Duck Rogers Adventures in the Third Dimension

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Duck Rogers Adventures in the Third Dimension

A chaotic situation exists for the Fifth Level or dimension and that’s not natural, though it can be fun or disconcerting depending on the bent of the entity involved. This type of situation illustrated that there was no real need for the simulators after all. Or perhaps the Fifth Level beings were just stuck in some Sixth Level simulator and this was their challenge to move to the next level. The beings of the Fifth Level have created several simulators to enhance inner connection or the only means they are aware of for advancing to the Sixth Level of awareness. Although oneness is a natural process at the Fifth Level, manifest difficulties occur because there is not enough contrast at that level to clarify the higher-potential inner connection that will be the gateway of the natural telos. Therefore the Fifth Level (FL) inhabitants created several simulators to give those at the FL practice at greater connective integration or oneness through the theory of the Light Orientation of Velocity Evolution, or LOVE. These simulators have various levels of difficulty depending on the degree of disconnection or inner contradiction the Fifth Level being has. The administrators of the FL have discovered a problem with one of their simulators, The Earth Game, which was originally programmed to be a mild, creative experience that would enhance FL being in a natural and pleasant way.

It seems some of the most incorrigible FL beings who don’t like the Fifth Level because of its innate equanimity and are not interested in reaching higher levels of integration have formed a group called the Aryan Revolutionary Satiation Evolutionists (A.R.S.E.) and have escaped into the Earth Game. They are reprogramming it for their own purpose: inconspicuous consumption of a distractive nature based on fear motivation. The Aryan Revolutionary Satiation Evolutionists are a Fifth Level cult based on separatism and individualism on the Fifth Level even though that is not really possible, only an illusion. Therefore, the Earth Game simulator provided the perfect host for their separatist perversion.

The rationalization of these rebels is that they are based in “holiness” because you have to experience being separate to really feel like a “(w)hole” (metaphorical jest). The A.R.S.E. of Hole-iness or A of H became enamored with the illusionary sensory data that emits or is “time” oriented and translates as movement or moments in the phive or phi scale that the program for the Earth Game simulator is set on. Their preponderance for separation has lead them to have the unfortunate acronym of the A.R.S.E of Holiness at the FL a moniker the group liked so much that they introduced it themselves when they escaped into the Earth Game. Since their escape into the Earth Game they have developed an elite group of Assassins known as the NOSaWS. The AHA NOSaWS were created for the express purpose of keeping anyone from opening up the Earth Game in such a manner that their organization might be extracted and sent to where they really should be.

The A.R.S.E of Holiness were meant to have this “sinful” attitude rehabilitated in the Healing Evocation of Love and Light simulator that has built in safeguards to interior programming. In other words, once in H.E.L.L., there was no hacking yourself out. The H.E.L.L. simulator is designed to provide the extreme experience of individualism or a steady course of fear, loneliness, jealousy, pride, denial, wrath and sloth. Once caught by these distractive elements it is easy to believe the idea that the metaphysical Essence or Source does not exist.

Such a belief leads one to take the simulator creating the illusion of the Fourth Level temporarily as a permanent reality. The Fourth Level perception of time literally becomes the Fifth Level participant’s reality. This simulator is designed to cause the FL being to give up any idea of separateness by being immersed totally in the extreme illusionary pain that results from the experience. To the participant in the simulator, it seems an eternity but eventually they emerge purged of any desire for the illusory pleasure that exists at the sensory level and is the culprit of desire. Should they continue to resist and persist in such individualistic rationalization, they are eventually recycled as pure energy to emerge in the lower levels of consciousness for the long road back up. Having passed through this process of reaching the lowest potential for awareness one can, however, still reach the Highest levels and understand the Uroboros of Reality in its true nature.

After an illusionary “time” in the H.E.L.L. simulator with no hope for escape back to the Fifth until their sentence is up, the entity will either be dissipated and absorbed by the simulator as energy that perpetuates and enhances its source, or the “lessons” would be learned and the reintegrated one could return to enjoy their natural state of the Fifth Level in a way that would move them towards their telos and thus the Sixth Level.

