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How Venus Retrograde 2018 Will Affect Your Sign

On October 5, Venus will station retrograde in Scorpio before transiting back into Libra where it will go direct on November 16. Here's what that means for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 6 years ago 18 min read

On October 5, Venus will station retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio before traveling back to 25 degrees Libra on November 16. Here's what it means for your sign.

If you'd like to know more about what Venus in Retrograde means and/or more about what the 2018 Venus in Retrograde period means in general, click here.

Note: I strongly suggest looking at the horoscope for your Ascendant or Rising Sign before you look at the horoscope for your Sun. Because these horoscopes are based on the position of the 12 houses in your birth chart, I feel like Rising Sign horoscopes are a lot more accurate. If you don't know your Rising Sign, click here to generate a birth chart. This does require a known birth time. If you'd like to know more about what your Ascendant means, click here.


Venus is going to be transiting through your 8th house, the house of sex, death, and taxes or other people’s money. Expect a doubly intense time. Usually the “death” this house speaks of is metaphorical. Perhaps, this month, you will learn to “kill,” off parts of yourself that don’t align with what you want and prevent you from having successful and/or happy relationships. Expect old partners to come back from the grave, either in the form of memories or the physical. Now is a good time to reflect on any patterns you may find. Do you keep going back to people who use and abuse you? Could you, accidentally, be abusing them? Are you constantly attracted to people who are unavailable? Do you have a habit of pushing people away? It’s also a good time to heal if you have any trauma or insecurities around areas of sexuality. In general, now is a good time to go into therapy. Now is a good time for healing. Journal, meditate, do some yoga, make some art, anything that encourages healing.

Since the 8th house is the house of “taxes,” “other people’s money” I want to say that old money may be returned to you. Maybe money you lended to someone a long time ago is finally being given back to you.

I don’t want to scare you, but I often see the 8th house pop up in break up charts so it is possible you might break up with someone or someone may break up with you. I think it is unlikely, however, since before going direct, Venus will transit back into your 7th house in Libra, the house of relationships. I think most break ups that happen during this period will probably be temporary, unless these relationships weren’t serving your highest good or else you learned what you needed to learn from it and paid off all karmic debts. What’s more likely, I think, is that you’ll be FEARING a break up. Scorpio rules the 8th house and is associated with possessiveness. Either, you’re anxious and fearful your partner is going to break up with you or you, yourself, are considering breaking up with them... possibly due to fears and insecurities. Now is a time of rethinking and reflecting on all your relationships and that often takes the form of doubts.


Venus is quite at home in its 7th house, the house of relationships and marriage. I feel like everything written in my general Venus in Retrograde article would fit under this banner: partnerships going haywire, exes coming back, doubts about whether or not your current relationship is actually working. Taurus is a stubborn sign, a sign that is very resistant to change, so I would say for you issues of jealousy or possessiveness might be big during this transit, as you may fear the threat of your partner leaving or cheating on you. Memories of situations where you've been left or cheated on by an ex may arise to the surface of your consciousness.

If you're someone who tries to control the situation due to fear and insecurity (and many Taurean's are control freaks, whether they'd like to admit it or not... I say this as someone with a Taurus Moon), it's time to learn your lesson to accept that there are some things you cannot control. You can't control a person, for example. You may argue that yes, you can, the media controls our minds all the time. Sure, I guess, but that's not really love. Any kind of controlling behavior in relationships will not be tolerated. This refers to crushes as well. If you're anxious and insecure that this person you like hasn't texted you back, chances are they won't during this time, because the bad vibes you're sending out into the universe are preventing you from getting what you want. This is time to learn that you just need to accept, have faith in the universe & it will be more likely to come to you. This is time for you to learn the lesson to have faith in your partner because true love is not about possession but acceptance. You can't treat a human being like an object or else it will only backfire on you.

It's also possible that, stubborn that you are, you may be holding on to a relationship that no longer serves you. Maybe it's an ex that you've yet to get over, maybe it's a relationship that you know is toxic but you stay in it due to security reasons. Whatever it is, as Taurus fears change, I see any possible shake-up as having a profound effect on you. The possibility that you could be hung up on an ex or a person from your past that broke your heart quite a while ago sticks out clearly in my mind. I see this transit as a lesson on letting go. Possibly a lesson of forgiveness, a lesson of releasing anything that no longer serves you.

I think when Venus enters Libra, which is in your 6th house of health, if you've learned your lesson, you will turn out a much healthier person. If not, however, you may end up just repeating the same mistakes until Venus goes direct. Either way, I think the 6th house transit is about healing any mental health difficulties or toxic patterns of behavior that affect your relationships, particularly as relating to the themes I've mentioned (control, possession, anxiety, etc.).


