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Mission Accomplished: Saturn in Capricorn Goes Direct on September 18th

After a long nearly five months traveling backward through its home sign of Capricorn, Saturn is finally set to station direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on September 18th. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn, planet of limitation, time, matter, and karma, has been retrograde in the sign of Capricorn since April 29, 2019. What does this mean? As I wrote in my article, "Karmageddon,"

When Saturn goes retrograde, we have a greater awareness of our limitations. We become more aware of our own mortality. We may feel like we're trapped in an hourglass, like time is running out. Life is short: are we using our time on Earth wisely?

Karma could come to kick us in the face when Saturn goes Retrograde. If we haven't been using our time wisely, past sins and failures could come back to haunt us. It's a time for reaping what you have sewn. If you've been good and lived up to what was expected of you, you may just reap your rewards. Whatever the case may be, you will become more aware of the consequences of your actions at this time. People often act impulsively, blinded by the here and now, without regard as to how the present will affect the future or how the past has affected the present. Saturn won't let us get away with this kind of behavior. We could find ourselves on the other side of bad situations we've caused. It's time to face our own shadow. It's time to develop an awareness of any negative patterns of behavior we may hold. It's time to take these lessons in and use them to become better people.

I also predicted that with Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn, which rules over governments, corporations, and other hierarchical institutions, that this transit would be most strongly felt on a large scale.

These limitations are likely brought on by larger social structures, the powers that be, forces beyond our control. What can we do to change the system? What can we do to save the planet? Saturn is the Grim Reaper, as well as Father Time. When he goes retrograde, we become more aware of how little time we actually have left. We need change and we need it now.

There could be karmic events related to work and business as the pressure of the rat race becomes even more defined. Institutions and governments concerned more with money and power than mankind and the future of the planet will receive their karma as well.

This is something that has definitely come to fruition within the past four months. Climate change has been a major topic, as it should be, with the fires in the Amazon Rainforest and in Africa making us feel powerless to change things. Many corrupt people in power have received their karma too, as the truth comes out and their abusers of power are exposed. We've seen a lot of things come out about our current political candidates, but perhaps, one of the most major events was the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, the financier who was convicted with sexually abusing, exploiting and trafficking dozens of pre-teen and teenage girls. (Of course, it gets even more messed up than just that but you can read about it here). Epstein had ties to many powerful people, such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth's son Prince Andrew, proving to us that the rumors about an elite pedo sex-ring are more than just conspiracy theories; with his "suicide," even causing skeptics and "rationalists" across the political spectrum that perhaps they were wrong about conspiracy theorists all along.

In my article, I go over how Saturn's Retrograde might have affected everyone on a personal level. On a personal level, it hit me pretty hard, causing me some major depression, but spiritual principles helped me get through it. It helped knowing that everything happens for a reason, and that when things come to an end, you have to face the fact that it's simply not meant to be. It's best I just accept the consequences of my actions and move on, and make room for something even better.

Well, what can we expect now that Saturn's gone direct??

Saturn Direct

With Saturn stationing direct at 13'54 degrees Capricorn on Wednesday, September 18th, we can finally put into practice the lessons its retrograde taught us.

For me, personally, and maybe others can relate, these last four months taught me a lot about my weaknesses and flaws as a human being. I now have a better understanding of what I need to do, and the steps I need to take to improve the person I am, as well as what type of environment I function best in.

Often, things do happen for a reason, not necessarily on a cosmic scale, but karma is cause and effect, and a lot of what "happens to us," is often simply the result of our own misguided actions. At first we may not realize it, and are instinctively on the defensive, but when our actions bounce back at us, it's really an opportunity for us to see where we went wrong, and what we need to do now to right our wrongs, and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Sometimes, things happen to us that really are completely out of control, unless maybe you believe in karma on a cosmic scale, but regardless of whether or not you believe the choices we made in our past lives affect where we are today, you can't blame yourself. There's no use in that, but there's no use in acting like a victim either. It's okay to let yourself cry and feel whatever it is you need to feel, but healing comes when we accept that yes, these things happened, yes, it hurt, no, we cant go back and change it. What's done is done, and we need to move forward, and use it to make us stronger. If something unjust happened to us, for example, we need to think of ourselves not as victims but as survivors, and our hurt can motivate us to fight for what's right.

Saturn's station direct on September 18th is accompanied by many major aspects. Saturn makes a conjunction to the South Node, helping us to heal from past karma and move on from behaviors that are holding us back. Saturn also makes a grand trine to the Moon at 11 degrees Taurus, sign of its exaltation, and Virgo at 19 degrees Virgo. This grand Earth trine is a very positive, grounding influence, bringing structure to our lives, and making us aware of the practical steps we need to take to move forward.

Overall, Saturn in Capricorn is all about taking responsibility for your own actions, your own choices, your own life. When we blame others, or rely on other people to make decisions for us, there is often hell to pay... as many of us throughout these four months may have experienced. We need to own our decisions, good and bad. That does not mean we dwell in the past and feel guilty over it, as much of our blame-driven cancel culture often encourages. It means, we admit what we did, we accept that we did it, and we learn from it, taking the steps to make up for it if necessary. Responsibility is the ability to respond.

If we learn from our mistakes and take the necessary actions to do what's right, our greatest wishes will materialize. For some of us, it could be that what we wished for isn't what we thought. We come to find that what we thought we wanted, and what we thought we've lost, was never what we really wanted all along, but there's something better, more fit for us, that we haven't yet realized until now.


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