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Deja Vu

by Neferneferuaten 2 years ago in psychology
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A life-changing moment

I remember thinking deja vu was some sort of dream that came to life. I use to find myself saying things like, " This happened already!". I wasn't sure if I dreamed it first and then experienced it or if the moment happened twice. Neither one of those things were happening. After years of studying metaphysics and spirituality, I began to recognize what deja vu really was.

In high school and in college, they never taught how to be human. They only trained us on how to live within this matrix of a world we live in. So it has been a journey of discovery for me to understand the things mos people brush off as nothing significant. To my surprise, these are useful tools and methods for elevating our minds and lifestyles. Deja vu can be a marker for us to know when we have taken massive steps towards change or growth.

I will explain what Deja vu is and why it happens to us in three easy concepts. Over time, humans can transform into different versions of themselves. This is known as the growth process, which is an inevitable part of life. For example, If a person is working towards launching their online website, they have to dedicate every day to that goal. One day, this means buying a domain name, the next day start building a website, and other days coming up with ideas for marketing. Before you know it, they are running a business full-time.

Another great example is someone who has fitness goals. If they go to the gym every week and adopt a vegan diet. Not only are they going to look like a new version of themselves, but they will feel like it too. The vegan diet is going to cause them to frequent vegan restaurants, which changes their daily routine. There will be a noticeable difference between their old lifestyle and the new one.

Somewhere in the universe, there is a version of you taking your life to new heights. This version exists in what is called a parallel reality. If you remember the term parallel in geometry, two lines that run congruent to each other, but they never touch. Like railroad tracks, they are close but not intersecting on another. A parallel reality is the same. One track has you in your current reality and another track with you in a different reality. The difference is your life is just slightly different on the other track. Maybe your happier, working in a different career field, new car, or the opposite. Perhaps things are worse than what you experience right now. The main deciding factor of which reality we jump to is based on our current choices and the action.

We then quantum leap to the next parallel reality. A quantum leap is just what it sounds like. You leap over to the following truth. The quantum leap is what gives you the deja vu feeling. It's when the old you and the new version of you are doing the same thing in both realities. Maybe you're at a coffee shop or walking down the street, on a flight traveling. This is the safest time for the universe to shift you over. So you have that feeling that the moment happened already, and that's because it just did, instantaneously. Although it already happened, the way you respond to the moment is different. Sometimes I can feel that I'm wiser, or more focused, or less. You can be any of these things, but the next time you experience deja vu, note what is different about you this time around.

Cheers to quantum leaping more intentionally! Take action today to jump into your desired reality.


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My purpose is to empower you with words that will awaken your higher self. As a spiritual teacher and Goddess of Magick I will help you heal, evolve and break out of the matrix. Follow me I know the way...

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