Midnight Astrology

by Adizzy D about a year ago in science fiction

When Jessica Takes a Peek into the Night Sky and Finds Out that Maybe We Are Not Alone

Midnight Astrology

I love the stars, the planets, everything about the galaxy. I am always looking through my telescope late at night. The constellations of the stars always mesmerized me, they sucked me in. Everything about space was so interesting. I was always was up 'til all hours of the night hoping to catch a shooting star. Among the stars, though, ever wonder if aliens lurked through them? Above the clouds even? I never thought much about them 'til one late night. I was up in my typical spot looking out of my telescope when I see a huge bright light hovering over some trees in the woods. I was compelled to throw my shoes on and take a walk into the canopy of darkness. I had to stop myself, because it was 1:30 in the morning. Why would I even think about that!? I began to just track it. I was trying to find the source of the light and I couldn’t. It was so confusing to me that this light had no point of exit. I was about to call it a night and then I saw it. Three lights in a row pop up in the center of the sky, it was quick and faint, but I could make out a saucer type object. It blended in with the sky. I was kind of shocked but intrigued as to what it really could be. I was almost tempted to call it in to the police. What would I say to them? Hi? There is a weird light shining down in woods? I didn’t, and just watched the sky instead for the rest of the night. Nothing eventful really happens and I call it a night around 4 AM.

I wake up exhausted but still interested in the event that occurred last night. I needed a cigarette and coffee so I threw my shoes on and went for a walk to the corner store. I had plans to walk to the woods after lunch and investigate last night’s happenings. I was way to interested and could not get the idea out of my head that it was something more. Was I throwing shots in the dark? Maybe, but how cool would it be to find out something was there? How cool would it be to find proof that among the stars and space there was life besides us! At the store I overheard some hunters talking about the bright lights that scared the animals away, and that they had to cut their night short because they themselves were just as freaked out as the animals. They were saying that they also heard a weird sound in the distance. The hunters said that they were not going back into the woods for a long time. This made me excited, and the nerd in me was jumping up and down with joy. I decided to buy a sandwich, grab a drink, and head to the woods early. I just needed to stop by my house to get my backpack and my phone. Today was going to be the best day ever and I was hoping that I would find something awesome.

I get to the woods and right before the woods get super thick, there is a tiny field and it’s just dirt. It used to be a baseball field, but the town decided to make a new field that was easier to get to. Now kids use it to party and get high with their friends. If you don’t go into the thick of the woods, there is another path that takes you to a pond that people go fishing in. I go to the pond to draw, I even go at night sometimes and draw the constellations I see. I love the way the fireflies dance across the water and the frogs croak. It puts my mind to ease and I can focus on the midnight sky. I am walking across the field and see some weird burn marks but think nothing of it. The forest is a tad quiet and it is giving the feel of an eerie horror movie. I am taking notice to the dead grass all around and the smell. The smell is what catches me off guard. It smells like burning wood. Not quite like wood, it just smells burnt. I keep on trucking on to the pond. I want to search around there too. I feel like I am being watched the entire time but there is nobody around. I reach the pond and all the fish are belly up. I am standing there in shock. I am looking around and men in hazmat suits are now screaming at me to get the hell away from the property. They start to come towards me, and I take off running to my house. As I was running, I saw a few beef jerky looking animals that I swear I never noticed on my way into the woods. I get to the end the entrance of the woods and continue to book it to my house.

I get to my house and there was a black SUV in my driveway. I had two choices. One, run and live at the corner store that I was hiding behind or two, face the music and see what they wanted. I decided to see what the black SUV wanted. I stroll into my yard and knock on their window. They ask if they can come inside my house and I let them. They show we some federal IDs and then ask me some questions about to why I was in the woods. I told them I was going fishing for the day and that I was there to relax. Not entirely sure they believed me, but I was sticking to my story. The SUV hung around for one night, but that is not the end of my story. It gets way weirder.

