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by Victor Vibes 28 days ago in erotic

An evening of bondage and pleasure between two lovers

Less than an hour ago, she had walked into his house, modestly dressed as always. She wore comfortable sneakers, a pair of form-fitting jeans that showed off her curves, and a plain blue blouse. Around her neck, she wore a small aquamarine pendant on a delicate silver chain, which rested right below her collarbone. She had a way of being subtly beautiful, in a way that said that she knew what she had, but didn’t want to show all of it right away.

Now, all she wore was that same aquamarine pendant about her neck. That, and the pair of cool steel handcuffs locked around each of her wrists, keeping her arms splayed out to the sides. She twisted her hands in the cuffs, and pulled on one of them, feeling it clack solidly again the headboard it was attached to. She glanced at her hands nervously, then looked back to him. “Tom, I’m not so sure about these. They feel kind of tight and I—“

“Shh.” He put two fingers to her lips, startling her into silence.

Focusing his firm gaze on her deep green eyes, he began to slowly run his fingers down her chin and towards her chest, tracing across her neck. Slowly, so slowly, he ran them down between her breasts, moving down to her belly button, and then further. He never took his eyes off of her as his fingers went lower. She started to breathe a little faster when his fingers ran down the smoothly shaven spot between her legs, and when he felt how wet she was, she breathed in sharply.

The nervousness in her eyes had suddenly been replaced with longing, a longing for him to keep going. He pushed his two fingers into her tortuously slowly, millimeter by millimeter. By the time he had slipped in an inch, she was already biting her lip to keep from crying out. He loved teasing her like this, denying her what her body ached for so badly, giving her just enough that she desperately craved more.

He slid his fingers the rest of the way in with one swift motion.

Cassie cried out and pulled against her restraints, her back arching at the sudden sensation of having him inside her. He slid his fingers in and out of her just a bit, no more than an inch or so each stroke, and then curled them to reach the spot inside her that made her gasp sharply at his touch. He held her gaze the entire time, and finally spoke.

“When you are here,” Tom said, softly but firmly, “in this bed, I am in charge. When I tell you to do something, you do it. When I tell you to say something, you say it. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Cassie gasped out. He’d started to move his fingers inside her just a little, and it was making it hard for her to speak.

“That reminds me.” he said, his voice getting just a bit lower, “When you are in this bed, you will address me as sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes…sir…” Cassie struggled to string the words together. His fingers moving inside her were very distracting.

Tom pushed her fingers into her a little deeper. “In this bed, I will have you as I please. I, and I alone, am in charge of your pleasure now. You will cum for me whenever I wish, and you may not stop until I allow you to. Every time you orgasm, you will scream my name, and make sure everyone knows exactly who is bringing you to this kind of ecstasy. Do…you…understand?”

The last three words were punctuated with short, sharp thrusts of his fingers into her, and Cassie could just barely manage to let out another “Yes sir.” She could feel herself getting even wetter, and she felt an orgasm start to build inside her.

Tom smiled, and began to move his fingers faster, making sure they stayed bent so that he kept stroking that spot inside her. “Good,” he said, his voice lowering almost to a growl. “I think you know what comes next.”

He licked the middle finger of his other hand, and placed it squarely on her clit. He began to rub it in slow circles while his fingers moved in and out of her, and that proved to be too much for her. Cassie threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm exploded inside her. She clamped down on his fingers, her body refusing to let him take them back, fervently squeezing them tightly with each pulse of her orgasm. That didn’t slow his fingers inside her, though—if anything, they moved faster, pushing her further and further on. Cassie pulled against her handcuffs, instinctively trying to grab onto the sheets by her hips, but the cuffs kept her hands from getting more than a few inches away.

It couldn’t have lasted more than five, maybe ten seconds, but it felt like much longer. Tom slowly withdrew his fingers from her, and Cassie began coming back down to earth. He slid his hand around her head, and pulled her towards him, kissing her deeply. She was only too eager to kiss him back in kind. After a minute or so, he pulled back, looking into those green eyes he was so fond of.

