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How to use sex toys to revive your sex life

Reignite your sex life by sex toys

By TrykartehaiPublished about a year ago 6 min read
How to use sex toys to revive your sex life
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The most effective sex toys have an undeniable potential to rehabilitate and improve your sex life. The purpose of today's post is to discuss how these toys can help you regain control of your libido.

You've probably heard the tales. The sex was fantastic at first, but then life intervened. You lost the spark you once shared somewhere in the thick of the daily grind.

Sex became less and less common...

You're not even sure if you want it anymore.

All you know is that where excitement, desire, passion, and romance previously existed, a profound abyss still exists.

"I love him/her, but the sex is...bad," you say.

If this rings true for you, you'll be relieved to know you're not alone.

It's natural for your sex life to fade; the key is to spot the problem and address it head-on.

You have an option right now.

Allow your libido to die or resurrect it!

The ‘Never In The Mood’ Syndrome

Like a 5-day old helium balloon, there is a slew of reasons why your sex life has deflated. The most common reasons are children, work stress, rage, marital problems, and boredom.

He says, "She never wants to have sex anymore, so I don't even try."

She claims that because he never puts any effort into the experience, she is never aroused.

Sexuality is an odd animal. When you've been with the same person for a long time, sexual dysfunction is inevitable. It's one of those things that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Having a variety of high-quality sex toys is not only a feasible solution, but it may even save a relationship.

We know that sexless marriage' is the most Googled phrase of any marriage search, even amid terms like 'loveless marriage' and 'unhappy marriage,' thanks to Seth Stephens-Davidowitz of the New York Times. There is a lot of sexual dysfunction around the globe!

A recent study published in Psychology Today found that women who used vibrating sex toys in the bedroom had stronger libidos, more orgasms, and better levels of sexual pleasure than those who did not, showing what we already knew - that using sex toys in the bedroom enhances your sex drive!

Reigniting Your Libido Using Solo Toys: Sex on Your Terms

It's easy to forget that your sexuality is not the duty of your partner. You can tackle the problem of feeling frustrated and ultimately rejected because your significant other does not have time for you. As the saying goes, "use it or lose it."

How To Use Solo Sex Toys:

Masturbating is good for you, it's enjoyable, and it keeps your libido flowing. But there's only so much you can do without the assistance of a sex toy. Different types of toys will expose you to a wide range of emotions, teaching you what you like, don't like, and what turns you on the most.

Vibrators of high quality, such as the Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator or the Sqweel Go Oral Stimulator, will stimulate you in a variety of ways. The Rabbit excites you both inside and out, whereas the Sqweel simulates licking for external pleasure.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, one may be heaven while the other is hell. It's all up to you! Here are some general guidelines:

  • Females – For solo play, vibrators and dildos are great luxury sex toys. Purchase one and experiment with stimulation, intensity, power, arousal, and orgasm strength.
  • Males – The use of vibrators and fleshlights is fantastic! These masturbators may efficiently replicate sex, so pay attention to power, comfort, and orgasm strength while using them.

Most adult toys come with instructions, but how you use the item ultimately depends on your personal preferences. To increase your sex desire, aim for stimulation at least twice a week.

Setting Your Lovers World on Fire: Sex Toys For Foreplay

By Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

A good sex gadget takes all the work out of arousal, so you can save your energy for the main event while still providing foreplay for your partner. Until they are ready for sex, both men and women should spend time stimulating one other.

Intimacy can only be developed via the exchange of touch. You must both give and receive to get your sex life back on track. If one of these is missing, the real enjoyment is impossible.

How To Foreplay With Sex Toys

It's true: the appropriate sex toy will provide your lover with the pleasure they crave. Get your lover to participate in your masturbation sessions once your libido is high enough.

Show them how you use your toy to talk about what you like and what gets you the most excited.

Allow your partner to take over gradually. They'll be ecstatic to see you turned on, and you'll have perfected the art of self-activation. The more you're excited, the more foreplay and sex you'll have - but here's the catch: the more you're aroused, the more foreplay and sex you'll have – but here's the catch:

Make it a point to just use your new sex toys for foreplay for one week. I'm not sexually active. Make it illegal. Remove it from the table! When both of you are enjoying foreplay on its own, it's astonishing how much-forbidden pleasure can do. It will be fantastic when sex occurs!

Start with a sensual massage as an introduction to the event.

Using Adult Toys Before and During Sex: The Final Step

It will require a lot of solo work and a concentration on foreplay to get your sex life back on track. These are the fundamental components of sexual attraction to your selected mate. Do you recall when you first started dating? The novelty of each experience drew them together and built a strong friendship.

You can reclaim it by moving on to the third step, which involves combining hot sex toys in the bedroom. Experiment after some lengthy foreplay. A couple's sex toy isn't only for one thing; it may be used in a variety of ways.

If you've been using a male masturbator, for example, there are models on the market that allow you to have sex while wearing one, delivering rolling pulses to both of you at the same time.

  • The purpose of incorporating adult toys into your sex life is to provide fresh and exciting sensations. To heighten desire and return to a state of total immersion in one another. That involves being inventive, devoting time to your partner, and providing them with something new and interesting, no matter how many times you've been together. It may appear difficult at this time, yet fantastic sex toys are known to inspire unique experiences. That is why, when your current toy becomes boring, you should replace it with something new and fresh. Then repeat the process, sex...then lots of sex!
  • Focus on one of the three levels of pleasure per encounter to vary your experiences. You might one day let your partner watch you masturbate before having sex. The following day, you can concentrate on providing them with a certain style of foreplay, followed by intercourse. Alternatively, you can use your partner's sex toys during sex to achieve higher levels of excitement and desire at the moment.

Do not attempt to complete all tasks at once. When it comes to investigating your own and others' bodies, take your time. Rushing is the worse because joy does not develop in a hurry.

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