Venus is in your 6th house, most commonly known as the house of health. It's time to reflect on any unhealthy patterns of behaviors in relationships and if necessary, seek treatment/therapy. It's also time to reflect on any unhealthy beauty routines or diets you may be undergoing for the sake of beauty and/or health. If you're not eating healthy or exercising enough, now is a good time to start. Now is overall just a really good time to care for yourself and make sure you are living a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

In my Venus in Retrograde article, I talk a lot about power imbalances vs. equality in relationships. Since the 6th house is the house of service (and historically the house of servants and slaves) I would reflect on whether or not there are any unequal balances of power in your relationships at this time. If you feel you are giving more than you receive, now might be a good time to step away and spend some time alone. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well!

It's possible that you'll be feeling underappreciated at this time. Make sure your partners and friends are appreciating all the effort you put it into the relationship!

The 6th house is also the house of day-to-day work so its possibly that you're feeling underappreciated at work as well.

Once Venus enters your 5th house, things should be looking better. 5th house is the house of fun and creativity, joy and self-expression so finally, at least, you'll get a little bit of a break from all that hard work you've been doing. Since the 6th house is the house of health, maybe you use art as an aid in your self-care. Maybe finding a creative outlet will help you transmute any unhealthy emotions you may be feeling.

FYI I'm a Gemini Rising and this is the horoscope I'd read for myself.


Venus is in your 5th house, so expect a good time! The 5th house is home to many things including creativity (think both visual and performance art), self-expression, casual sex/dating, children and fun.

You may find yourself rushing headfirst way too quickly in a new love affair, or maybe you’ll find yourself crushing on people you can’t have.

Past flings may come back wanting more fun. It’s up to you to say “yes” or “no.”

Or it's possible that a recent love interest, a fling, that you were excited about possibly something more with, suddenly goes ghost on you or tells you that they're not ready for a relationship.

Or it's possible that if someone's only using you for "fun," and casual sex, that you may set some boundaries and leave because you don't want to be played.

Now may also be a good time to return to past creative projects that you’ve since abandoned. If you’re a writer, for example, it may be good to look back on some old writing you did when you were young, revise it and make something new or even better out of it, or say, a novel you were working on until you got writer’s block; maybe now you could return to the novel with some fresh ideas. Creative writing is just one example.

If you’re a visual artist, it might also affect your aesthetics, since Venus is the planet of beauty giving you a more non-traditional perspective on art.

After that, Venus will enter your 4th house, the house of home and family. If before you felt like you were being used for fun and not really getting what you want, now is the time you may meet someone who wants to start a more serious relationship with you, or another possibility is that you'll be hearing from estranged family members you haven't spoken to in ages, particularly children since Venus also transited through your 5th house.


This October, Venus will be retrograding through your 4th house, the house of home & family.

This is a time when you'll be asking yourself the question, "What is home? Where do I belong?" Home isn't just a dwelling place, but it's where you feel comfortable. Home can be a person. You may be reexamining ideas about what family really means to you.

Fears of abandonment may come up for you during this time. Perhaps, at this time, you'll face situations that trigger this fear. Now may be a good time to enter counseling or therapy to discuss these issues. It would also be a good time to heal from any relationship or familial trauma.

A lot of times, we repeat familial patterns in our own relationships. Freudians have long been saying that girls marry guys who remind us of our fathers and guys marry girls that remind them of their mothers. I guess this is based on the assumption that we all wanted to be mothered or fathered by our partners. Regardless of how true that is, with Venus retrograding through your 4th house, it's something to consider. And even if your partner is the polar opposite of your parents, it's a good time to examine how the dynamics we've learned from our parents may have influenced our own relational habits.

Since the 4th house is the home, I feel like this could also be a time of reexamining any ideas you've had about marriage or co-habitation with a partner. If you've been previously been against the idea, at this time, you may change your mind. It's also possible you'll experience a whirlwind romance and co-habitate with each other just a little too fast!

Since Venus rules aesthetics and beauty, you may be in the mood to redecorate your house or do some cleaning.

It could also be that family members you've previously been estranged from come back for some closure. It's up to you whether or not you want to accept them back into your life.

When Venus goes back into Libra, it will be transiting your 3rd house, emphasizing communication issues with your family members and partners. Again, I would reflect on anything in our communication style that may have been inherited by our parents. Overall, it's a time of learning better ways to communicate with those we're most close to.


