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Summer Day

by Energyia Singh about a year ago in love poems
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And I followed...

Summer Day
Photo by Marius Oprea on Unsplash

It was a hot Indian summer's day

The Sun was at its peak

The shadows at their lowest.

What to say of humans, you could not even see a bird perching outside

I had finished all my household chores,

Had cleaned the house, dusted the almirah's, watered the plants

I had even painted a Rangoli,

For you had promised you will come

I cooked the most delicious food I knew how to cook..

And was looking at the hot scorching street

For you had promised you will come


And you came

Naked foot, walking on that hot road

Wrapped in a saffron cloth sheet

Your face smiling, your eyes shining, even Sun may feel shadowed...

And you asked come with me...


I asked now?

Let the sun set a little, let me gather some cloths,

Let me at the least say good bye to my childhood friends...

They will miss me...


You said now

And I followed...

Stepping on the steps you had taken, bare foot, with the single cloth that I had that day...

It was a hot Indian Summer day

love poems

About the author

Energyia Singh

A light worker.

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