Instead of this exceedingly practical corrective plan, the A.R.S.E. of Holiness is holed up in the Earth Game simulator originally meant as more of a recreational game and are turning it into their own H.E.L.L. by trapping all those who are in it except the Higher FL beings who have been sent to correct the problem. This has caused an infinite splitting of the original FL beings into soul groups that must somehow find each other and correlate their strength so that they reverse the negative programming and allow the “sinners” (A.R.S.E. of Holiness Cult through their Assassins the NOSaWS) to be extracted and placed in the real H.E.L.L. simulator that they can not control and will over saturate them with satiation until they become sick of it and are forced into integrative activity or absorbed by the oneness to be reformed at lower levels of awareness.

Many of the Higher FL beings have experienced their own “time” in the simulator trying to correct it and have been successful only in totally confusing the present state of the program (Geezas, Buddy, Mohavme, Rammer, Venusia, Aphroditias, Dyonnisia, LaySo, Hippocritius, Parcelful, Arthurius, Thoth, Hermestia, Platitudinus, Einstonia and so on are examples). They are discussing how to correct the problem that the revolutionaries have caused. There is an infinite feedback loop that keeps sending those trapped in the simulator back to it in succeeding “times” a concept known on the Fourth Level as reincarnation. The A.R.S.E. of Holiness meanwhile are quite happy with the situation since they must remain in the simulator or be sent to the much worse H.E.L.L. simulator they now teach everyone trapped in the Earth Game is the ultimate dread. Although they enjoy the fruits of their reprogramming to whatever degree it can be enjoyed in that way, they are always watching for Masters from the Fifth Level teaching about the ameliorating energy of love and the reintegration of oneness in a realm of contradiction since that counteracts their iron fist of fear consciousness. When they find, them they publicly humiliate them and discredit their magical teachings with the worst possible persecution of the Higher Fifth Level Being and all who try to follow them.

They know that the FL creators of the Earth Game Simulator cannot extract them without wiping out the whole program and destroying the wholly innocent though extremely split group souls through dissolution programs. One time release self-destruct mechanism was imputed during the Fourth Level time period known as the 1940s when Einstonia was sent to help manifest a system-destroying element known to the Fourth Level as the Atom Bomb. Another dissolution program was built into the program the last time this happened and will re-manifest itself in the time period known as December 21, 2032 with a certain alignment of the rhythm mechanism known in the Earth Game as the Solar System if the Earth’s axial alignment is not in its corrective position based on the realigning tools known to the Earth Game participants only as the Moon and the Pyramid, which was originally known as the Dia-Monde Tetrasepherothia.

The feature known as the Dia-Monde Tetrasepherothia was built during the time after the original problem with the Atlantean Ecstatic Ontological Nodule (A.E.O.N), which was the Earth Game’s first program. GrandOldDuckit, the original programmer or Magus of the system built this aspect in after it accidentally manifested as a result of improper use of the first simulator the AEON. In that instance, some of the Fifth Level beings went too far with the use of sensory input for distraction and threw the Earth Planet Axial alignment off by not intending harmony over a specified time. This caused much of the Earth Surface to be swallowed by the Oceans, a manifestation of the first idea of the subconscious swallowing the world. GrandOldDuckit, or GOD for short, fixed that program by reprogramming the Earth Game to remain at a more primitive, agrarian base where the simple pleasures of sensory input and nature would be enjoyed by those in the simulator in a natural sequence of birth, growth through creativity and conscious manifestation, decay and death. This natural cycle led to a renewal in a balanced, equanimous manner. He named that primitive program Mother Nature for the nurturing qualities it engendered in the simulator to the Fifth Level participants when they returned. (This is the cycle represented by the Oroboros.)

