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The Dream State

by Neferneferuaten 2 years ago in transhumanism
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An alternate universe of learning

When we dream, we are experiencing an alternate Universe. It feels a lot like a remixed version of the world we live in now. The only difference is some things appear to be a little bizarre. When I was in high school, I remember chilling on my friend's porch, and her next-door neighbor came over to talk with us. We were all talking about dreams. He was homeschooled so often his views on life were much different from ours. He said something that stuck with me for life. He said, "what if when are dreaming, the other people in our dreams are also dreaming." As if to say, our dreams were all intertwined, but we only experience it from our viewpoint.

I became very intrigued by this theory. There was a good possibility that it could be true. In a social setting with five people, there are five different outlooks taking place at once, which meant that the universe uses one event to impact multiple people.

Sometimes I would dream, and the people who guest-starred in my dream were celebrities. And that would mean that stars were experiencing the same dream with me in, but of course, they don't know me, so they probably just saw me as another unknown character lol.

The dream state is always teaching us something, just like our waking life. So we never stop learning the lessons we need to know. Whatever stands out in your dream has symbolism, and when you look up its meaning, chances are it will always resonate with you.

One time I experienced a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a very vivid dream, and it feels real, but you are still aware that it is a dream. At some point in my lucid dream, I hopped in the bright red car with this guy I was dating. I later googled the symbolism of a red car in a dream. I found out that seeing a red car in a dream meant passion for life. In more depth, it said that I would have confidence, power, action, and honesty in all areas of my life. The symbolism resonated with me because I had been working on building my confidence. I had also been working towards harnessing my power. I took this lucid dream as confirmation that my diligence towards self-improvement was paying off.

I think it's time we start taking our dreams more seriously. It's not just about sleeping and brushing it off the next morning. It's about waking up to the reality that we are learning both subconsciously and consciously. The best money I ever spent was on journals. I dedicated one of your journals to recording and deciphering dreams. Every morning before you get out of bed, write in your notes what you remember from your dream, include the emotions you felt, and then look up the symbols that stood out to you.

Let this be the precursor for your day, and maybe later in the week, it will all make sense to you. Sweet dreams, people!


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My purpose is to empower you with words that will awaken your higher self. As a spiritual teacher and Goddess of Magick I will help you heal, evolve and break out of the matrix. Follow me I know the way...

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