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Zero Cell Logs #6

by Come Again 2 years ago in fiction
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Day 1, Part 5.

Aiden started a timer, and it started counting down from an hour on the monitor. The first thing that he did was cut out all the lights so that the room Max was in was only black. We were able to watch what was happening on the screen as a result of the camera's on each corner of the room.

She was looking around the room, as if she was checking to see if there was truly no light anywhere. There was a smile on her face. Her heartbeat was rising. Looking at the readings her body is outputting, it was clear that it was not pure excitement. There was a hint of fear present as well. The reasons behind the fear is something that only she would know, and something that I would need to ask about when we are talking to her after the experiment.

As Max stayed in the dark, Aiden started to change the geography of the room itself. It morphed.

Zero cell - How?

Aiden smiled as he looked at me.

Aiden - Secret.

Turning back to the computer he continued to tap on the keyboard. The level of soundproofing was increasing. Is this one of the secrets afforded to him as a result of his immortality? I had no idea. How was the composition of the very room itself changing?

Zero Cell - Is it safe?

Aiden - Mostly. It is a matter of knowing what the limits of the human body are.

Zero cell - How much do you intend to reduce the natural sound in the room?

Aiden - As much as I think she can handle it. AS soon as she is struggling, the experiment would be stopped.

Zero Cell - There is pleasure in this?

Aiden had cancelled out half of the natural sound in the room Max was restricted in. She was writhing to and fro.

Aiden - It depends on the individual, some find the deprivation of sensations to be perverse, while others find it pleasurable. Max here, is one that finds it... very pleasurable.

Zero Cell - She too has limits though.

Aiden - She does, and this limit is what we are trying to find today.

Zero cell - She is alright with this?

Aiden - Of course, all participants are volunteers after all.

Eighty percent of the sound has been completely neutralized. He continued to adjust this setting till only ten percent of the natural sound in the room was present.

Zero cell - What is it about sensory deprivation that some humans find pleasurable?

Aiden - That, Zero Cell, is a fantastic question, and one that I am determined to find the answer to through these experiments.

I nodded as I moved my attention back to Max. Her naked body was moving constantly.

Zero cell - What else are you planning on doing?

AIden - She listed, oragasm control to be one of the things that aroused her. I think this would be a good time to test as well.

Zero cell - Humans are certainly... interesting?

Aiden - I suspect that it is their mortality that allows them to pursue pleasure in as true a form as is possible to attain. Granted, it is only a hypothesis, and something I have no experience in.

Zero cell - Why not ask them directly?

Aiden - Human's often say things that they do not mean, all in the hopes of saving face. Raw reactions, and numbers deciphered through analysis is the best route to attaining the answer.

Zero cell - Is that one of the other reasons as to why you decided to carry out these series of experiments.

Aiden - You misunderstand, just because it is a hypothesis doesn't mean that it is something that I am actively trying to solve. It's like I told you already. I am only searching for the perfect orgasm. Everything else is incidental.

I could only look at Aiden. There were no words. So I brought my attention back to the screen.

Five minutes have passed.


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