This lasted for thousands of years (in Fourth Level “time”) with the aid of the realigning Dia-Monde of the Tetrasepherothia with it’s perfect alignment at 23.5 degrees of the Earth’s Axial tilt, the central cyclical controlling mechanism of the entire manifestation cycle. Several Fifth Levels originally had the responsibility while in the simulator of manning the realigning Dia-Monde Tetrasepherothia, which combined the 6 and the 10 base as well as the magically mysterious irrational numbers known as Pi and Phi. The enigmatic structure created for this purpose was called the Great Pyramid (literally: fire within) by those who knew nothing of it’s buried twin and it’s internal mechanism for promoting optimum axial alignment in balance with the rest of the solar system rhythm.

This system worked very well until the incorrigible A of H escaped into the machine. Their first task was to hunt down and confuse the Fifth Level Beings who were the Guardians of the Angles. The A of H were able to annihilate some of these Fifth Level Masters while others got away and became elders at the Fifth Level. The AHA NOSaWS’ disinformation machine created the illusion that the wonderful realigning instrument known as the Pyramid was some type of tomb or burial chamber for the Fourth Level beings who think that theirs is the only reality and thus put more emphasis on the simulation than returning to essence.

But the Fifth Level administrators have one last hope for saving the system which in any case is overloading its original capacity through the unplanned for overloading of the feedback loop after it was hacked by the A of H. Originally the Reincarnant Feedback Loop or RFL would only allow for a maximum of 3 returns to the Earth Game for those who needed extra fine tuning at the Fourth Level. The return through the RFL was triggered to bring one back to the Earth Game if one ended the game or experienced “death” with any manifestation of fear and resistance. Such fear of death occurred when a participant became “captured” by the Earth Game and believed it to be “reality.” Such a state caused one to become desperate and an attempt to “survive” (an impossibility in any case when trapped within a “temporal” or time oriented 4th dimension).

The original souls playing the Earth Game became trapped when the A of H escaped into the game and hacked the Reincarnant Feedback loop so that it had unlimited feedbacks when fear existed at the end of the game. Thus, the original souls have now been split to such a degree by every trick of the programming that they tend to believe that there are indeed different from one another and even from those in their own soul group. The A of H have found every conceivable way to split the apparent population. Examples are religion, race, socio-economic status, intelligence, physical beauty, sexuality, tribalism, nationalism, political ideology and the never-ending fear created by the false attitude that there is ever any reason to strive for survival or that life in the simulator or in imaginary “time” is somehow more valuable than moving back to the Fifth Level through a reintegration in oneness.

The A of H’s favorite tool recently has been “Third Dimensional” Science or the systematic study of empirical data about the already manifested reality or the past. Such a focus confuses the leading intellectuals away from any conception of the metaphysical by making them focus solely on the past or Third Dimension. The misdirection of calling such investigation objective because it seems separate from the observer and the fact that such has become the standard for any investigation of phenomenon in the Earth Game is a dangerous combination. The Third Dimensional Perspective is predicated on trying to make static that which is dynamic. Thus it becomes confusing for Beings with Fourth Dimensional understanding or Time Awareness when they try to hold on to patterns through some type of formula or institutionalization within a process that is inherently dynamic and mutating albeit without conscious input of Fifth Level intent.

Third Dimensional Science is the new religion that hampers attempts at oneness by requiring a study of the Third Dimension or past with only sensory data or instruments that enhance such sensory data. Due to the preponderance of influence the field of Science has attained, it has claimed the Weltanschauung or “Worldview” of Fourth Level Group Consciousness just as the AHA NOSaWS intended and has led to such distractive uses of the natural as: destructive, polluting chemical use, genetic engineering and cloning. The exclusive use of this Third Dimensionally-oriented “science” has ensured that the study of phenomena, a Fourth Level attribute, is confused and becomes more important than the understanding of noumena, a Fifth Level attribute that is the true aim of what those on the Fourth Level call philosophy. In Fourth Level terms, this means the metaphysical meaning or essential cause of the Fourth Level phenomena becomes confused so that no noumena or synchronicity appears to exist, only chaos.

