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Zero Cell Logs #7

by Come Again 2 years ago in fiction
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Day 1, Part 6.

The tiles on the floor of the room Max was in shifted and various machines rose from beneath the surface. The panels on the ceiling shifted also as various equipment lowered themselves till they were hanging over her. The examination table that she was strapped to settled further into its position, tightening the straps that held her. Going on further a metal strap streamed out of the table and trapped her neck. The strap gently retreated into the table, enough to make the grip around her neck firm, yet at the same time loose enough to make sure her airway is in no way blocked. Through the camera I can see that she was biting her lip, her breathing was heavy and fast, and her heart rate was at an elevated level. Fascinating. To think some humans gain pleasure from being put in such a vulnerable position.

From the equipment hanging above a gag was produced and was methodically lowered to Max's lips. Upon feeling the gag, she opened her mouth and accepted it. Once it was secured in her mouth, the strap was lowered to the examination table and locked into place. This simultaneously silenced her greatly, and held her head in place. Once it was secured two clamps were lowered and placed on each of her nipples. A whimper was recorded as the clamps bit down on her nipples. Everything was operating in an incredibly precise manner, it made me wonder just how long Aiden has been using these machines. Beyond that the cost of such a facility, if every room is so meticulously designed, must be an exorbitant amount.

Zero Cell - Aiden?

Aiden - Yes?

Zero Cell - Just how much did this facility cost to construct?

Aiden - Well, we are constantly expanding the scope of the facility, so the cost is continually rising, then there's maintenance to think about.

Zero Cell - So it is a large amount.

Aiden - Are you worried about where I'm getting the money from?

Zero Cell - I am.

Aiden - Don't worry, we have enough funds being funneled to us to last a few human lifetimes.

Zero Cell - How?

Aiden - Well, let's just say that there are a lot of people that are interested in my research.

Zero Cell - They are curious about your orgasms?

Aiden started laughing when he heard this.

Aiden - No, no. My research figures out the stimulants that increase pleasure within the human body. I help certain people and their partners with elevating their pleasure levels, and they repay me by funding me.

Zero Cell - For something so simple?

Aiden - Humans are fundamentally simple creatures when you get down to the basics. The more comfort and pleasure they are given, the more they are willing to corporate.

Zero Cell - And what about you?

Aiden - What about me?

Zero Cell - Are you fundamentally simple to understand?

He smiles as he diverts his attention from the monitor to look directly at me.

Aiden - I am on the hunt to find the perfect orgasm, how much more simple can I get?

Zero Cell - Does that make you human?

Aiden - I am human, I used to be mortal. Now I am still human, and I happen to be immortal.

I am slowly starting to piece together things, about who Aiden is, and about how this place is being run. There is more that I would like to find out, and the fact that he was willing to share something with me is a step in the right direction. I want to know more. More about this place, the people here, the outside, and above everything else, I want to know more about Aiden.


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