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ReaLies: December 2020's Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On Monday, December 14th, at 11:16 AM, there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23'08 degrees Sagittarius. The Solar Eclipse will be visible from parts of South America and Southern Africa, particularly Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Namibia, as well as Angola, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Southern Brazil and Western Angola, affecting these parts of the world the most. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 10 min read

On Monday, December 14th, at 11:16 AM, there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23'08 degrees Sagittarius. The Solar Eclipse will be visible from parts of South America and Southern Africa, particularly Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Namibia, as well as Angola, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Southern Brazil and Western Angola, affecting these parts of the world the most. Here's what to expect.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon is caught between the Earth & the Sun blocking off sunlight, making it look as if the Sun has disappeared. A Solar Eclipse always coincides with the New Moon, while a Lunar Eclipse always coincides with the Full Moon. Astrologically, New Moons are seen as a good time for new beginnings & fresh starts and Solar Eclipse carries with it the same energy of a New Moon but amplified. Often, if aspecting your chart, it will coincide with major life events such as a marry or a baby being born, and its effects will last until the end of the lunar cycle. But a Solar Eclipse is even more likely to influence events on a mass scale, particularly in the areas of the world in which it is visible. While the effects of a regular New Moon will last about 28 days, the effects of a Solar Eclipse will last for about six months, when another eclipse occurs in the opposite sign.

It's always important to note that eclipses always occur when the Sun is near the orbit of one or the two nodes. The North Node and South Node are lunar points representing our karma. They are always in opposite signs from one another. While the North Node represents where we are going, our purpose, what we came here to master, the South Node represents our karma and past lives, what we're familiar with and need to let go of. This is what makes an eclipse such a crucial time for evolution and growth.

"Prometheus" by Jean Delville

December 2020's Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The New Moon on December 14th will take place at 23'08 degrees of the mutable Jupiter-ruled fire sign, Sagittarius, with the Sun temporarily being eclipsed by the Moon. While some modern astrology enthusiasts think that the sign of Virgo should be ruled by the asteroid of the same name, the constellation of Sagittarius is often thought to be identified with Chiron, one of many centaurs in Greek mythology, creatures with the upper-body of a human and the lower-body of a horse. Centaurs in general were known for their wild, free-spirited and untamed nature. Often depicted as being reckless and prone to fights, they are also depicted as wise creatures who are skilled in the arts and sciences, probably because they are caught in between two worlds: the animalistic and the humane. This is seen very clearly in the representation of Sagittarius whose bow and arrow aim toward the Heavens for some sort of higher meaning or truth.

Chiron, in particular, was known for being a great healer, but accidentally shot by Hercules' poison arrow, he could not heal himself. Immortal but forever in pain, he gave up his life in exchange for Prometheus, who was punished by the gods for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humankind. Zeus, or Jupiter (also its ruling planet) in Roman mythology, saw the kindness of Chiron and decided to immortalize him in the stars in the form of Sagittarius. The myth of Chiron is rarely discussed when interpreting planets in Sagittarius, but I do think Chiron's righteousness, as well as it's wisdom, can be seen in this sign. It's interesting too that the creation of the Sagittarius constellation should be linked to Prometheus because the sign shares much in common with this mythological god as well. Often depicted as a heroic and liberating figure, Sagittarius was the Titan god of fire who is credited for creating humanity out of clay, defying the gods by stealing the fire needed to create civilization for humanity. One theme present in both these myths that perhaps should be considered is sacrifice, something not usually associated with fun-loving, life-of-the-party, Jupiter.

This Solar Eclipse will be conjunct Rasalhague, a star in Ophiuchus

However, the upcoming Solar Eclipse occurs in the third decan of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Saturn (according to the Chaldean order of the planets) and the Sun by triplicity. With the Sun and the Moon in the third (Saturnine) decan, the sign may take on a more serious and perhaps even sacrificial angle. The message: with freedom comes responsibility. And to liberate others - and ourselves - sometimes takes real hard work. The eclipse will take place on a star called Rasalhague, a sapphire star on the head of Ophiuchus, the constellation of the Serpent Bearer or Snake Charmer. This star is of the nature of Venus & Saturn and said to be associated with the more "negative," or excessive qualities of the former benefic planet, indicating a passionate, easily seduced and blindly good-hearted nature. It can indicate infections through toxic, overindulgence in alcohol, drugs and other vices, snake or insect bites or assault from other animals, as well as infections and epidemics in general, particularly when connected with the Moon.

