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The Perfect Ending

by Victor Vibes 29 days ago in erotic

Imagining the best way for a night together to end

I seriously cannot stop thinking about having sex with you.

What I'm thinking about today starts with a couple glasses of wine and a kiss. A kiss that turns into more kisses, deeper kisses, arms slowly wrapping themselves around each other as our clothes start disappearing. I kiss my way down your neck and back up the other side, my hands roaming your body with barely restrained excitement—not urgently, not rapidly, but steadily, feeling your curves and the shape of you like I am blind and trying to see with my hands. I continue kissing your beautiful lips as our hands work their way down each other's stomachs, and we find each other at the same time with a quiet moan of satisfaction.

I slip my finger inside of you, feeling how wet you are getting as you begin to stroke me in return, feeling me hardening at your touch. I kiss my way down to your breasts, loving the feel of your soft skin under my lips as I move to lick and suck your nipples. You lose your grip on me but that is okay, as I want to focus on you right now. I slip another finger inside you and curl them, reaching the good spot inside you that feels just SO wonderful. Your head leans back, eyes closed, not wanting to get distracted from the sensations I am giving you.

I work my fingers faster, making sure to give your clit plenty of rhythmic attention as well, kissing every erogenous zone I can reach on you. Never giving up or relenting, I keep my efforts focused on you and your pleasure, in every way I can, until finally your orgasm breaks and crashes through you, your legs closing tight and an ecstatic moan escaping your lips.

I let the aftershocks wash over you for a bit, planting soft kisses on your neck for a while before whispering in your ear that I'm going to fuck you while you are on your knees. I help you get into position, hands and knees with legs spread a bit apart, and move myself behind you. I adjust you so that you and I line up just right, and slowly push myself into you.

I push my dick into you slowly, enjoying every single inch of you, loving the way your body envelops me so completely. I thrust my dick all the way inside you, as deep as I can, and hold it there for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of being so completely inside of you, and running a finger gently down your naked spine. I grab you by the hip with one hand and the shoulder with my other, pull back, and thrust back into you HARD.

I start fucking you intensely and firmly, getting my dick nice and deep inside you with each thrust. As I ram my dick into you, I pull your body towards me, intensifying the sensation for you, and loving the feeling of your butt slamming against my hips. As we fuck, I listen to the sounds you make, and thrust into you faster or slower depending on the way you are moaning. The feeling of your wet pussy wrapped around my dick is incredible, intoxicating...I never want to stop feeling myself inside you. I move both my hands to your hips and pull you into me as I fuck you harder.

I can't hold back anymore, and I don't want to either. With a roar, I explode inside you, emptying my balls and filling you up completely. I give you more and more of myself, everything I can, until there is nothing left to give, and I slump over, totally spent. Using what little energy is left after spending most of it fucking you, I flop down next to you, and you snuggle up next to me. I kiss your forehead, and whisper sweet, sexy things about how good you make me feel until we both fall asleep.


Victor Vibes

Amateur writer, basically stripping on the internet to pay the bills. Good thing I like what I do!

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Victor Vibes
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