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Capturing the wild ones

by Energyia Singh about a year ago in literature
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In my eyes...

Well, I should introduce myself first. I am Galvinator, son of Huna and Shloan. I know each and every nook of this planet, that the wild-ones call Surya-the Home. The day I came out of my shell, literally, the first thing I was told was to stay as far away from the wild-ones. They stand on their two feet, and so they have no balance - if you feel them coming your way- run away, hide behind shadows. Their eyes are very weak, they cannot see like us in the dark. And the poor wild-ones can listen only from two minuscule skin-flaps on their head. And the most important point is that they make a lot of noise. Before I continue about my adventure with wild-ones, It is imperative that I introduce you to my friend- partner in all my mischiefs.

This is Shingri, no-one knows anything about her parents. If you ask her, she will go silent for hours. Even normally, she keeps to herself, and does not like any company. And while people say we are different, the two of us became friends, when once just two days out of my egg. I was trying to explore the planet on my own, when I felt the big stomps of wild-ones near me. I had no idea, and if Shingri had not saved me, by spitting her marvellous spin over the wild one. I might not have survived to tell you this story. Since then we have been friends, and yes very much frowned upon by others. She is expert at finding places where wild-ones can never enter - and the two of us spend hours there chatting, playing and singing.

Forbidden fruit is always sweeter, and so despite the warnings by adults, it was our favourite dare to go near the wild-ones at night- while they sleep. We would compete on who can go the nearest, and often fight over it. One such night, in excitement my claws touched the delicate skin of female wild-ones.

We heard a shriek, and while I wanted to run by all my will I was frozen. In that frozen time- I could hear Shingri calling me to run, I could hear the hustle-bustle of wild ones- and surprise the light came in that darkness of night. The male wild-one slowly picked me up. I could see the two wild-ones very very close- I could see my reflection in their eyes. I could see that the female wild one was frightened - almost as frightened as me.

The male wild one put me back on the floor. We two were seeing each other... as if waiting for the other to react. Shingri's voice was still ringing in my ears. I got back my senses and ran.

That experience is still fresh in my memory. I often think despite our gaps, despite our differences, and despite the fact that we look so different- as if coming from two different planets- the wild-ones are not too different from us. Perhaps it is the fact that we do not know them - that we are afraid of them, and they of us. Maybe one day, we all can be friends. Afterall, the elders say- we all came from the same source and will go back there. Maybe the elders were telling the truth.

Maybe it is the fear, fear due to our ignorance of others, fear due to our preconceived notion about the others- that is the cause of all hate-all division.

P.S. Many thanks to my friend SD for allowing me to use his photographs for this story. Hope you like it. Do not forget to click the heart, and/or send a little tip my way. You can further support this writing platform by choosing Vocal+ membership.


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