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Wide range of sex vibrators for women and men

Sex Toys for Men and Women

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Wide range of sex vibrators for women and men
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The power of your vibrator can be controlled in one of two ways. Basic models have a revolving dial in the base that allows you to change the vibrator's speed from low to high. Other vibrator models have pulsations that are pre-programmed. You may change the speed from low to high or select a pre-set pattern that turns the vibe on and off by pushing a button on the vibrator's base or a separate remote.

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Different Vibrator Models

Once you've found a comfortable size for your vibrator, it's time to consider which model of vibrator best meets your demands, according to adult toys & sex toy suppliers in India. Whether you're seeking a simple back massage, clitoral stimulation from a Rabbit Vibrator, or something to hit your G-Spot, there's likely a special model of vibrator specifically created to suit your needs, depending on how you plan to use your vibrator. While some vibrators are designed to excite numerous erogenous zones, many women prefer to have many vibrators, each focusing on a different location.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are created specifically for anal penetration, as their name implies. Anal vibrators are smaller and lighter than standard vibrators, with a flared or extended base for easy removal. Anal vibrators are typically four to six inches long, with a diameter ranging from 0.75 to 1.25 inches.

It's critical to use a lot of lubrication on the anus and the vibrator itself while using an anal vibrator to ensure smooth insertion. The anal vibrator should slip in and out with relatively minor resistance if you use enough lubrication. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. If the resistance is too great, try inserting a finger to loosen the sphincter ring slightly. If it doesn't work, don't use the anal vibrator anymore. Before using the anal vibrator again, do the finger exercises regularly for two weeks to loosen up the sphincter.

If this is your first anal vibrator, seek one that is smaller in size or one that is labelled as a beginner's model. Using a larger anal vibrator until you've adjusted to the experience and knowledge you can handle it is asking for trouble. Look for an anal vibrator.

Bullet & Egg Vibrators

Because of their versatility, these vibrators are popular among adults. These vibrators are fun on their own, but they're also found in a variety of adult toys to provide extra stimulation.

Bullet vibrators are typically two to three inches in length and are extremely thin. They're commonly powered by watch batteries and have a speed control built into the base. Egg vibrators are around the size of a giant egg and are typically controlled by a remote. The majority of egg vibrators use standard AAA or AA batteries, which are put into the remote control. For vaginal insertion, many women choose egg vibrators, and for erectile organ stimulation, they utilise bullet vibrators.

To be safe, due to the small size of bullet vibrators and the lack of a cable or wire, it is not advisable to place one into your vagina or anus because it may be difficult to recover it afterwards. A standard egg vibrator should never be used to stimulate your anus since the cable may break and you will be unable to retrieve the vibe. There are, however, specific egg vibrators with a strong cable or wire that are designed for anal usage - just read the product description carefully.

Because of their potential to deliver extra stimulation and enhance the user's experience, bullet and egg vibrators are both typical additions to several different models of sex toys. Bullet vibrators are commonly found in various cock ring types, whereas egg vibrators are found in masturbation sleeves and love dolls. Bullet and egg vibrators can be found.

Clitoral Vibrators

These vibrators are possibly the best on the market because they deliver such powerful clitoral stimulation that they can help even women who have trouble experiencing orgasms.

Rabbits, dolphins, and beavers are the two most common clitoral vibrators. The vibrators' names are derived from the way they stimulate the clitoris. Rabbit vibes include two little prongs that tease the clit directly, like the rabbit's ears. For clitoral stimulation, beaver or dolphin vibrators rely on a single bigger nub, either the beaver's tailor or the dolphin's snout. Many ladies remark that the rabbit vibrator has a lighter, more teasing, and feather-like feel than the beaver or dolphin vibrator. The beaver and dolphin vibrators have a single, bigger nub that enables more intense and heavy-handed stimulation.

On the adult toy market, clitoral vibrators are usually the high-end model. Although they are among the more expensive vibrators, practically all clitoral vibrators have several unique features. The rabbit or beaver probe, unlike butterfly vibrators, is linked to a long shaft for dual vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Many versions have two distinct speed controllers for the vibrating shaft and the clitoral stimulation. For extra excitement, their shafts are lavishly coated in elevated veins and pleasure nubs, just like G-Spot vibrators. Rotating tips, a piston movement that simulates genuine thrusting, and the ability to connect to your computer for long-distance relationships are all features found on higher-end models. Look for clitoral vibrators in our store.

Butterfly Vibrators

The main purpose of butterfly vibrators is to stimulate the clitoral area. These unique vibrators have straps and are worn in the same way that a pair of panties are worn, giving them a butterfly-like form. To make them more appealing, several of these vibrators have an overall colourful and fashionable appearance.

Hundreds of pleasure nubs, which are merely little and flexible points, are frequently seen on butterfly vibrators. When you switch on the vibrator, these pleasure nubs vibrate very quickly, giving you the sensation of dozens of feathers tickling your clit at the same time.

Butterfly vibrators are popular among ladies because they provide stimulation without using their hands. This frees up another vibrator to be used for vaginal or anal penetration at the same time. For continual clitoral stimulation, you might put on your butterfly vibe before having sex with your spouse. Pink butterfly vibrators can be found.

Cylindrical Vibrators

This is a basic vibrator with no bells and whistles. Cylindrical vibrators lack the extra capabilities found in higher-end vibrators, but they make up for it by being extremely dependable and affordable. Cylindrical vibrators are typically less than 1-inch diameter, making them very light. The shaft of most of these vibrators is rounded and smooth. The controls and battery compartment are on one end, which tapers down to a smooth point.

