Discovery of the Guide to the Earth Game

by Art Reichardt 10 months ago in transhumanism

Atlantean Memories: A Guide to the Earth Game for Multidimensionals

Discovery of the Guide to the Earth Game
Spirit Horse

The memories started coming and I couldn’t stop them. Gradually, over time, one might say insidiously but not in a negative way, the memories overtook me and finally they had to be expressed. It started with a vision of the Playing Cards as a system of aligning and harmonizing the modern world.

It came suddenly in a rush. I had to leave the Yogi, he was driving me batty and I needed to get back to what I perceived as sanity. As I drove the 15 hour trek from Denver to Houston and smoked away on some Marlboro Reds to stay awake, I had a clear realization that the latest system of prognostication I had come across was the world changer.

That remains to be seen, but it created a “magnificent obsession” that the multidimensional was a real context that could be intellectually explored and used as a reference point for aiding one in traversing the most difficult landscape known as “The Earth Game.”

That is what the memories consistently reminded me of, the grand vision I had while traveling with the Yogi. We had located a spot in New Mexico near the Llama Foundation where there was a natural hot spring located next to an icy river. One had to park some distance away and hike down. The spritely sixty something Yogi gleefully scampered across the rough terrain to the spot. I followed with more trepidation. I had recently been through some harrowing times and a massive shift in awareness due to major breaks in my routine of life, not the least of which had me traveling with the Yogi in the first place. That is another story and will be revealed, but back to the vision.

I located an isolated spot on the way to Los Ojos de Fuentes as the hot springs were known and sat to do some breathing and meditation, a welcome respite from continuous argumentation with the Yogi. As I meditated I felt that I was being lifted up and, upon opening my eyes I saw a pink ray all around me and I was several feet off the ground. It wasn’t like I was out of my body, I seemed to be physically up in the air in some form of tractor beam glowing pink all around. Above me blocking out the clear cerulean sky was a silvery shining object, circular with an aperture opening above me and pulling me in.

Next, I found myself in a pool of pinkish fluid. Surprisingly, I did not struggle for breath, it came naturally as though I belonged there. I felt at home. Then I envisioned some forms but could not make them out. As I stared they began shifting into familiar sights. First the Sand Madchen, a character I watched as a child in Germany before going to bed. Then a tall wizardly fellow with a staff who I believed could only be Gandalf, one of my favorite characters from a favorite book.

As I watched the figures gestured to me to look into a large screen and observe. There I saw the Pyramids of Egypt, but not in any way anyone in modern times has seen them. They were white, shining brilliantly in the Sun like un-translucent diamonds buried in the white sand and reflecting light and energy to the environment. There seemed to be shapes on the sides of the monuments that moved around the perimeter as well as up the edges and sides almost willing me to see the relationships of the structures as models of moving bodies in the sky. The shapes took form and I saw clearly each face had a different card symbol. Three enclosed circles for the Clubs, a large Heart shape, another similar shape with a small triangle I knew represented Spades and finally a Diamond.

As the lighting changed almost like the Sun going over the structure it created a shading pattern that showed the cards through the Great Pyramid. As the Sun rose in the morning there were shadows on the west side of the perfectly aligned structure and as it rose it shone so brightly that it cast a red light out around the Great Pyramid. It moved over the structure and showed in its dying wake a dark shadow that resembled the Spades. I burned the image in my mind because I knew there was a symbolic meaning.

The sun seemed to move through the sky at an increasing pace and I was able to detect angelic beings hovering around the magnificent structures as though studying the movements of the shapes. Darkness fell and then the light and now there were inhabitants around the structures and the symbol of wheat and other wondrous plants and growth as the large river swelled and then dissipated within its banks.

I perceived a shift in times and I saw there were those that were nomads and they controlled the landscape and enslaved those that had been agriculturally bound. I could tell this took many years to evolve, but gradually the original inhabitants were able to fight off the ravagers known as nomads and forced them to leave their city. They were driven to another land and as they left I saw a great body of water open and swallow them. Darkness fell again and a bright full moon filled the scene. The Great Pyramid embraced the new light and almost reached out to it.

I then awoke with Yogi shaking me on the arm with some concern, I must have really been out. The vision haunted me, I was not sure of its meaning. I was to have a further realization or memory when Yogi took me to meet the Reverend Tabooti a mage of the Card System. We entered the Reverend’s office and there were two large visuals of the Playing Cards behind his desk. One had the cards in order from Ace of Hearts to ten of Spades in a seven by seven arrangement I later learned represented the seven planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

I later learned that each of the planets had a card symbol represented by it that gave those symbols meaning. Mercury and Venus were the Heart symbols, the waxing gibbous moon or first quarter. Mars alone represented the Clubs or 2nd quarter of development like the summer months. Jupiter and Neptune represented the full moon or Diamond with all its manifestation of promise and finally Saturn and Uranus brought the waxing moon with Spade that held the promise of a new beginning from an end.

As I remembered my vision there had been planets associated with the symbols and I realized that Clubs incorporated both Mars and the Moon as timers that would show us the larger patterns. I was being asked to understand and show the world something I already knew. I had a distant realization of my Atlantean origins. That probably explained my inordinate size and stature that had always given me a kind of presence.

It all came together as I passed Colorado Springs on my mission to get home to my family and friends. As a political science student I had always pondered what the perfect system of government might be. I realized that it could be possible through a code, such as the one I had found to understand our innate energetic relationships to others, as well as an energetic chart that extended in time to both the future and the past.