“You forgot to say my name, Cassie,” he said, a smile slowly forming on his face. “I’m going to have to punish you for that…”

She heard his voice, but her thoughts were still jumbled up in her head, and she tried to catch her breath. She didn’t know if she liked the handcuffs. She knew she didn’t…not like them, at least. It was strange. They made her feel vulnerable, exposed, and out of control. It made her nervous, but at the same time, she couldn’t deny there was a thrill to them. Knowing that she was completely at the mercy of this man, that she couldn’t stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her…

But I don’t want to stop him, she suddenly thought. She didn’t know where that thought had come from, but she had a hard time disagreeing.

Cassie was broken from her reverie by the sound of a click. Tom had retrieved a handcuff key, and was unlocking her handcuffs. At least, he was unlocking the part of the cuffs attaching them to the bed. Within a few moments, they were dangling off of her wrists.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Tom said in a firm, commanding tone.

Cassie rolled over and pushed herself up on her hands and knees. She could feel herself getting a little bit wetter at the thought of him taking her from behind. Tom wasn’t in any hurry, though. He took the open end of one of her handcuffs and attached it to the headboard. He did the same with the other, ratcheting it shut with a series of rapid clicks. Now her hands were cuffed to the bed in the same spots they were before, but this time, she was in a different position.

Tom ran his hand along her back from her neck down to the small of her back, then giving her a sharp slap on the behind. Cassie let out a short yelp at the sudden flash of pain, which turned to a soft moan as his fingers slipped inside her just a bit again. Tom moved his fingers up and down, never getting them more than just a little bit inside her. She instinctively tried to push back, to get more of his fingers inside of her, but the handcuffs were limiting her ability to do so. It was driving her crazy how much more she wanted to feel him inside her with each passing moment.

“Never, ever forget to say my name when you cum for me.” Tom said, withdrawing his fingers. He got up off the bed and walked over to a dresser, opening a drawer and retrieving something long and black. It was a riding crop, about a foot and a half long, very sleek.

Getting back on the bed, he ran the end of the crop along Cassie’s back, slowly and lightly, before giving her a sharp swat on the behind, much like he did before with his hand. “You belong to me entirely, Cassie,” he said, tracing the riding crop down one of her legs. “Entirely and completely. And I’m going to make sure” *swat* “very sure” *swat* “that you don’t forget it. That every part of your body knows who it belongs to. Now Cassie,” he said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, “who do you belong to?”

“You, sir. I belong to you,” she gasped out. Every time he had struck her behind with the riding crop, it sent a flash of pleasure along her nerves with the pain. It was turning her on very badly. She instinctively tried to reach down to play with herself, to relieve some of the building tension down there, but her hand was stopped short by the handcuffs. God, this was torture. Delicious, blissful torture.

“That’s right,” Tom growled, giving her another smack with the crop, “And don’t you forget it.”

Suddenly, he tossed the riding crop aside, and got behind her. He nudged her knees apart with his, and positioned himself right behind her. “You know,” he growled again, “I was planning on teasing you some more, but there’s something about you, something that I just…can’t…fucking resist.”

At the last word, he drive himself into her with a single, powerful thrust, and Cassie cried out, both in pleasure and relief at finally having him inside her. He grabbed her hip with one hand and her hair in the other, pulling her towards him and pushing himself in her even deeper. “How does it feel knowing that you can make me lose control of myself? Knowing that you can turn me on this badly?” he said to her in a low voice.

Cassie couldn’t speak. All she could think about was how full of him she felt, his hard shaft so deeply inside her. She wanted more.

Tom pulled back, almost all the way out, before ramming into her again, making Cassie moan again. He did it once more, a little faster this time. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips with both hands, and began fucking her faster. Pulling her towards him with each thrust, he pushed into her as deep as he could go each time. She could feel him fully and completely, each hard thrust into her made her feel electric, and she wanted more. Cassie instinctively pushed back against him each time, pushing herself back with her hands to get as much of him in her as possible.

