How We Might Develop a Relationship with a Higher Power

by Damien Mercer 2 months ago in religion

A personal theory on communication with a higher power.

How We Might Develop a Relationship with a Higher Power

I’ve spent many moons pondering the world we live in, and for all my contemplation I seem to always end up with more questions than answers. One question that has endlessly perplexed me, just as I’m sure it has many others Is this..

Is there a higher power?

If so, can we communicate with it and what will we experience?

Some call it God, some call it The Source, some call it The Universe. No matter the language we use to describe our belief of a higher power or intelligence, the truth is, no one is really 100% sure any exists... although thats never stopped plenty of us believing in one anyway.

For those of us that do believe, it’s a natural desire that we make an effort to communicate with our higher power and thankfully were not alone either. All around the world we can see a number of various practices and rituals that attempt to achieve this communication.

There’s prayer, there’s affirmation and the law of attraction, there’s meditation and a handful more.

Whether they truly “work” or not is up for debate. There are firm believers on both sides of the fence with regard to whether anyone or thing is listening, can or can’t hear us and even whether it cares or not.

Personally, I’ve experienced too many weird wonderful and sometimes perfectly agonising events to really believe we live in an existence of random chance.

I’ve witnessed for myself what I now believe could be communications from a higher power. It has come to me in the form of synchronicities, coincidences, random strangers with an eerily accurate message and even sudden changes of heart.

Circumstances that are surely mathematically impossible have time and again boldly presented themselves in my reality, as if the universe itself... was talking to me..

I’ll give you an example. I am a singer and have been since I was somewhere in the single digit age bracket. I’m now 26, but lately I’ve been having my doubts about whether I’m wasting my time trying to forge some kind of career in it. I’ve been feeling hopeless for the first time and It’s been scary... I’ve honestly been feeling more discouraged than ever.

It seems, however, that the universe had other plans and didn’t agree with my hopelessness...

One evening at work, not particularly doing anything (I work in retail), I was approached by an old lady whom I’d never met previously. She wandered over to me and I had assumed she was going to ask me if a certain item was in stock, when instead what she actually said, I could never have prepared myself for.

“It’s lovely to see you’re still singing dear.”

Initially I kind of didn’t register what she’d said, when I thought she was gonna banter me I went into witty autopilot mode, I kind of laughed it off as nothing, until I stopped to think to myself... “Wait hold up, what did she actually just say?”

She couldn’t possibly know I was a singer. I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and I’d never seen this lady before in the store, nor had I out in the village anywhere. Yet she spoke to me as if she knew me. How could this be?

I was therefore left with the options that either she was an intelligence officer keeping an eye on me... lord knows why, I’m really boring, so it couldn’t be that. Leaving me therefore with the option that it may have been more on the mystical side of things.

I may have been correct to think so because when I turned around to ask her what she meant... she was gone. This was only seconds later mind you.

This was just one of the many peculiar incidents I’ve experienced as of late, and as one after another sailed through my reality, I once again began to ponder the concept that these happenings were more than just random coincidence. They had to be.

The odds of someone I know saying that to me are very good. But a total stranger whom I’ve never met, who would’ve had no incentive to tell me this, was just astronomically low!

I decided to entertain the belief that this was in fact, a higher intelligence giving me a kind of encouraging nudge! It felt loving, it felt kind and to be honest it made me feel wonderful.

It got me to thinking that if the universe can talk to me, maybe I can talk back! But how? How can I speak to something I don’t have the capacity to understand?..

Then it hit me.

My theory of communication with the universe draws from something I’ve heard in the Bible. To paraphrase, what I remember is that the lord God desires a relationship with you and in that religion, you would achieve this by praying regularly and living lawfully according to his commandments. You talk and you listen.

So if we remove the word God, remove religion too, what we may have here is an existence where the higher power sees, hears and knows us without us having to do anything, it’s listening to us whether know or not, to some degree at least... and given my experience with the elderly lady, I would postulate that the higher power has the ability to TALK to us also... this experience got me could have been it showing me one of the many ways it can talk.

A manifestation of itself as a human perhaps?

So, it’s doing its part. How then do we talk and listen back? How do we do our part?

We develop a relationship with it like we would anyone else.

I don’t personally believe we must use any form of spoken language or written word to communicate. I believe it knows what’s in our hearts before we ever say a word. The key may be that we only need to strengthen our connection with it so that we can hear one another more clearly.

To develop this very special and unique relationship, in my opinion, we simply need to spend time with it... but in a way it understands and by which we can begin to understand it... I’ll explain how here in just a moment.

At the time of my elderly lady experience I was regularly meditating. I would sit there for an hour most days, on other days more, just being with nature and myself. Observing, become hyper aware of what I saw, what I heard, what I smelled and felt.

I was open to receive. My connection ready to be improved.

Our relationships can only prosper if we truly let that person in. If we fully receive them with open hearts and over time, get to know them better than anyone, like they do with us. The same might apply to our relationship with higher power.

If the universe is already making attempts to talk to us, can we be expected to “see” its attempts or “hear” its messages if we don’t know it well enough to “read” its language?

Would you know the love language of a partner you’d just met? Me neither. You must spend time with one another to develop that kind of chemistry and knowledge.

So when we spend time in meditation, in nature, it serves as spending time with our higher power. We’re listening to it, appreciating it, loving it... with no other motive or distraction than to just be there with it and ourselves.

We must become sensitive to its language to develop our relationship with it. It whispers, it does not often shout. Over time, I believe taking part in this practice helps us become closer to that which we long to know and understand.

This is how the Connection is established and improved in my opinion. However....

When I’ve neglected my meditation or time in nature, when I’ve slacked on my spiritual reading, I’ve experienced less often the wonders of the kind I wrote about earlier.

Like any other relationship, neglect is a killer.

It may very well be the reason many of us don’t get some of what we ask it for? Why we receive no guidance in times where it’s really needed.

Don’t get me wrong...I doubt the universe is petty and transactional in its dealings with us. I don’t propose that if we ignore it, it ignores us right back, like some kind of 6-year-old child.

I think instead that when we don’t give our efforts and time to cultivating that bond, the connection is weakened. We know less of its presence and it knows less of what we want and need beyond the basics. Perhaps even less than that?

So therefore, it can’t help and guide us like we so often wish it would. If the WiFi connection sucks, you ain’t getting your downloads.

How many one-sided relationships do you know that benefit both parties? Yeah me neither. You’ve got to give before you receive sometimes.

In that case then, it may be a good idea to reinvest in our relationship with the higher powers out there and perhaps; if my theory holds any merit, you will experience an improved relationship with your higher power by doing so and receive more of the wonderfully magic moments and benefits it seems capable to provide.

Begin meditating, start spending honest time in the world around you, noticing it, seeing what it’s doing where otherwise you would have missed such things.

If we live in a world where a higher power exists, then surely it exists in all things created by it; like we share genes with children, it must be in all of us and everything else to some degree.

So when you’re out there meditating and creating your bond with an open heart, you might just catch that whisper you need, or see your elderly lady comin' at you.

Be open.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article was food for thought. It is simply an opinion, a theory I’ve been contemplating for a while.

What do you think? Have you had these experiences? Do you think developing a relationship with a higher power is possible? Have you had any success relative to what I’ve shared here today? Please feel free to comment!


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