Venus is in your 3rd house. 3rd house is ruled by Mercury, just like you are, so expect this transit to revolve around Mercurial themes: communication, transportation, etc.

There could be communication issues in your relationships at this time. It's best to take extra care to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication with your partner (or crush, date, etc.) Maybe one person (you or your partner) is afraid of confrontation and has trouble saying how they really feel (Venus is about harmony), maybe one person is very assertive but doesn't let the other get a word in edgewise. There could be an imbalance in the way you communicate or it could be something else. Wrong choice of words, bad timing, who knows, but it's best to make sure that you are being as honest as you can while still being considerate of how the other person feels. It's best to try to be as clear as possible about what you actually mean and what you're actually trying to say so the other person doesn't jump to any conclusions and misunderstand. It's also best to empathize with the other person, in the sense of being open and understanding of what they have to say, instead of judging or making any unwarranted assumptions. You'll learn during this transit that good communication is the most important part of any relationship, romantic or otherwise.

Or perhaps, you just feel like withdrawing from the world in general. You may be in the mood to retreat from the world, only speaking to a select few friends or family members, if anyone at all.

3rd house is also said to represent siblings and neighbors, aunts and uncles. I would group "roommates," under this category too if you have them. So there may be an issue with them. Maybe they'll come to you for love or beauty advice. If you're estranged from your siblings, or just don't talk to them as much as you would like, now would be a good time to reach out and heal any differences, or just reconnect and catch up on each other's lives if there weren't any problems to begin with.


Venus is in your 2nd house which rules over money, possessions, and finances. I know you feel you can't help it sometimes, but avoid spending money on useless things for it will only wind up hurting you financially. Or, here's an idea: avoid buying things for the pure aesthetics of it. It's usefulness may be next to none. This applies to relationships as well. Don't judge a book by its cover!

Avoid any arguments with your partner over money and I would also suggest avoiding any possessiveness in your relationship. Since the 2nd house rules over 'values' as well, there could also be arguments or some confusion on your end on what you actually value in a relationship.

If you had any self-esteem issues prior to this transit, you may be receiving a boost of confidence once Venus enters your 1st house. I would just avoid being over-confident and potentially hurting yourself in the process...then, again, that isn't what most Libras need to hear! Most of us need to be more confident! If you've been avoiding dating, now might be a good time to start again but wait until Venus goes direct. Now might be a good time to focus on the qualities in yourself that you would like to bring into a relationship. If you're lacking in confidence, and it's affecting your ability to find partnerships, now might make a good time to make a list of all the amazing qualities you have to offer to a partner. This will help you a lot. On the other hand, if your lack of confidence is attracting partners that are no good for you, or if you're staying in a relationship out of loneliness, now is the time to step up and own your power, speak how you really feel and leave them if need be. Definitely for you, Libra.


Ooh, Scorpio! This is your month! Venus is transiting through your 1st house. Since the Ascendant and Venus both have something to do with appearances, I would recommend avoiding any drastic changes to the way you look. This includes plastic surgery, tattooing, hair-dying etc, because it may not turn out the way you expect it.

It's also possible that you'll be experiencing a romance-related identity crisis. When Venus goes into your 12th house of seclusion, you may have a good opportunity to think about it and maybe seek some spiritual guidance if you feel you need it.

Since Venus is in the house of self, I would avoid rushing into any relationship for selfish reasons. When Venus goes into the 12th house, you may find out that this isn't the person you thought they were, that it was all a projection you made up in your head for your own purposes. Avoid falling in love with the idea of love, while Venus is in the 12th house (and the 1st house as well) as the person you thought you loved might not be who you thought they were.

On the other hand, just as I said for Libra, if you're lacking in confidence, if this is having a negative effect on your love life and your ability to find partners, Venus's transit through the 1st house may be a good time to focus and reflect on all the good qualities you have to bring into a relationship. Maybe make a list of all the amazing things you have to offer. Or if a lack of confidence is attracting partners who hurt you, now would be a good time to stand up and own your power.


This year's Venus in Retrograde falls under your 12th house, the house of hidden enemies. Truth seeker that you are, you may become angry when you figure out some secrets a partner's been hiding, or when you find out that a third party is trying to come in between you and your love interest, or when you find out that person behind the computer screen isn't who you think they are.

Or, maybe it's something less nefarious. I know you Sagittarians like to keep things positive & I agree. To be honest with you, I'm writing down whatever pops first into my mind, and another possibility that came to me is that you will be seeking a period of solitude, for the 12th house is the house of isolation but also spiritual quests. Perhaps, you'll be taking a break from dating for a while to focus on yourself and your own inner journey. Perhaps this period will help you figure out anything in your love life that confuses you.

