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Mind Games: June 2021's Solar Eclipse in Gemini

On Thursday, June 10th, at 6:52 AM EST, there will be an annular Solar Eclipse at 19'47 degrees Gemini. It will be visible from Alaska, most parts of Canada, Greenland and the Russian Far East, as well as parts of northern Europe (such as Scandinavia) and the Northeast United States, affecting these parts of the world the most. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
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Credit: Rafal Olbinski

On Thursday, June 10th, at 6:52 AM EST, there will be an annular Solar Eclipse at 19'47 degrees Gemini. It will be visible from Alaska, most parts of Canada, Greenland and the Russian Far East, as well as parts of northern Europe (such as Scandinavia) and the Northeast United States, affecting these parts of the world the most. Here's what to expect.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon is caught between the Earth and the Sun blocking off sunlight, causing it to look as if the Sun has disappeared. A Solar Eclipse always coincides with the New Moon, while a Lunar Eclipse always coincides with the Full Moon. Astrologically, New Moons are seen as a good time for new beginnings & fresh starts and a Solar Eclipse carries with it the same energy of a New Moon but only amplified. If aspecting your chart, it will usually coincide with a major life event such as a marriage or a baby being born, and its effects will last until the end of the lunar cycle. But a Solar Eclipse is even more likely to influence events on a mass scale, particularly in the areas of the world in which it is visible. While the effects of a regular New Moon will last about 28 days, the effects of a Solar Eclipse will last for about six months, when another eclipse occurs in the opposite sign.

It's always important to note that eclipses always occur when the Sun is near the orbit of one or the two nodes. The North Node and South Node are lunar points representing our karma. They are always in opposite signs from one another. While the North Node represents where we are going, our purpose, what we came here to master, the South Node represents our karma and past lives, what we're familiar with and need to let go of. This is what makes an eclipse such a crucial time for evolution and growth.

June 2021's Solar Eclipse in Gemini

The New Moon on June 10th will take place at 19'47 degrees Gemini, a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury and represented by the symbol of two human figures, believed to be twins. Gemini is a sign associated with duality and opposites: Yin and Yang, male and female, light and darkness, love and hate, the list goes on. With the Sun being temporarily eclipsed by the Moon, it may seem as if all that is dark or irrational has won out. However, Gemini is also associated with connection and communication, in particular the exchange of words. What was hidden will be revealed.

The Solar Eclipse will take place in the second decan. This decan is ruled by the duality of Mars and Venus, the planets associated with war and love or man and woman, respectively. However, bordering the second decan, it will be close to the star Bellatrix, the female warrior, located in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter. Bellatrix is described as giving military and civil honors. Of the nature of Mercury and Mars, the star is also associated with lucky and loquacious woman. I would personally associate it with strong woman with an intelligent and courageous spirit, in any case.

The closest aspect to this New Moon will be a conjunction to Mercury, Gemini's ruler, in Retrograde at 20'41 degrees, just one degree away from the Sun and Moon. On one hand, this could cause brain fog and miscommunication, as well as neuroticism and other mental health difficulties. On the other hand, it could bring back issues from our past. Since Mercury is largely about communication, we might receive a message that throws us off guard, particularly one from or about somebody from our past. We're being forced to deal with things that we thought were swept under the rug, revisiting issues that we thought we were free from.

Jim Warren

The Solar Eclipse will be further impacted by a square to Neptune at 23'08 degrees Pisces, causing even more confusion. With Mercury Retrograde square Neptune, we're particularly at risk for delusional or distorted thinking. Mind-altering substances are best to be avoided (or otherwise, dealt with very carefully) at this time. Lies and deception are also likely, and it may be harder than usual to discern truth from fiction. That message you receive about a good friend's past? It may be little more than gossip or hearsay. That message from your ex, promising you he's changed? It may be broken in an instant. You may have to be careful about who is and isn't worthy of your trust.

Since this is a Solar Eclipse, it affects events on a mass scale, making me think that the Solar Eclipse, it's conjunction to Mercury and it's square to Neptune could take the form of a charismatic leader who uses mind control to subdue or appeal to the public, a cult of personality, basically. It could also take the form of ridiculous and nonsensical propaganda being drilled into our minds, whether through actual news or online memes. Think for yourself, trust your judgement even if it makes you look back, and don't get lost in the group haze. This may take place in Russia, Alaska or Canada, or possibly Scandinavia or the northeast United States.

Gregoriou Panagiotis

This Solar Eclipse will coincide with two more astrological events that may be of important:

1. the square between Uranus at 12'54 Taurus and Saturn Rx at 13'15 degrees Aquarius. This highlights the battle between the chaos of the old verse the regulations of the new. This may take the form of an 'environmental disaster', mother nature's rebellion against man-made technology, particularly the kind that robs the earth of its resources.

2. Mars is at 29 degrees Cancer, the sign of it's fall, where it is believed to be at its weakest. Mars will enter Leo on June 11th, a fire sign where it can perform quite comfortably. If we've been shying away from conflict, now is the time to stand up, be courageous and fight for what we believe is right. Leo is associated with leadership, particularly 'kings' and other strong leaders.

Ayham Jabr


It may be helpful to think of any intentions you set around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius for they should be coming into fruition at this time, as well as six months back to the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, for certain themes may be repeating themselves. Because eclipses happen in cycles, it might also help to consider themes related to whatever happened to the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius last winter, or even the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius last year Meanwhile, any intentions you set now should come into fruition either by the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19th, 2021.

To learn more about how this will affect you personally, check your natal chart for any placements between 14 and 24 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) for those placements will be most especially affected.

Essentially, any Solar Eclipse in Gemini will reflect themes of duality and communication, or connection with others. However, with Mercury Retrograde and square Neptune, our communication will be riddled with misunderstanding, if not outright deception. While on a personal level, this may involve weird coincidences or contact with people from our past, on a collective level, it is much more terrifying as it indicates propaganda, mind control and a cult-like worship of a narcissistic authority.


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