Cylindrical vibrators have a rounded tip and a smooth surface, making them ideal for clitoral stimulation or vaginal insertion. Cylindrical vibrators are not advised for anal insertion because they lack the flared base that allows for simple retrieval. When using cylindrical vibrators, make sure to use toy-safe lubrication for a more enjoyable experience. Look for cylinder vibrators.

Rabbit Vibrators

Due to publicity from the iconic HBO series Sex in the City, the Oxygen Network's Talk Sex with Sue Johanson show, and simple word of mouth, rabbit vibrators are the most popular vibrator model on the market. Despite the hoopla, many women discover that their bunny vibrators are even better than expected.

The two-pronged "bunny ears" that vibrate at fast rates to stimulate the clitoris are known as rabbit vibrators. The rabbit ears have a gentle teasing feel to them, almost like a high-speed feather or tongue, according to many ladies. For dual vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation, rabbit vibrators are linked to a long shaft. Many versions have two-speed controls, one for the vibrating shaft and the other for the clitoral stimulator. For extra excitement, their shafts are lavishly coated in elevated veins and pleasure nubs, just like G-Spot rabbit vibrators. Rotating tips, a piston movement that simulates genuine thrusting, and the ability to connect to your computer for long-distance relationships are all features found on higher-end models. Look through our large selection of rabbit vibrators.

G-Spot Vibrators

By glancing at the shape of a vibrator, you can quickly identify if it is made to target your G-Spot. G-Spot vibrators have a characteristic curvature right at the tip, allowing the vibrator's head to hit your G-Spot more consistently. The G-Spot vibe's tip is also quite big, like the head of a real penis rather than the rounded point of a cylindrical vibrator. G-Spot vibrators are often wider than cylindrical vibrators, measuring between 1 and 1.5 inches wide and 5 to 7 inches long.

G-spot vibrators are also known for having extra features that help with stimulation. These can be as basic as elevated ridges running the length of the shaft to make insertion more pleasurable, or a shaft with a succession of bulbous projections to allow you to feel the shaft slide in and out.

G-Spot vibrators are one of the most popular models on the market, trailing only clitoral and rabbit vibrators in popularity. G-Spot vibrators are used by many women to stimulate their clitoris for extremely intense orgasms. G-Spot vibrators pink are available for purchase.

Vibrator Kits

Vibrator Kits include a basic cylindrical vibrator as well as a selection of sleeves in a range of materials. These sleeves simply fit over the vibrator and allow you to adjust it for a variety of uses, including G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. These vibrators are great for clitoral stimulation as well as an arousing massage because many of the sleeves are covered in flexible pleasure nubs. Vibrator kits are available for purchase.

Men's Vibrators

Although vibrators are commonly associated with women, guys can enjoy them just as much as women. On tense muscles, a vibrating massager can be extremely calming. You might be pleasantly surprised by a man's reaction to having his testicles vibrated using a clitoral vibrator. There are, however, some vibrators that cater solely to men.

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Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators completely reproduce a penis – from the head to the balls – rather than a bland cylinder or an irregularly shaped one, as most G-Spot vibrators do. These are typically modelled after real-life models, including several well-known adult celebrities. Cyberskin, a special substance that mimics the feel and consistency of the actual thing, is frequently used to create realistic vibrators. They come in a wide range of sizes, from little to huge, with the largest being roughly 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. Raised veins are also included in some of the better versions to provide more sensation during penetration. Take a look at what realistic vibrators can do.

Prostate Vibrators

These vibrators are a hybrid of anal and G-Spot vibrators. Prostate vibrators typically have a larger tip for increased stimulation and a long, curved shaft to reach the prostate more easily. While some men are uncomfortable with the idea of prostate stimulation, combining it with just stroking the penis results in a far more powerful and gratifying orgasm.

When using a prostate vibrator, take the same precautions as you would when using an anal vibrator. Use lots of lubrication and proceed with caution while inserting. The anal vibrator should slip in and out with relatively minor resistance if you use enough lubrication. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. If the resistance is too great, try inserting a finger to loosen the sphincter ring slightly. Prostate vibrators should be sought out.

Cock Ring Vibrators

These are usually little rings containing a bullet or egg vibrator made of a stretchy material like Cyberskin or silicone. The ring fits securely around the base of the penis, restricting blood flow and allowing a guy to work harder for longer. The vibrator attached to the cock ring, on the other hand, can be positioned for a variety of purposes. The male can use it to stimulate his balls or to whack a woman's clit during sex by pointing it downward. Some cock ring vibrators include two stimulators, one for the clit and the other for the ass of a woman. These things are extremely popular due to the possibilities provided by the location of the vibe paired with the endurance-enhancing properties of the cock ring. Shop for cocks rings that vibrate.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are great for turning bathtub time into playtime, whether you're alone or with a companion. For a knee-shaking climax, many ladies enjoy combining the stimulation of their vibrator with the sensual feel of water or a powerful shower massage. The battery compartment is sealed off from the water by a unique plastic ring, allowing you to use these models in the shower or the pool with ease. With these waterproof vibrators, you may take a dip in the pool.

Try Karte Hai sells sex toys and adult toys to both men and women at affordable pricing. In India, we have a plethora of imported sex toys. Place an order and obtain what you've been looking for for years.

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