Another possibility is that someone from a past life will come back to teach you a lesson. Both the 12th house and retrograde periods are very karmic. This could be a soulmate.

When Venus goes back into Libra, it will enter your 11th house. If Venus's transit through Scorpio has damaged your life in anyway, some time with friends will help get you out of whatever funk you're in! And who knows? Maybe your friends will introduce you to a new cutie, or you'll meet someone at a party that takes your worries away. You're finally ready to socialize again. Expect to hear from old friends.


This October, Venus will be travelling through your 11th house, the house of friends and social networks. Expect to hear from old friends and acquaintances, maybe ones who you haven't spoken to in years! If any friendships ended badly, now is a good time to seek closure, or maybe an old friend will reach out to you, trying to mend things. In that case, try not too judge too harshly. Try to understand where they're coming from, this could be a meaningful friendship.

It's also possible that an old friend with benefits will come back looking for some more action. Use your judgement wisely.

Or maybe, a friend will confess to having a crush you, a revelation you find shocking and possibly disruptive to everything you thought you knew.

In November, Venus will enter your 10th house, which your sign rules. Perhaps through friends you'll find an amazing job opportunity you didn't expect, or else, maybe an old friend will spread gossip about you putting your reputation in danger. On the bright side, you may just be hearing from an old co-worker, or a company that previously rejected you may invite you back for an interview.


Venus is transiting through your 10th house. Avoid using sex as a means of climbing up the corporate ladder. When Venus is in the powerful, seductive, sign of Scorpio, it may be tempting but it will only hurt you (and your career) later on and as a socially minded Aquarian, it may even hurt your self-esteem! On the other hand, perhaps, you'll be receiving unwanted attention from a boss or co-worker.

On another note, you may be rethinking your choice of career, and may have the inspiration to do something more Venus-related. I would avoid any major commitments at this time but this might be a good time to think and plan about it. On a positive note, you might be finally hearing back from a job you had thought you were rejected from, or maybe a job you had previously been rejected from might decide you're the right fit after all.


Expect this transit to take you a spiritual journey, dear Pisces! Pisces, traditionally ruled but Jupiter is often said to be the most spiritual sign (though I personally think all signs serve a spiritual purpose) and the 9th house, associated with philosophy, ethics and religion, also ruled by a Jupiterian sign (Sagittarius) is said to be the “house of God.” Religious and spiritual matters may be a big concern for you this month. You may have an awakening or a change in beliefs. In terms of relationships, you could be meeting someone who feels like a soul mate.

Or, if we want to talk strictly about relationship matters, since this is Venus, you could find yourself in some sort of ethical dilemma. Some examples of what I mean by this are listed in my article, a Taste of Temptation, a Test of Trust. Or maybe something else is going on. The 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius, a freedom-loving sign, and Pisces are often said to be escapists so it could just be that you’re craving more freedom in relationships. This doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic relationships but whatever situation you’re in, friendships, family, etc. Maybe you’re seeking something beyond what you have and it’s causing you more internal turmoil that you anticipated.

The 9th house also rules travel (long journeys) and higher education so your travel and education plans could change at this time, or maybe you’ll meet a soulmate overseas or at school. If you’re in a relationship, or potential partnership, with a person from a different culture, cultural differences and miscommunications may cause problems at this time, or perhaps, distance is literally keeping you apart (i.e. your visa expired and you have to return back to your native country) or else familial differences (i.e. family doesn’t approve of you you dating someone from a different religious and/or cultural background).

Since Venus also rules finances, it could also be that you wind up spending too much money on travel or school and find yourself in debt. In some ways, I think this interpretation is most likely since when it enters Libra, Venus will be transiting through your 8th house, which is associated with taxes and other people’s money.

If your experience through Scorpios transit was something more spiritual, you could be finding yourself going through a transformative experience, a rebirth. If it was more relationship-orientated, you could find yourself in a very intense, rejuvenating, and passionate relationship or situation. I’m not so sure I believe in this but think “Twin Flames” or soul mate relationships.


Please take this with a grain of salt. I wrote it for fun. I don't want someone reading this to think, "OMG!!! MY BOYFRIEND IS BREAKING UP WITH ME!! MY HOROSCOPE SAID SO!!" No, these horoscopes are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. They're open to interpretation. These things are only good to keep in mind SO that we can rule our stars & prevent it from happening. A wise person rules their stars. They do not let their stars rule them.


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