Tom abruptly changed his pace, beginning to slide himself in and out of her much more slowly. Cassie moaned and bit her lip. She could feel it so keenly, him moving inside her. He removed one of his hands from her hips and ran it with the very lightest feather touch along her spine. It set her nerves afire with ecstasy, and coupled with his hard shaft inside her, it was almost too much. She felt another orgasm coming on, and she couldn’t help herself. “Please, Tom, please don’t stop,” Cassie moaned.

His only response was to let out a growl and grab her hips again, pulling her towards him roughly. He started driving himself into her hard again. She felt completely lost in her own pleasure and his hands commanding her body the way they were, and she felt like she couldn’t stop her impending orgasm if she tried. Just a few seconds of hard pounding later, and it happened. Cassie held onto just enough of her mind to remember to scream out his name as loud as she could.

“TOOOOOOM!!!!” she screamed, clutching the sheets with her hands as she orgasmed on his hard shaft. She felt herself getting much wetter all at once, almost as if she was flowing into him as she came. Her head bent down as she moaned out again and again, her pussy clutching his cock like a vise. Tom responded to this by pushing himself all the way into her and grabbing her hair, pulling her head back. This only set her off again, and she came even harder, feeling him filling her completely. She couldn’t think of a single other thing in the world other than how incredible this felt, and how she never wanted it to stop…

When she finally came back down, she felt drained, exhausted, like there was no energy in her limbs at all. Cassie felt like the only things holding her up were Tom’s hands on her hip and her hair, and the hard cock inside her. Tom let go of her hair and she slumped down to the bed, breathing heavily, her hips still up and pointed toward her lover. He ran his hand down her back again, sending aftershocks of pleasure through her and making her shiver just a bit. Grabbing her hips, he began slowly sliding in and out of her again. Cassie let out a low moan when she felt him moving inside her again.

“That’s how you cum for me,” Tom said, “That’s how I’ll make you cum for me any time I want. Now…it’s my turn.”

He started thrusting faster, keeping a steady pace and pushing upwards into her a little at the end of each thrust. She almost felt like there was more of him inside her this way, and she loved it. More than that, she loved the noises he was making. Low, throaty noises of lust and want, slowly growing in intensity and pitch as he went on. His cock felt like it was growing just a little bit harder, and a little bit harder, and suddenly the pace changed. Tom’s thrusts into her became more urgent, keeping most of himself in her and only moving a few inches at a time. Cassie knew what was coming, and she felt a deliciously naughty excitement at the thought of it.

Suddenly, Tom pulled out of her and let out a roar. She felt his hard shaft resting just above her behind, and she felt one, two, three pulses from his cock in short order as he came. His cum splattered on her shoulders, on her spine, and then further down her back. Each time, Tom roared again, a raw, primal, unrestrained sound that send shivers of excitement down Cassie’s spine. She felt a few more pulses, his cum falling on her behind now. God it felt good. Like little spots of hot liquid sex across her shoulders and back.

Tom held onto her hips for a few seconds, and then let go, collapsing onto the bed next to her. Cassie’s legs slid out from under her slowly as she joined him, lying next to him on her stomach. She was dimly aware of the handcuffs still around her wrists. Both of them were breathing heavily, completely and totally exhausted. Cassie lay still, her mind bouncing around all the sensations she was feeling right now—her hands cuffed to this man’s bed, his cum all over her back and behind, and the feeling of being thoroughly, deliciously fucked. It was so much to take in all at once, and she was enjoying every moment of it.

She turned her head to look at Tom, who was lying next to her on his back, eyes closed and breathing heavily, a deeply satisfied look on his face. Cassie traced her eyes from his sweaty face down to his chest, where firm pectorals were rising and falling. He had rough dark hair across his chest and down his stomach, giving him a rough, but very masculine look. Her gaze moved further down to his member, still slick with her wetness, slowly becoming limp against his toned stomach. She smiled, feeling herself to be a very lucky woman to have such a man as hers.


Victor Vibes

Amateur writer, basically stripping on the internet to pay the bills. Good thing I like what I do!

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Victor Vibes
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