For Every Human in the United States

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There is a cow unable to sustain itself.

For Every Human in the United States

I’ve come to the conclusion that climate change happens all over the planet, not just at home in the United States. The Australian Great Barrier reef is constantly affected by climate problems. The Gobi Desert in Northern China may have rare animals such as snow leopards, and Bactrian Camels, (two-humped camels), but the desert keeps growing.

It would seem that half of the Great Barrier Reef has been lost in the last 27 years because of a rise in ocean temperatures as well as emissions of carbon dioxide. Coral bleaching is when corals release the tiny animals living inside them along with the algae. Corals turn white because of stress, in actuality. Climate change is causing icebergs to melt, however, only because nobody is doing anything to address global climate change in a serious and factual manner, such as making a fleet of civilian-run boats that go around taking chunks of iceberg onto them, melting said iceberg down and desalinating the water to ship to water-parched places such as California or any other desert in the world.

Take a situation like the one in Newtok, Alaska, where permafrost is making the town sink. This town is already at sea level and what will happen when the ice starts melting? Moving Newtoks’ 350 residents to higher ground, costing $130 million. With what money, can the United States move these people to higher ground? Mumbai, India, is yet another coastal city that could deal with floods in coming years from global warming and devastating storms. The Alps faces a daily threat directly with global temperatures rising because 40% of Europe’s fresh water comes from there. Warming temperatures are also melting down glaciers in Central Asia, the Himalayas, which normally help feed China’s rivers. All these problems need to be addressed by reducing a vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions.

China has since discovered that it has lost 28,000 rivers since the 1990s. The trend is that water resources are dwindling by the day, the week, the month, and the year. Climate change is what puts the world under a considerable threat anyway. Livestock adds to the problem since we need a lot of lands to grow our beef. The Sustainability is something the entire planet needs to work on. The thing is, in the year 2015, we were making some progress in arresting the development of climate change with the U.S.-China accord and China pledging to reduce emissions by 26-28% by 2025.

Former President Barack Obama made these progressive moves, yet the current administration seeks to ignore climate change issues. We are working as a planet on lowering emissions daily. Even companies are in on it, but during Obama’s term, things were far more progressive. Back then, a 165,000-acre purchase in Washington’s Cascade Mountains and Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley, costing about $140 million to fund as a project. Back in 2015, the Colorado River reached the Mexican Gulf of California. Just a mere three years ago, we had environmentally progressive times. And now look at us, hiding out, avoiding the issue. Climate change is real, and if we do not do something about it, we will come out the losers. Rising sea levels or worse hurricanes will do damage to coastal cities. Sea levels will inundate coastal cities. Individuals and businesses can do what they feel they need to do in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It is likely that we will somewhat be able to stop climate change whether the cause is artificial or natural if we work together as a planet to do so.

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