5 most mind blowing physics facts that will surely give you long lasting goosebumps

Ladies and gentleman please have a seat because this mindblowing physics facts will make you shocked !

5 most mind blowing physics facts that will surely give you long lasting goosebumps

1. A paper folded 42 times would reach moon.

Yes ,it is true that if you are able to fold a paper 42 times then you could technically reach moon. This might be most amazing things you have heard and this works in such a way that when you fold a piece paper , then everytime it's thickness would increase .

This is true that in start it's thickness might just increase by 0.1 cm but when you keep folding the paper the thickness of paper increaes everytime and then when you fold it 42 times , your's paper thickness would be around distance between earth and moon. Also if you are able to fold the paper 103 times then it would as thick as the universe.

But in reality without tearing out the paper you can only fold it 7 times. Might be someone will build a unbreakable paper.( Just joking )


2. Interplanetary superhighways ( That's cool )

Well we build roads and highways on earth for ease of transportation which saves lot's of money and has much more benefiets. Now considering space where we human still are starters we need our spacecrafts there to give us most efficient working at least cost.

For this purpose we need to have good control over our movement of spacecrafts which is always influenced by gravity and radiations.

So scientist now plan routes around the solar system which offer least gravitional resistance and less harm from radiation in space.

This routes are called interplanetary superhighways.


3.Nuclear pasta : 10 billion times stronger than steel.

Neutron stars not suprisingly are the most mysterious objects in the whole universe that often confuse researchers .

Neutrons stars do not only have the strongest magnetic field but also they are the most dense objects in the universe. You may not beleieve but only one table spoon of neutron star weigh billion tons that is more than mass of moun everst.

Due to such high density they have matter inside them in much distorted form. And scientist using simulation models and mathematics have studied this distorted matter . One of such layer of distorted matter is nuclear pasta.

Leaving it's weird name scientis have found that nuclear pasta is 10 billion times stronger than steel . ( That's amazing !)

Scientist named it nuclear pasta due to similarity of it's structure to pasta's structure.


4. Under Certain Sea Depth Your Blood Is Green In Color.

Sounds like some alien related stuff but literally when you are certain depth under water due to change in pressure we get excess nitrogen in our blood instead of oxygen which changes the compentents of hemoglobin (reddish part of blood) and hence our blood becomes green.

Yeah ! Don't take our buddy to expirement that .


5. Usain bolt is heaviest man in the world. ( I am seriously not joking)

You guys might be wondering how that thin man is the heaviest man in the world ?

Well he is not heaviest man in the when he is at rest or moving simply moor walking but if his the fastest runner then he is technically the heaviest man in the world while running.( Because of theory of relativity)

Let me break this into simple terms. Theory of relativity states that there are two types of masses -

1. Rest mass ( Mass of object when not moving and here mass never increases)

2. Relativistic mass (Mass of object when it has some speed/velocity and here mass increases with velocity )

So usain bolt is fastest man on the planet so he is heaviest man when talking using relativistiv mass.

You can catch an explaination of theory of relativity by einstein himself for that -


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