That night I took to my normal spot. I had all my things set up, and this time I had a camera ready and an old camcorder by my side. To my surprise the light came back, but not in the woods. It was over the SUV beaming down and I would not have believed it if I didn’t record it. The SUV was picked up off the ground and crumpled into a ball. I caught the entire thing on film, and when I got my pictures developed by a friend of mine, what I caught was crazy. Over the SUV was, in fact, a UFO. I could not see it with my eyes, but the camera picked it up. The very next day there was another crew of people combing the area. I once again got a knock on my door and was shot question after question. I lied and said I had been sleeping all night. Nobody knows about the pictures, except for my friend, and I took the negatives. It has been an entire month and a new black SUV has been parked on the opposite side of the street. They don’t think I notice them, but I have been documenting them every night. I still watch the skies at night and have not seen a thing. I am 100 percent sure they were looking for something that was taken from the woods. Why would they destroy a car? Why would it matter? I have so many questions that I was going to get answers to.

One night I got some balls and decided that I was going to break into the SUV. The men would fall asleep around 10 PM. I had an entire plan all mapped out and I was good at breaking and entering. My plan was to happen on a Monday night when a regular person is coming home from work, but I don’t work Monday nights or during the week. I am a bounty hunter on the weekends. I am quick and fast, and I have been studying the SUV and the type of lock it was. I was going to get my answers and Monday night was finally here. I was lurking out of my house when I noticed that the men were not in the van. I was puzzled as I was not sure where they could have gone, as I was watching their every move. It was like they just disappeared into thin air. I walk up to the back of the van and to my surprise the van is unlocked. I open the doors to find both men passed out in the back, the van had been stripped of whatever they had in there. I was so disappointed and angry at the same time; how did I not see anyone or anything from the time I left my window to now? One of the men started to stir and then let out a hideous scream. I stopped in my tracks—it was so deafening and terrifying. The other man did not move, and I began to wonder if he was dead. The man that let out the inhumane scream is now sitting up, his nose dripping blood and his eyes white, just looking at me. He was not a man anymore from what I could see but a vessel.

He opens his mouth and just says, “It’s time for you to go.”

He points to the door and I leave. I don’t just leave, I hit the ground running. I am running back into my house and up the stairs and into my room. I pull the covers over my head and convenience myself to look out the window. I am still trying to process what I have seen and can’t be sure if it was a ploy from the men in the van to get me to stay away. I peek out my window. The van is gone and only one man was standing out under a flickering street light, looking up into my window with his creepy zombie white eyes. I am so panicked and flustered I am escalating on the verge of tears. I run to the door and lock it. I lock every window and door in my entire house. I sleep on my couch that night with a shotgun by my side.

I wake up the next morning to find a note taped to the door that just said, “Don’t play with something you know nothing about.”

I was afraid that the man with the white eyes was hiding in a bush just waiting for me. I decided that I was going to go back into the woods and see what I could find. I was just too curious and had to know what was going on. I gathered my things and went into the woods. I trotted past the field and into where the small pond was. There was no trace of anyone being there, no clean up crews—nothing. It was just as it always was, frogs croaking, crickets and birds chirping, bees buzzing, and the smell of the trees and flowers. It was all so normal, and I almost forgot about why I was there in the first place. I was looking into the trees and looking on the grass to see if I could spot anything out of place. I couldn’t find a thing and I was in that area for probably about three hours. I finally decided to call it quits and head back to my house, but as I am walking through the field I notice drops of blood in the dirt. I then suddenly feel the urge to run, but I don’t run. I followed the blood spots to behind an old tree. The only thing behind the tree was torn clothing, shoes, and some more spots of blood. I recognized that the clothing belonged to the man that had the white eyes. I kind of smiled and headed back to my house. I said nothing to a soul about that afternoon.

I get back to my place and it looks like it had been broken into. There is stuff everywhere. I know what they were looking for, but they never found my pictures or my camcorder. I am not stupid, by any means. I had taken an old shoe box and put the pictures and tape from the camcorder in that and tossed it in an old crawl space that nobody knew about. It was too perfectly hidden from the world. My entire house was a mess and turned upside down. Whoever or whatever broke into my house was looking for evidence that we are not alone. I knew it, and I was fine being the only one in the world with proof. I have been watching the night sky for months and every now and again that UFO get closer and closer to my house. I am not afraid of what may come. I welcome it with open arms. Tonight, my plan is to make contact and maybe see what will happen if I do. Wish me all the luck.

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Adizzy  D
Adizzy D
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