The Witches

by Adizzy D about a year ago in fiction

When Jenna set off to start a new life with her mother, she meets some new friends that aren't what they seem. Maybe it was never real at all.

The Witches

I came from a small town down south, my parents got divorced and my mother wanted to move back to her hometown. I was given the choice to either stay with my aunt or move across the country with my mother. I wanted change myself, so I packed my stuff and went with my mom to upstate New York. My mother told me that she bought a house with a huge backyard and my room had its own bathroom. I was more than excited to start my new life, I was going to be a junior in high school, high school for me in my own town was hell. I was made fun of because I looked like boy. I had a buzz cut, flat chest, and weighed maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. I a lesbian and nobody wanted anything to do with me. I was called names like freak, fag, monster, and my absolute favorite chick that wants a dick. I hated the kids in my school, they tormented me. I was beaten up by boys, had my pants pulled down to see “what I was.”

My family was asked to leave our church because they didn’t accept who I was. I was completely alone with no friends, no support from my school or church. I was an outcast. My mother and father supported me with everything I did and encouraged me to be my true self. My parents only got divorced because my father was a bad alcoholic and refused to get help. My mother could no longer handle his behavior, he could not hold a job and he was always getting arrested for something. My mother was the glue to the family. She left my dad with my grandmother (his mother) to take care of him. My mother loved my dad, she told him that if he could stay sober for a year, she would take him back. He also had to hold a job longer than six months. When we left it was filled with tears and pleading to stay. We got into my mom’s huge SUV and left. I will not hear from my father till six months later when he is called to court on my behalf.

I started my school year off right, my mother took me back to school shopping and bought me all kinds of rad clothing. She found an old friend from school that was a barber and he gave me a tight haircut. I was accepted by everyone I met, nobody looked at like me and whispered as walked by. I was greeted with big smiles and cheerful hellos. If they knew who my mom was, they would hug me and tell me I was beautiful and looked just like my mother. My life was looking like it was finally going to be normal. I was invited to a Sunday Mass at a local church with a family my mother grew up with. I was gaining support from people, I was getting all the stuff I wished I had down south. I started school on September 6th and that is when my life changed, and my world was rocked. When I first got into school everyone was super nice but not to nice.

I did have a kid that flat out told me he didn’t like my kind at HIS school. I just ignored him and went about my day. I sat alone at lunch because I wasn’t sure where I could sit. Everyone seems to have some sort of click, I was the new kid. At least I wasn’t eating in the bathroom. In this school, we could eat outside, and I found a nice big oak tree to sit under. The tree was beautiful, its leaves were just starting to turn colors and it was comforting to know that I could almost hide under it. My first day was going well, until they spotted me and came over to me. They asked to sit with me, and I was almost too afraid of them to say no. This day will forever change my life.

They introduced themselves, and I told them my name was Jenna. I told them just a little about myself until they pelted me with questions. They asked me my age, my gender, where I lived, if I was a virgin, if I drove, and then this question that I wished I just said Yes to. They asked me if I believed in God and if I belonged to any church. I told them I did kind of belong to a church, but I was still checking out the other ones around. I then said I didn’t know if I believed in God, and that I wanted to believe in something. They smiled and then asked me if I would want to hang out after school and I told them sure. I wish I said no.

The bell for lunch rang and the next thing I knew I was going to science class and had plans to hang out with some weird girls I met at lunch. I didn’t know much about them, as I wasn’t really given the chance to ask them anything. I didn’t even really know their names. I was just trying to make friends and fit in. I was never good at judging people’s character, I just was always focused on making a good impression. I wanted to make friends, I never had a best friend. I never even had a girlfriend or boyfriend. I was just so sure that these girls really liked me and wanted to be my friend. I never took the time to pay attention to how they interacted with other people or even each other. The end of the day came and as I was leaving my last class, they were waiting for me. The halls were packed but when they were around it was as if only one side of the hallway was working. No kid ever went near them or walked around them, nobody even bumped into them. I found that so weird but didn’t think much of it until we hung out.

They were weird and creepy. One of them didn’t talk much but held on to an odd-looking doll and every now and then would pull a pin out of a little drawstring bag and then stick a pin in the doll and giggle. They called her Lamia, she was the weirdest one of them all and I was so scared of her. The other two girls were pretty, and they seemed sort of normal till one of them pulled a dead chicken out her backpack. Her name was Lilly it was short for Lilith. She was crazy, sexy and I had a crush on her the second she opened her mouth. She was just so perfect and had bright blue piercing eyes. She asked me if I wanted to join their coven and without even asking what it was, I agreed.

