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Just Some Mindwanderings On The Bane Of Vocal Creators Lives

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
An AI Nightcafe Creation By The Author


It's eleven thirty post meridian in Newcastle upon Tyne and maybe I should be going to bed but in half an hour I can do my next Wordle play and share it with my friends, but I am just going to put some unresearched (apart from my own actual experience) thoughts on how we are affected by the growing spectre and bogeyman that goes by the name of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Someone recently told me there is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence, it is just a name that is hung on software that can seemingly emulate what humans do.

To AI or Not To AI

I will be honest I use "AI" to generate my Vocal artwork, but often the pictures have a fault, eyes, fingers, toes and limbs are all areas where the art falls down. Sometimes the generated artwork bears no relation to the prompt.


This is a great picture for Stormzy but look at the left hand, so I wasn't able to use this, though after a little jiggery pokery I finally created a reasonable image.

Rose Of The Sea

The text prompt for this was "Rose of the Sea" but while this a good landscape it has no relation to the prompt. Do you still think that the AI is actually intelligent? It produces decent results, but to get the image that I was looking for I should actually paint it myself or contact a professional artist if I can't make exactly what I require.

When it all comes down to it, computers are still just a series of binary switches, and computers are very fast at putting repetitive sequences together, but they need to be told what those sequences are. Code can be written that can help suggest the next steps, but computers are not intelligent because that would then imply sentience.

As I type this, my computer is taking instructions from me in order to write this article. If I did not put my fingers on the keyboard then this piece would not get written.

I have looked at ChaGPT and think it might help to generate technical documents, but those finalised documents will have to be meticulously checked by a human to ensure that they are definitely fit for purpose.

AI And Art

This meme perfectly sums up what computers (i.e. AI ) should really be used for. AI Art is based on existing art which is then mechanically and digitally recreated.

I do not think that my AI Art is putting any artist out of business, because if I didn't use Nightcafe, I would be looking for free content on Unsplash or Pixabay. I give my generated work away on Pixabay, so if you need an image check here.

This is one of my articles on the subject.

I do not think computer-generated fiction and poetry should be treated as anything but a passing novelty. The problems come when it is passed off as original material and then accepted by platforms such as Vocal and Medium.

I was fooled into publishing an AI-generated poem which a friend generated, but I immediately thought its sort of interesting but it feels soulless and certainly should not be considered as worthwhile art.

This is the poem so you can check for yourself.

I have also seen AI-generated comments on my stories as well, so I skim past those. If I find a new creator and am not sure of their content I do check their work with the Copleaks AI Content Detector.


I do see AI as a potential threat to my creativity, but I believe that will find a way to put that somewhere that allows us to create as true artists.

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  • Rachel Deeming7 months ago

    AI. Annoying intrusion. Another technological innovation that makes us complacent. Why think when something else can do it for you? Easier, quicker, less hassle. That's what us humans seem to be all about. I like my intelligence and will be using to its full extent into the foreseeable future. But if I could have a robot butler, that would be great.

  • Hannah Moore7 months ago

    I really haven't spotted any, which I suspect speaks to my spotting abilities. I probably just figure the writer is not that developed yet! There are things AI is going to make SO much better, machines process so fast with such vast quantities of data, and we humans...not so hot at that. But there are things we do better too. It's so very interesting.

  • I was initially quite good at spotting AI on Vocal but they've got so sneaky to the extent that I can't spot them anymore

  • It may not have been what you were wanting, but I do like what it came up with for "Rose of the Sea". Beyond that, I agree with SJ Sindu.

  • Mark Gagnon7 months ago

    I’ve only used AI art a couple of times. What I can’t find on unsplashed I can look up the subject on line and copy an image. I don’t want to pay a computer to make a picture for me. Thanks for giving me some options if I need them.

  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    I find AI artwork funny, lol. There’s always a third arm or a knee inside a stomach or something weird lol. Good article!

  • Suze Kay7 months ago

    What a great peek into your mind. I feel more educated and creative after that journey! I vibe with so many of your points about AI. I use midjourney for a lot of my story pictures, and I honestly love it! It's funky, it's weird, it's unpredictable, it's easy if frustrating. It's helped me learn to go with the flow creatively. I've read some pretty good AI poetry, surprisingly. The Whitney put up an exhibit of Josh Kline's called "Personal Responsibility," which looked like a bunch of tents and makeshift refugee homes in a room, each containing its own collage of art and object and video. He had the surface of his tents and shipping containers covered in writing that he generated from AI. It was actually fascinating and read like some of the best modern poetry out there. But like with generating AI images, I'm sure that had a lot more to do with his skill in prompting the algorithm to match his vision. Anyways, enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

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