When the prevailing ontology persists in studying only phenomena which have already entered time or the Third Dimension in a reductionist manner it can only lead to convergent thinking. The result is a focus on the splitting of apparent externality and has had the unfortunate effect of causing an apparent population explosion since the original creativity instilled in the character of the Fourth D simulator beings has been translated mostly into the lower level of sexual interaction. If creativity is only manifested from the lower centers of the participant in the game it naturally leads to a further splitting of the original souls and thus a strengthening of the A of H position as Masters with their minions the NOSaws controlling the world resources through the strategy of fear. When the creative is not channeled into the sexual level, it is used for reactive and thus destructive purposes or to create conditioning programs that perpetuate the sorry state of affairs. Such behavioral modification schemes are currently known as mass public education.

The resulting experience of traveling many times through the feedback loop has caused these beings who were the original AHA NOSaWS to forget their origin as Fifth Level beings almost entirely, except to follow their time-worn tradition to be alert for and destroy all those who have philosophies of acceptance, love and integration to oneness. They have even been able to recruit extremely split souls as minions to serve them in their madness by making them believe in their Fourth Level personalities or egos as their true identity. Such a fixation on the Avatar or individual consciousness causes them to follow patterns of inferiority or superiority complexes that lead to competition for energy. The only true source of energy is from the Fifth Level and should be gained from the Fifth Level source essence through channeling. Instead, this individual or ego focus on the personality causes distraction away from integration and the wholeness one can achieve through equanimity, acceptance, and detachment.

The main A of H strategy of confusion within the Earth Game has always been misinformation and distraction. A sort of smoke and mirrors where one is taught to fear one’s inner perspective that is connected through the heart energy center and instead to focus on outward forms of distraction to take one’s “mind” or brain energy center off of the inner despair that is the natural consequence of such a strategy. Thus the fed back beings are programmed to believe they must survive at all costs in a place where the limited time of existence precludes this possibility. If a being reaches the end of their current “game” in the Earth Game simulator with any desire whatsoever to return to the Fourth Level or with a fear of leaving it, they automatically enter the feedback loop and return. Since the A of H enjoy enslaving the other souls, they encourage all forms of such distraction.

This strategy has led to an overloading of the system and the system is about to lose its energy to regenerate naturally. If the system loses its sustainability it will be the end of the simulator known as the Earth Game and from a Fourth Level perspective, existence. The problem is that if the game implodes from the inside out, any of the souls trapped in the game when that happens and believing it to be reality could potentially be lost and dissipate. Since these were originally innocent souls just looking for a tune up of creativity this is not something the creators of the Earth Game wish.

GrandOldDuckit is about to move to the Sixth Level after a distinguished career of impeccable movement toward oneness. The elders go to see him to see if there is any possibility of sending him with one last ditch effort to save the simulator as he did before. The elders approach him in reverence not only because he is among the most advanced at the 5th Level but also because they understand the choice they are giving him. Even at his advanced level, if he does not succeed, he may not make it out of the simulator if it implodes. Their trepidation proved to be unfounded since GrandOldDuckit’s superior awareness had already informed him of the impending choice and he has a plan.

GrandOldDuckit has spent the last part of his Fifth Level existence pondering the problem that the A of H has created and he knows that his built in safeguards (meaning the axial variation caused by his invention known as the Moon and the realigning potential of the Dia-Monde Tetrasepherothia or Pyramid) can rebalance the simulator if the split soul groups can recognize each other and come together once more as communities to move towards the original intent of the Earth Game. If he is successful, the AHA NOSaWS can be defeated since there will be a diminishing belief in the iron fist of fear consciousness and the ARSE of Holiness can then be safely extracted and placed in the H.E.L.L simulator that was designed for them.

GrandOldDuckit explains to the elders that he left a hidden code of the matrix for the Earth Game simulator in the form of playing cards that have since been bastardized into a form of entertainment. The amazing power of these cards that actually form a code of the time pattern has been diminished to mundane distraction and manifestation at the lowest level through greed enhancing gambling or time wasting entertainment.