The third girl, named Jewel, clapped her hands and then pulled out a small dagger from her backpack. She grabbed my hand and pricked my finger, then her finger, then Lilly’s, then Lamia’s. They then drew a circle in the sand where we stood, the girls said some things, cut the chicken down the middle and I was told to strip naked and lay in the middle of the circle with the star drawn in the middle. I just did I as I was told, and never questioned the girls. When we were done with everything, I felt the best I had ever felt. Lilly told the other girls to head home and that she wanted to talk to me in private. She thanked me for coming into her coven and that she was excited for her new adventure she was going to have with me. She was inches from my face and then she leaned in and whispered into my ear, she told me to just relax tonight and not to be afraid of what may happen. I didn’t know what that meant but I was suddenly stricken with fear. Before I could ask questions, she kissed me on the lips and told me she would see me tomorrow.

My night was filled with terror and nightmares. I had the worst dreams and then the knocking started inside my closet. I was too afraid to get up and investigate. I could feel someone in the room with me, but I didn’t want to look. I could feel something sitting on my bed, I could feel something with sharp claws grabbing at my legs and digging into my ankles. I was so afraid that I thought I was going to pass out from fear. I was just about to shut my eyes and just fall asleep when the covers were yanked off my body and I shot up from bed like a rocket trying to make a run for the door, but Lamia was standing in front of it. What the hell? She had no idea where I lived, I never told them my house number. She was laughing and her eyes were all black, her smile could almost touch her ears, she was almost floating off the ground.

My mouth opened, wide-eyed and terrified, I scream. Lamia put her finger over her lips and my voice disappeared. I was yelling but no sound was coming out. I was sweating and my heart was going to leap out of my chest, if I was going to die it was going to be that night. She then got close to my nose (she smelt disgusting, and I almost vomited) she started smelling at me, exposing her jagged teeth. She told me I was the right pick and that I would make HIM proud. She told me I was a great sheep and that I was led easily to own great death. With that sentence, I then woke up from the worst nightmare I had ever had in my whole life. Was that really a dream? What the hell is going on? I needed to get out of that coven, I needed to get out of that weird friendship circle they had going on. I was not going to be led to death, or was I? I stripped my sweaty sheets from off the bed and headed to the shower. I needed to think about what I was going to tell Lilly.

When I get to the kitchen, I see my mother talking to someone, I turn the corner and it’s Lilly. I never told the girls what house mine was, I just told them the street I lived on- that was it. I was walking to school and they never saw my mother’s car. I was getting scared and I had no idea how to go about getting rid of my new friends. I walk into the kitchen and Lilly is sitting at the table with breakfast in front of her. My mother sees me and tells me to sit down and have breakfast, she asks me why I never told her I was having company this early in the morning. Lilly smiles at me and winks, like I am some bad little kid about to tell a lie to mother. I told my mom that I was just as surprised as her. Lilly then says she was surprising me and was taking me out on a date to the pond to go fishing.

A date?! Fishing? I was delighted but also confused, as I had no idea we were dating or even on that level. We finish up breakfast and Lilly told my mother we will be home before dinner. I am just so blown away by how believable she is. I get my things and we head to Lilly’s truck. Lilly grabs my hand and tells me to just relax and enjoy the ride. She tells me we aren’t going to any disgusting pond but to her house. She told me Jewel and Lamia are waiting there for us and that they were going to teach me some spells and how to raise some hell. I blurt out that I no longer want to be part of this coven and to let me out of her truck. She refuses and grows angry with me, she slams on the breaks and pulls over to the side of road. She gets into my face and tells me to just do what she says, and everything will be fine. She is so angry spit is in between her lips and her eyes are bulging out of her head.

I am terrified and am looking for the door handle. I find it and make a break for the road. I take off up the road and go down some side streets and find a coffee shop on the corner of one of the streets. I run into the coffee shop and take a seat at a table facing away from the windows. I can hear the old truck drive by. I reach for my phone and begin to call my mother when Jewel slips in next to me and tells me to tell me to just write on a piece of paper what I want to see happen in the next four years. She asked me for a lock of my hair and some fingernails. I ask her for what and she said just do it and they will leave me alone for forever. I do as I am asked, she hands me a doll with some pins and tells me to think of someone I hate and then stick the pins in the doll. She told me to just ignore Lamia if she visits me and to tell her to go away. I said okay, I asked her what they were, and she said witches and smiled and off she went. Lamia appears from the bathroom, skipping and laughing. She just looks at me and says BOO!

