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How Kinetic Abilities Are Really Supposed to Work (Telekinesis and More)

by Leliel - Authentikei 3 years ago in fact or fiction

The Llewellyn's View of Psychokinesis and the Like Discussed

The mind and body are constantly communicating. We don’t think about how natural it is until we try out our mental energy on something that isn’t inherently natural to us, but some people have tried and supposedly succeeded in making the inanimate animated without physical strength. Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is described as, “…The ability to mentally influence objects or conditions in the absence of intervening physical energy or intermediary instrumentation,” (Weschcke and Slate 2016). Basically, mind over matter.

When we wonder about the possibilities of telekinesis and other kinetic abilities, we assume it requires concentration, hours of meditation, clearing your mind, and the like for it to actually work. Many deem it as fake under the assumption that if they can’t do it, then it’s just not meant for them and they leave the magical abilities to the gifted people. Our brains are sending signals to the body all the time; you could consider that a transfer of energy. Mental energy becoming physical energy. So how do we make mental energy perform a physical act? Studies at Athens State University claim to have made this happen.

I did everything within my power to see if I could find where the PK experiments from Athens State University were recorded and published, but it seems the findings aren’t in any of the academic journal databases I have access to. The host of the experiments, Joe H. Slate, Ph.D, described the results in a number of his books. I’m quoting from The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment:

Among the studies was an experiment in which a group of ten volunteer subjects was instructed to induce movement in a pendulum suspended under a bell jar. With the bell jar and its suspended glass pendulum situated on a table before the group, the group was instructed simply to gaze at the pendulum in an effort to bring it into motion. Within moments, the pendulum began a slow turning movement, followed by a swinging motion that increased until the pendulum struck the sides of the bell jar. The students were then instructed to bring the pendulum to rest and, again within moments, the pendulum returned to its slow turning movement and then complete rest,” (Weschcke and Slate 2016).

Take it as fact or fiction if you want, but I want to emphasize on what the fundamentals of telekinesis or any kind of kinesis are for it to be functional, because this group had to have been on the same page and had to have genuinely believed in their kinetic potential. Kinetic abilities aren’t just induced through focus; they’re also induced through belief. You can take that concept and apply it to almost any action. If you believe you’re going to graduate from school, get that job, increase your salary, and live the American dream, you are going to do things to make those beliefs into a reality. If your friends and family are watching you perform and they believe you’ll do a fantastic job along with you believing in yourself, you’ll do what you can to make that performance your best. Just “believing” or “thinking positively” is only half of the process and genuine belief itself is not that simple.

Jean Grey (X-Men)

How many of us have grown up believing that magic and super powers are strictly fiction and should be kept in that category? I grew up with X-Men and Teen Titans. My favorites were Jean Grey and Raven, the telekinetic ones. When you’re a kid, you can’t help but wonder if it’s possible. You can’t help but point your hand at an object and try. Nothing happens. Why? Because it happened in a cartoon, not reality. In a way, younger me did bring that belief to reality; it only happens in cartoons and I’m not a cartoon so it couldn’t happen to me. I know others would argue, “Well, that’s already reality. We aren’t capable of doing that, period,” but if that were true, why are there people still trying to bring kinetic abilities into their own lives? Why have we been trying for hundreds of years?

Raven (Teen Titans)

If some of us are still holding onto the belief, then we might as well break down what the act requires and perhaps someone will become the next Jean Grey or Raven. This break down is once again from The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment:

  • The Alert Stage: To awaken PK potential, your mind must do three things—have a clear plan, envision the plan and the results you want, and a firm, positive belief of successful results. You really have to bring yourself to a place of true belief, otherwise it decreases your success, like every other skill. This is probably where all the meditation and “clearing of the mind” advice comes from, but I think everyone gets to this point in their own way.
  • Centering Stage: Once the plan is set and firmly believed in, the PK energy can be generated. It begins as an image in the mind that matches the plan, like glowing energy enveloping the object.
  • Focusing Stage: When one is centered, they can then focus. The book states that the mind is “cleared,” but it encourages the person to pinpoint their energies at the target. No distractions or trailing thoughts. All MENTAL energy is aimed at that item.
  • Releasing stage: The mind releases those energies. The energy travels from the mind to the object. The release is triggered by word or action. Thus, magic words. It’s recommended that one-word statements are best for this stage.

I also want to mention that the Llewellyn view of PK isn’t based on the nerdy desire to have superpowers, like me. Weschcke and Slate observed how the use of kinetic abilities could be a form of holistic health. Their Wellness Activation Program, also from Athens State University, was designed, “to promote a mental and physical state conducive to wellness. Its central focus is the activation of the PK potential to infuse the body with wellness energy,” (2016). Wellness energy? That would be considered as the optimistic and empowering mindset that helps one feel better. Many of us have seen and unfortunately have experienced how emotions can be toxic too us and how those emotions can bring physical consequences. Did you feel heat the last time you were angry? How did your body feel the last time you were stressed? What does sadness do to you? To me, it makes sense to think that, “if disempowering mental factors—stress, conflict, fear, inferiority, and inadequacy feelings…—can contribute to the initiation of exacerbation of illness, it would follow that the alleviation of negative stress and disempowering mental states could promote tissue repair and normal physiological functioning,” (Weschcke and Slate 2016). With that, I want to bring back my question from earlier; how do we make mental energy perform a physical act? Perhaps we’re already doing it. Again, let me say that I’m not promoting that positive thinking will keep us healthy forever. There are uncontrollable factors in our lives that can decrease our health and usually our bodies do our best to inform us, but please trust in modern medicine, holistic health, and other appropriate means of healing yourself.

If you’re enthusiastic about developing kinetic abilities for yourself, but you want to do something beyond lifting objects, here are a list of other kinetic abilities I loved to research as a kid:

  • Hydrokinesis – kinetic ability over water
  • Pyrokinesis – kinetic ability over fire
  • Geokinesis – kinetic ability over earth
  • Aerokinesis – kinetic ability over air
  • Cryokinesis – kinetic ability over ice/temperature
  • Photokinesis – kinetic ability over light (if you ever learn this one, tell me about it because photons are weird!)
  • Magnokinesis – kinetic ability over magnetic energy
  • Gyrokinesis – kinetic ability over gravitational energy (similar to telekinesis, but I believe it focuses on gravitational pull on an object rather than the object)
  • Chronokinesis – kinetic ability over time
  • Electrokinesis – kinetic ability over electricity

Thanks for reading!

Be careful, believe if you feel led to, and don’t stress yourself out. If you find psychic abilities interesting and wonder if it works similar to how your favorite shows portray it, read my article here on psychic abilities. I find the exploration of kinetic abilities and other paranormal phenomena to be incredibly interesting and would love to hear from you if you feel the same. Please message me @Authentikei on Twitter if you’ve tried this yourself. I promise I won’t laugh at you. Thanks for reading!

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