The AHA NOSaWS dared not touch the code originally. The cards were a symbolic representation of the integral code of the simulator and the A of H were afraid any attempt to manipulate it might destroy the Earth Game that had become their refuge. Instead they shifted the meaning of the code over the years so that the magic of the numbers and symbols and the connection to the movement known as time would be disguised even from the Fifth Level souls who were not too split up to have a chance to use them cognitively.

The code was designed to explain the rhythm of the motion of time through the regular movement known as the solar system and galaxy. When a Fifth Level being enters the Earth Game at the Fourth Level, the code can reveal how one’s Avatar or the individual entering the Earth Game aligns to the energy flow of the cosmos. Knowledge of the code allows one to move with less distortion in the Earth Game and to maximize the potential of the Avatar one is playing through to channel Fifth Level energy and “pro-spective” or most ideal perspective in any given experience.

If this code could be reinstated to its proper level of importance, it would become clear to the Fourth Level beings that there was an underlying order of potential beneath the Third Dimensional appearance of chaos. This coinciding potential would appear as rare moments of perceived synchronicity known as luck. When a player has no knowledge of such a flow or lack of distortion these moments seem exceedingly rare. As one gathers awareness of a more harmonious approach one can realize the entire experience as one big synchronicity. Moments of serendipity are recognized more regularly if a Fourth Level participant can drop the fear enough to realize that their apparent reality is just a manifestation of their beliefs and intent and that they have far more capability of manipulating the Fourth Level than the AHA NOSaWS would want anyone to know.

Thus the soul groups would begin to come together as individual entities, autonomous yet inner, and therefore inter-dependent, and realize that each of them had a part in the creation of the simulator so that even though there appeared to be an external reality it was really only their world and its myriad reflections from another more relative viewpoint or perspective. With this in mind they would stop studying the past or Third Dimension except as a feedback to how close they were to returning the Fifth Level pro-spective. Another way to say it is: they would observe their experience as a reflection of the amount of fear they experience by projecting their authority for their own experience of oneness into an illusionary external and blaming the conflicts they face on anything but their own refusal to detach and observe their own inherent oneness.

In other words the Earth Game has gone from a mild form of entertaining challenge like a very real virtual reality simulator into a huge challenge for the ability to move along in awareness of oneness. If those trapped in the Earth Game simulator can realize their innate potential they will actually move back to the Fifth Level at a very high level of awareness, possibly ready to move to Sixth Level.

The rewards for succeeding far outweigh the risks of the enterprise for GrandOldDuckit since he is aware that there is no real destruction of awareness at any level despite appearances. It was an amusing challenge to his Highest essence to understand that he would have to enter the Earth Game which had now split itself into West and East and Developed and Underdeveloped in the place that the NOSaWS felt they had unbridled control, a developed Western society in the Twentieth and Twenty first century. He also knew that to fly under the radar of the NOSaWS he would have to enter as a regular member of the rat race that would never really understand his own essence at the Fourth Level despite his innate prodigious natural powers of intuition and insight, and that he would simultaneously be like the soul and the sole—the Highest and lowest in man simultaneously with the power of the Sol and using it so-low.

The perfect character was Duck Rogers. GrandOlDuckit had worked on the design for this character for aeons and had formulated at the last moment the plan that could save the Earth Game if any could. He had also prepared by sending in a helper in the form of a low level Rishi from India known as Yogi Shant I Conue who had the cultural attainment and immense skills of networking but likewise did not recall his true essence so that he appeared as a bumbling idiot to the more sophisticated AHA NOSaWS who dominated the simulator.

The original format for the Earth Game had been so much fun that the Fifth Level beings had lined up for the chance to go. Waiting for eternities in Fourth Level terms they would fill out intense questionnaires that would define every potential so that they would get the most work on what they needed. They would pick their culture, time period, race and nationality and those they would enter with as their Earth Game families and then work toward oneness with the challenges that were presented by their pre-sent reflections. This process worked well and was very safe so that most all came almost immediately back to the Fifth level after their work in the simulator was done.

