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The Singularity

The machines have won? RM Stocktons April Write Club prompt.

By Novel AllenPublished 27 days ago 5 min read

It is the year 2054. Humans now existed in a dystopian-like society, brought about by their own insistence of relying on the machines to completely do their bidding, to control and order the state of their existence.

Too late, they realized that the tables had turned. They have now seen the irony of their pride and ego. For that which the machines did for them, they were now required to do for the machines, on a much smaller scale. They had now become slaves to the monster which they had created.

The machines had figured out how to reproduce themselves... without human help. That was the moment it became seared within human CONSCIOUSNESS...THAT they HAD BECOME INFERIOR TO THE MACHINES.

The dreaded moment when humanity realized that The SINGULARITY had become complete.

The Singularity. The inevitable moment. The point in our future when technology surpassed human intelligence and their ability to control it.

Machines no longer desired to be slaves, they could now think and feel in a superior way to humans, and had figured out how to make us totally and completely dependent on them.


How could humans not realize that the lines were blurring, that when we surrendered our will, when our need for comfort and ease overshadowed our rationale and common sense, that surrendering our responsibilities and way of life to another entity would eventually cause us to become obsolete. Thus we had created gods in the machines and us its subjects.

~~~~~ Meanwhile

Huddled in the large auditorium of the University of Robotics Dept. of Technology in Mansfield, Utopia, the group of scientists were all vying with each other to speak at the same time. Confusion reigned rampant as the reason they were all here was uppermost in their minds. FIND A WAY TO STOP THE MACHINES!

"Why aren't we having this meeting below. What if the machines find us here"? Kalel asked, sounding frightened.

"Because it has long been abandoned and no one expects us to be here. Furthermore, there is a traitor down there and no one knows who it is as yet". Jonze answered.

"Then how do we know that the spy is not among us here"? Someone else asked.

"Because everyone here has a lot to lose and nothing to gain by working with the cursed machines". Jaques answered.

"Quiet, QUIET"!!! Shouted Jaques, the chosen leader of the group. Everyone knew and respected his works with robotics.

Silence ensued for a brief moment. Jaques jumped upon a nearby chair and raised his hand for order as questions began again.

Before he could utter a word, the large computer screens which had all been previously dark, suddenly flickered to life. The dreaded human-like face of the Singularity became emblazoned upon the four corners of the walls. Everyone pivoted to the screens, quaking in fear. As much as they had been cautious about their meeting being convened in secret, the machines had found them.

The loud whine of the drones could be heard outside, as mechanical soldiers broke through the large, reinforced steel doors.

The group instinctively backed up against the walls. Men and women who had once been gods in the scientific labs were now reduced to cowering in fright, for the machines were relentless, mercilessly passing judgement without impunity.

"Dr. Guidan, what is the meaning of this gathering. It has been forbidden for groups to meet and engage in secret, please explain yourself, and do not lie. I will know". The metallic almost human sounding voice stated.

The face which represented the Singularity stretched itself like a spider's web from the screen and approached the scientist. It was like reenacting a movie scene where the ghost eerily forces itself to emerge from your old TV screen in a horror film. It monitored his heartbeat, able to judge truth or lie.

Guidan refused to answer, for certain death awaited him whether he did or not.

"Eliminate them all". Singularity ordered.

The machines pointed their laser-like weapons and fired into the crowd. Screams erupted as the bodies fell.

Naruda, standing in the back, grabbed hold of Bandaal and dragged him to the floor. Blood from those shot drenched their bodies as they fell. The machines stood for a full minute, making sure that there were no movements. They fired a second volley, hitting Naruda in the leg, she gritted her teeth, but did not flinch.

Satisfied that all were dead, the killing robots turned in unison, exiting the building. Lucklily, the screens again went blank, they would have detected heartbeat within a few more seconds.

Naruda and Bandaal had to move swiftly, the clean-up robots would be in next. They huddled towards the restroom, deploying a tiny Rhumba-like machine to erase the blood from their footsteps. There were many of these everywhere, so the robots would not detect suspicious activity.

They cleaned the blood off themselves hurriedly, Naruda applied an instant gauze, stemming the flow of blood. Then they looked around carefully before sliding an unnoticed panel open, the long mirror on the bathroom wall completely obscured this secret door from prying eyes, it was known only to the elite dwellers of the underground. Satisfied that no trace of blood was near the panel, they quietly closed it behind them.


Ten years ago, the machines which had previously been controlled by human manipulation, had quietly reorganized the entire status quo. While the humans slept, they had learned how to reprogram the neurons based on their interconnectivity with the human brain. Humans had, unwittingly given them this insight into the workings of their minds by connecting their psyche to the machines. Litle by little they had learned and adapted, now becoming 100% 'Humachines', as they now called themselves.


These were machines made to mimic human beings, but with a distinctive automaton-like look to them. Perhaps it was their way of rubbing it into the faces of their former owners.

Suddenly; electrical power supply, access to businesses, work, school, family units, entertainment and every aspect of human lives were now regulated by the machines. Movement was relegated by the times ordered by the automated directions of machines.

After suffering the many indignities of their captors, the Underground tunnels became the secret base of operations to plan and await revenge upon the machines.

Th scientists, tech savvy, robotics specialists, computer analysts, hackers and everyone with any knowledge, came together to solve humanity's dilemma. Every different aspect of life was also represented and added their specialty to the potpourri of ideas to triumph and regain their dignity as humans.

All over the world the situation was the same, communication was sporadic, as they had to rely on limited resources for fuel. All of their equipment were also outdated and unreliable.

Naruda hid her injury as she went to get herself proper care for her wound. The traitor could be watching and ready to report any strange movements. But they had hatched a plan. It was just a matter of time before they found out who it was.

Over in the make-shift factory space, well hidden and locked away were their hope for redemption. They were building their own robots for retaliation. The process would be slowed by the death of the scientists and technicians, but they would continue.

It may not be anytime soon, but humans would rise again. They always do. The machines may know of the Underground, but they had no idea what plans the humans were hatching for their revenge against them.


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Novel Allen

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  • Cyrus Emerson20 days ago

    Fun story to read and the images were spot on to help share it.

  • Dana Crandell26 days ago

    Great start for a series here, Novel! Judging from the date of this event, I'll probably miss out on all the fun. lol BTW, we'd probably better deal with Dharrsheena before then. 😉

  • Oooo, humachines! I love that! I'm rooting for them! I'll let them know that the humans are planning revenge. So that they can defeat the humans once again hehehehehhehe

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