhere.

In 2014 Mallett told the Epoch Times, that donations were being made to the University of Connecticut Foundation. “Over time nearly $11,000 in funding has been received from a great many generous contributors ranging from $15 to $25 from enthusiastic middle school and high school students to $500 from a concerned young couple to $1,000 from a grieving parent." Anyone in business knows that's not the way to raise money, if you're serious. And so my contention is that he wasn't - just out for the fame, until he ran into Cooper.

So Mallett goes from initially wanting just $250,000 for his "feasibility test", to wanting millions and millions, once he linked up with Cooper - money he now continues to talk about. What changed? The simple fact that Cooper knew how to skim money from incoming revenue, what with the lavish lifestyle he was able to glean from World Patent Marketing dupes, and that's what he and Mallett were going to do with Time Travel X. It's easy to claim that there's this big time machine being built for millions and millions of dollars and skimming a good amount off it. After all, that's no reckless accusation. That's what Cooper was nailed for doing with World Patent Marketing by the FTC!

"Defendants allegedly bilked millions of dollars from consumers", the subheading states on the FTC press release. It's clear that Mallett's going to try the same on his own, as he told the Altoona Mirror he's a -

"theoretical physicist who would like to give to the world the possibility of determining our destiny through time travel. I'm the theoretical guy. The experimental physicist will have to take on the daunting - and very expensive - role of testing my theory," meaning all bets are off for him planning on seeing the project through himself. But he wants the cash for it, while the real physicists do the hard work!

But no, we won't. Unlike Mallett, we have the aptitude for this work and see six ways to Sunday why this isn't even wrong (science lingo for complete rubbish ). VCs and rich tech gurus shouldn't entertain for a moment giving Ronald Mallett any investment cash. He shouldn't be allowed to even think he can get away with this hoax, this scam - the greatest fraud in the entire history of physics.


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