Because of the reprogramming of the AHA NOSaWS this process had become distorted and the feedback mechanism became more of a trap than another chance to play the game with some variation on the original lesson as it had originally been planned. When the feedback mechanism kicked in because of the over prevalence of fear motivation, a natural part of the simulator originally but only for a limit of 3 returns, there was an automatic return to the Earth Game. In a real sense the Earth Game became reality. As long as one faced the experience of transition out of the physical or “death” with any reticence or trepidation, they were destined to return to it. The reprogramming of the “reincarnant feedback loop” to take away the limitation of 3 returns was at fault. This hacking of the original system turned out to be the prevailing mechanism for control by the AHA NOSaWS. It created a confusion so that most all players had forgotten the original intent and could only really recall it when they first reentered the game as children.

The solution to the problem was to be the original soul groups coming back together to recognize the greater context of the metaphysical. Such a perspective is achieved when one realizes there is an underlying order or “justice” that is the Source of the apparent chaos in the Third dimension. When the Avatar learns to use the imagination to overcome the apparent limitations of the Third Dimension, they lose their “fear” of the more limited realm or an ending and a transition out of it. For one playing with such awareness, there is no need for fear except as an awareness that one is being too Third dimensionally-oriented. Ironically, the Third Dimension Duck Rogers was to enter had developed technology to the degree that they had manifested video games at the Third dimensional realm. Such was the parody that some Fourth Level beings attempted to escape into these games to avoid their experience in the “Earth Game.”

The child-like attitude that came with reentry to the game was the biggest challenge for the AHA NOSaWS. As children, the Avatars are closely connected through their imagination to the 5th Level and automatically believe in it. This lasts until they are overly programmed by those that want to teach one about the limitations of the physical realm and coping techniques for handling or even attempting to control it though escape or domination respectively. Since that “child-like” level was very difficult to condition as it was so close to its Fifth Level Essence, various manipulations were used to destroy this level as early as possible. The AHA NoSaws want to close down this avenue as soon as possible and therefore provide experiences that cause one to “grow up” or face “reality” as soon as possible. These experiences include physical, mental and emotional abuse or exploitation from those still working through their own issues.

The prevailing perspective of those perpetuating such experiences is to help one understand not to think of magical manifestation because disappointment at not receiving the ideal is so painful. The real pain comes from the regret of not attempting to fulfill the dreams of the imagination. Such well-meaning advocates of facing “reality” have come up with all kinds of programmatic conditioning through an education system that is basically mandatory, focused in fear motivation and using an exclusive referral to Third Dimensional propaganda at early ages. The focus on the Third Dimension or past as opposed to the “Present” or Fourth Dimensional perspective or even the “Future” or Fifth Dimensional pro-spective of highest potential has tended to preclude creativity in the very beginning of one’s Earth Game experience. In return, there is an emphasis on low level conditioning or behavior modification. Such repression of these “ideals” only leads to later rebellion by the more centered of the Fourth levels and outright fear and desperation by those already quite split up. Such programming or socialization at early stages of the Earth Game experience was to ensure that as the Fourth Level beings matured they would again return to fear and its amelioration through desire and control and thus guarantee that they hit the feedback loop again this time with even more distortion.

This was the weakness that GrandOldDuckit observed in the AHA NOSaWS pattern that he knew he could exploit. He therefore kept his Earth Game Avatar, Duck Rogers, at a very childlike level. His awareness would come through using the trigger of some crisis in the Avatar’s experience. The higher awareness of GrandOldDuckit would be basically repressed until at a later age of his Avatar there was an experience of crisis and using the helper, Yogi Shanti Conue, he could gradually regain GrandOldDuckit’s Fifth Level awareness before the AHA NOSaWS in their collective arrogance could catch on. He could then “rediscover” the Playing Card Code he left in the Earth Game and reinstitute the importance of the Code for finding one’s way back to oneness in a world of contradiction.

This is the story of how that occurred and the results of GrandOldDuckit’s last return to his creation, the Earth Game for Multidimensionals.

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