I decide that I am going to call my mother and have her come get me from the coffee shop, I tell her everything and she just says witches aren’t real. She tells me to just stay away from the girls and to keep doing what I am doing. I haven’t been able to sleep for a month, I am being tormented by Lamia and her little demon friends. I am being bitten, scratched, hit, and tormented. When I do fall asleep, I dream of my death over and over. School is going great, and I somehow am popular. I have been on so many dates. I have been excelling in school and was excepted into some of the colleges I applied for. Everything I had hoped my future was going to be was coming true. I was living a great life with amazing people. I was finally getting ahead and making friends, I joined a church and finally was able to have a little faith in something. It was nice, but it wasn’t real. This was all going to be taken from me because I made friends with the wrong people.

One night, Lamia pushed me too far, she came to me again in a dream, she was under my bed shaking it and hissing. I was praying she would stop but it just got worse. I was getting mad, I was dreaming or so I thought. I went to look under the bed and she wasn’t there, but chicken bones were. I grabbed up the chicken bones, I opened the closet door, and I started yelling into the darkness. I told her to cut the shit. I told her I was no longer afraid of her. Like a weird little spider and came crawling out from the bathroom, on all fours, back curved, long hair in her face, drooling, and snarling. She grabs my leg and goes to take a bite with her jagged teeth, and that’s when I grab the doll I had clenched in my hand with the bag of pins and stab one right into her eye, she wails with pain.

She stands straight up and goes to attack I then take the pin out of her eye and stab her in the heart. She disappears right in front of me. I do not have one more dream that night about her. In this dream I have one, I am woken up from my slumber by them knocking on my bedroom window crying asking what I had done to their friend. I shut my shade and went back to bed. The banging grew louder and louder and then it stopped just stopped. I peeked out of my window and my surprise they were gone; a note was in their place that said, “you will be sorry.” I crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground laughing. I was indeed going to be sorry.

Shadows danced across the white walls in my new room, I am alone. I am alone with nobody. They took everything from me. I was now allowed visits from my mom and dad once a month. They got back together, and my mother is having another baby. I am under 24-hour watch and need to be medicated every four hours or I just yell and cry uncontrollably, I have no control over my own body. I am a puppet to them now. You see I killed their sister that fateful night and now I am paying the price. I was in class when I started screeching and yelling. I started to tell the teachers and my mother my story about the girls. Nobody knew what or who I was talking about.

They told me that the girls I was yelling on about never even went to my school, nobody in the neighborhood never even heard of them let alone seen them. Nobody believed me, I talked about it all day and night. I tried to show them the doll I was given but it was nowhere in sight. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and delusional disorder. My mother was having a hard time at home with me, so she sent me to a mental health hospital. I was starting to become harmful to myself and then I aggressed on her once, so she had to do the one thing she never wanted to do. She had to sign her rights over as did my father, and he had to come to court to do so. I hadn’t seen him in six months. He looked great and looked like he was on track with his life. I was happy to see him but instead, I threw insults at him and spat at him. The thing was, was it wasn’t me doing any of this. They would visit me at night and torment me.

I have been here for 233 days, 178 hours, and 4 minutes. I am no longer allowed to wear clothing, I am in a paper gown with paper blankets. I sleep on a floor bed and I pick my skin. I refuse to shower or eat, I am locked inside a body that won't work with me. They have ruined my life, and nobody will believe a word I say. My girlfriend (I guess I made her up to) she visits me and sends me letters. I read them and then bash my head on the floor. I am stuck inside a body that doesn’t work. My mother and father are looking for other help outside this place. I am not even sure they are real anymore. I guess they say that the stress of the move, the divorce, and the school change broke me. I don’t know anymore. Tonight, they are coming for me and they say I will be dead by morning. As I close my eyes my mattress lifts off the ground just a little, and think to myself it’s not real, but to me, it’s very real and I whisper come and get me, bitches. The nurses rush in and I am sedated once again and fall into a deep sleep. Good night.

Adizzy  D
Adizzy D
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