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury at 20'05 degrees Sagittarius, making issues related to communication - and likely the media as well - important to this eclipse. Mercury, planet of the logical mind as well as communication, is actually considered to be in its detriment when in the sign of Sagittarius. While Mercury is about logic or critical thinking skills, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is more about faith or intuition. With this in mind, it's possible that our thinking will be skewed by our own emotions or beliefs at this time. Since Sagittarius is generally regarded as an optimistic sign, it's possible we'll see what we want to see rather than what is. Communication errors are also highly likely at this time. We may be prone to speaking too soon or speaking out of turn, perhaps making assumptions, or what Sagittarius is usually known for, speaking too bluntly. If not us on a personal level, it may be the media doing this. Nevertheless, Sagittarius is associated with academics or truth-seeking so intellectual pursuits are favored on some level, as many of us may be searching for answers to important questions.

Solar Eclipse square Neptune: mass manipulation

The New Moon (as well as Mercury) is also conjunct the South Node by extension at 19'56 degrees, Sagittarius. While New Moons are generally said to favor new beginnings, the conjunction to the South Node implies that something is coming to an end. It may be unhealthy patterns of behavior, particularly unhealthy patterns of communication, that are coming to an end rather than anything we care to hold onto. The South Node is also associated with the concept of karma and some conversations we have now may seem to take on a fated importance.

All four of these planets or points in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node) will be forming a square to Neptune at 18'13 degrees Pisces. This can create a lot of confusion and deception, whether in the media or our personal lives. As I said before, Mercury is actually considered to be detriment in Sagittarius; it's a very passionate sign and sometimes passion can cloud our judgement. With Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune, we may let our beliefs get in the way of facts. Misinformation and lies in the media is likely as well as emotional contagion and mass manipulation. Certain cult ideas (i.e. like QANON conspiracy theories) may catch on and people may fall through the rabbit hole, forgetting to turn on their critical thinking skills. Reality may seem like a dream in the midst of this transit. However, the square to Neptune doesn't just indicate mental weakness but physical weakness as well, and considering what I wrote about the star Rasalhague, the pandemic may be spreading more rapidly than ever in affected areas (as well as conspiracy theories about its lack of seriousness). Drugs, alcohol and other forms of escapism may also present a problem.

Mercury conjunct South Node: Letting Go of Communication With Liars

On the other hand, the 4 planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury & South Node) will be making a more exact trine to Mars at 20'43 degrees Aries, which should in theory be a good thing - trines are known to be "easy," aspects - and who knows maybe it will be? This aspect promotes courage and strength. It might even promote truth, as we're becoming bolder and more fearless in expressing how we feel. We might even be overcoming our fears and letting go of what we may have used to interpret as setbacks! However, it's possible that the square to Neptune and the trine to Mars will be working in tandem together. Anger and conflict are always possibilities when Mars is involved with something, and this could be a good thing - anger can motivate us to get things done - but with Neptune involved, it's also possibly that our anger may be the result of heavily crafted media manipulation or we may be angry about the wrong things or at the wrong people, leading to stagnation & confusion rather than action.

Meanwhile, Venus, planet of love and beauty, will be at 28'44 degrees Scorpio, making a near exact sextile to Jupiter at 28'56 degrees & Saturn at 29'44 degrees before both planets set to conjunct in Aquarius on December 21st. This is a good transit for love at the very least - not just romance even but any deep or meaningful social interaction. Throughout the chaos, there will at least be a chance to find connection - one built on both joy and stability.

Solar Eclipse square Neptune: Hall of Mirrors


It may be helpful to think of any intentions you set around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini for they should be coming into fruition at this time, as well as six months back to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, for certain themes may be repeating themselves. Because eclipses happen in cycles, it might also be helpful to consider themes related to whatever happened to the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn or Solar Eclipse in Cancer over the summer. Meanwhile, any intentions you set now should come into fruition either by the Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th or the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th 2021.

To learn more about how this will affect you personally, check your natal chart for any placements between 18 and 28 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) for those placements will be most especially affected.

With any Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, themes related to philosophy, religion and our belief systems are highlighted - themes related to truth and freedom. But with this eclipse conjunct Mercury and the South Node & all four points square Neptune, truth may seem out of reach and we may be confused about what we really believe. Miscommunication and deception is likely, especially with media. With the Solar Eclipse conjunct Rasalhague, a star associated with sickness, this could be deception and lies regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Either way, with the Solar Eclipse trine Mars in Aries, the deception and lies I speak of may lead fights and conflicts, especially in South America, Southern Africa and any other part of the world affected by this eclipse. However, the trine to Mars can also be an indicator of action and positive change, while the South Node brings about fated events and helps us to let go of things that are no longer serving us. This eclipse may also expose lies, leading to realizations about deeper truths.


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