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Zero Cell Logs #1

by Come Again 2 years ago in fiction
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A prologue.

This is the first log documenting the research conducted by the immortal Aiden Scott. The nature of the research has yet to be disclosed to me, the methods by which he had managed to obtain immortality has remained elusive, despite my efforts. In fact there is a lot that I do not know about Aiden, and what he does. Perhaps, the fact that he created me allows him to know how to avoid the conversational traps that I would set in order to obtain information. Regardless, I am tasked with documenting, not analysing, and so that is what I have done.

The nature of the research fascinates me, and compels me to find out about it all the more, whenever Aiden speaks of this nebulous research he would be extremely animated.Evidently this has been something he has been searching for since long before my inception, and I suspect it shall continue long after. I, from my limited knowledge, am not sure if what he is searching for even exists. It is not my place to question such desires. As I said earlier my purpose is to document.

Over time it is quite evident that he has had many test subjects. Some have chosen to stay here, for days, others weeks, and others years at a time. There has been a constant rotation of individuals that come to his residence for the purposes of having themselves be experimented on. Aiden goes so far as to compensate them of course. He has recorded everything there is to them, and has extensive notes on their emotional state among other observations.

The residence is located in a remote location, and so the test subjects always have to make it here on their own. He justifies this by concluding that if they are truly genuine about wanting to perform in this research they would make the journey without question. I observed that the prospect of monetary compensation might be a reason as to why they might be willing to make the journey, and not the passion they feel towards his research. The compensation is quite sizable afterall. On a side note, more has to be dug up on how it was that Aiden was able to attain such wealth, when all he does is devote himself to his research and nothing else. In time, these questions will organically reveal themselves.

With regards to the type of individuals that come to our doorstep for the purposes of research, there are a wide variety, and Aiden turns none of them away as long as they are here for the benefit of research. Gender, race, creed, none has an influence on the candidates, they must simply be willing to participate of their own free will. This one requirement has led me to determine that the purpose of his research is related to the betterment of humanity itself, rather than something self centred. Perhaps it may be to the detriment of humanity. The two extremes are a possibility, however I cannot fathom the mild Aiden to do anything that would be a detriment to his kind.

He walks to his room after yet another day of hard research. He sits at the screen and starts to transfer the data he has collected into the main storage unit, so that he has a back up. Prudent as always. His meticulousness is something that I, even as a program, can respect. He seemed to be in a good mood, and so I chose to ask.

Zero Cell - Aiden?

Aiden - Yes?

Zero Cell - You have continually input and transferred data through me. I want to ask, what is the purpose of your research? I want to know why you are so passionate about it.

Aiden - Yes, I have never told you have I?

Zero Cell - No. Would you be kind enough to disclose this information to me?

Aiden - It is only fair.

He took a moment to compose himself, and I prepared myself for what this humanity altering research could be.

Aiden - My research... My goal, my life ambition. Is to find the conditions required to experience the perfect orgasm.

Zero Cell - ...

I was wrong. This man is just a pervert with too much time and money on his hands.


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