I had discovered a “Time Map” that could be used to orient ourselves to the present moment and aid us in mentally moving figuratively to both the future and past for the purpose of understanding our spiritual purpose and telos. If we could figuratively step outside of time, as well as look at the present moment with acceptance, we would be able to understand our role and reason for our experience. I somehow knew this was already part of my knowledge and made it my purpose from that point on to discover if this was just fanciful imagination or if I was remembering knowledge that had at one time been shared by all.

Since that time I have made the discoveries and this is the culmination of them. The Guide to the Earth Game for Multidimensionals is my gift of this knowledge to the present time. Hopefully it will allow human kind to rediscover their cultural heritage of spiritual origins that are beyond the physical realm.

The Guide to the Earth Game for Multidimensionals

This is what I have been told to express to those who wish to know. We enter the Earth Game as willing participants from the multidimensional. From this level we would consider it our soul or “Higher Self,” even our Angelic self. When we enter we are warned, we will not remember that we are of the Higher dimension. There will be an illusion that we are only physical beings and that we cannot move beyond the physical except in some form of spaceship traveling to the stars. We can, in fact, do all of that from our imagination. We can move beyond physical space and time when we realize that we are multidimensional and attempt to find that perspective within us.

The truth is that we chose our personality as energy potential before we come into the Earth Game. We choose the time period, the culture, the parents or lack thereof and all aspects of how we will choose to play the game including any handicaps we may begin with or develop in the game. The truth is that we are not that character or avatar that we have created, we are the soul or Higher awareness of that character. If or when we become attuned to that Higher self in whatever way we are able to we will then be able to objectively and reflectively see our experience for what it is and naturally become much better players of the Game.

You see the person who said: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” understood that the temporal aspects that make us react in the moment or build up useless programs to try to insulate us from experience that make us react, it is what the intent of your Higher awareness is in every action and experience that makes the game fulfilling.

There are players that will play the game and never have an inkling of this concept until they pass to the other side, out of the game. When they do they will instantly gain the perspective of the multidimensional and will probably regret the missed opportunities to play the game at the Highest level. Luckily for us the players playing around the time of the creation of the Bible understood and included this knowledge in the New Testament, particularly in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus is in fact a perfect model of the 5th Dimensional pro-spective or multidimensional context. He is the model of reflective theory and espoused such knowledge as would let one understand it. Reflective theory is basically the way the Earth Game works. We enter as an energetic potential into a software programmed game. We immediately begin reflecting off the software in the form of our immediate environment: the culture and family we join on entering the game.

Since we have only just entered, we have no formed personality other than the gleamings we have as a fetus within the womb. When separated from our mother we begin to form our personality as a reflection of the “software” environment of the game. We have already chosen the moment to enter that will give us the energetic pattern as shown through the planetary alignment and place on Earth that we are born into as well as the general time period. These are all elements we have chosen.

Upon entering the game, we feel immediately that we have been separated. This is the “one” of the Enneagram or the “separated self.” All humans become separated at the time of birth and must transition to become an individual or separated self. This feels unconsciously like an abandonment, which can be exacerbated if we do not enter a loving or at least structurally sound environment. We immediately begin our transition by forming our own personality with or without help from our reflections. If we have a loving and safe environment, then we begin to take on the programs of that nature, if it is more cold or unsafe then we take those programs on.

Reflective theory means that if we understand our environment as software generated as a game and that we originate as energy from the Higher invoked through the original programs of our genetics and environment, we can learn to allow that software to guide us in our ability to increase the channeling of the Higher energy. If we get really skilled in our development we can learn to consciously channel that energy to shift the software of the game to a Higher perspective and thus experience and do it consciously.

As our personality (the four of the Enneagram or the personality) which is the intellectual of the physical center develops, we are faced with built in conflicts as per the “Game” that will lead us to our emotional aspect of the physical (the two of the Enneagram or the emotional of the physical center). These are the natural conflicts we face in our growth toward individualism that occur in adolescence and early adulthood. These conflicts are set up to take us to our transcendent self (eight of the Enneagram or spiritual purpose, the emotional level of the intellectual center) so that we can understand what our life is to be about.

At this point, if there is no awareness of the multidimensional self because we believe our experience to be limited to a physical being, we are directed back to the one or separated self and the program that created the conflict or helped us to escape it is ingrained as part of the personality. We begin to believe that we are only the “abandoned self” or the ego a further developed coping techniques or programs that become a part of our personality.

Hopefully, at some point as happened to me, one of the conflicts will create a big enough break so that one does not seek to change image or ego by invoking unsuccessful programs of conflict and learn to seek that Higher part of themselves that will allow one to work towards conscious channeling of Higher energy to one’s environment. We begin to learn how to play the game if we come to these understandings because we no longer look outside of ourselves for the solution. Instead we look within and match our inner development to our outer understanding of the energetic map as formed by our pattern in time so that we can learn to enhance experience as opposed to blocking it.

This process takes study, but more importantly one must understand the Higher contextuality of the multidimensional through time and space as our origin. In this way one can begin to realize that all that is experienced is but a reflection of our channeling to the environment of our experience and how we deal with the shadows or unconscious manifestations that occur from the distorted channeling of energy through unconscious programs we feel are the successful way of dealing with life.

If we truly understand that our character is but an Avatar then we can look within and to the prognostication systems to help us understand what the conflicts we are dealing with in life mean, as far as our development and instruction as to “how to play the game.”

We are talking about the purification of intent or original intent. By inner study and an awareness of the “time map” we can begin to see how to use the conflictual experiences as the windows of clearing shadows with the conscious focus and channeling of the light through visualization and prayer in very specific instances.

Art Reichardt
Art Reichardt
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