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Why High-Value Men IGNORE Women

8 REASONS WHY High-Value Men IGNORE Women

By Alpha On DemandPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Do you ever wonder why some women treat men like trash while at the same time chasing after others with such enthusiasm?

If you think that "having a lot of money" or "looking handsome" is the key to getting a date, you're mistaken. There are plenty of handsome men who never get a second date, and there are many of wealthy men whom women just see as potential suckers for their money.

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When it comes to evaluating qualities, I appreciate men who can ignore women. Ninety percent of males are Simps and really want to have a conversation with a woman.

I value men, but on the other hand are these men who know how to ignore women, and it drives them crazy. This is because women crave attention, and once you stop giving it to them, you immediately stand out from most other men. However, there is a psychology behind how to correctly ignore women, and by the end of this video, you will learn exactly how to apply it yourself. We will go over 8 reasons why high-value men ignore women. But before we move on to the main part of this video, subscribe to our channel now, and don't forget to hit that bell icon for more future updates.

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1. Free attention

The moment a lady turns up her phone, she is flooded with messages from males who want to give her free attention. Despite this, a high-value man does not give her attention for free. He may meet a woman and introduce himself to create a spark of connection, but after that, the free attention stops. He has now put himself on the radar but treats her like she is nothing special. Do not misunderstand me: if 90% of men are giving her free attention regularly, then why doesn't this man give her attention? She will question if she isn't special enough to get attention.

Although these Mind Games may be fun to play when you're napping off on the couch or busy in a video game, I'm not suggesting that you do so.

I'm trying to say that you need to give more value to your own time and focus. A high-value man would rather be working toward his own goals rather than wasting time texting random girls.

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2. Busy with their purpose

These men are determined to accomplish their high ambitions. The high-value men put their energy in establishing a life they can be proud of instead of passively waiting for luck to strike them; instead, they make things happen. Their strive and ambition are very appealing to women. Because it is something the low-value guys lack who give them attention every day.

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3. Be bold

Fortune always favors the Brave. I respect males because I know that taking chances and not being scared to approach women when they see them may bring tremendous benefits like it boosts your confidence and teaching you how to start a conversation. On the other hand, waiting and being quiet is for suckers since it doesn't work and will only result in years of ongoing frustration and difficulty with women.

Listen, being silent is a trait of women but not of men. Before you can even discuss how to ignore a lady, you first need to be able to approach her in a manly manner. Men don't allow life just happens to them. They take what they want.

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4. Know how to be alone

We all know guys who are frequently in relationships. When their relationship ends, they quickly enter another one. It's sad that many men are frightened of being alone. This is not what a high-value man does.

The high value man avoids them and only chooses the highest caliber women that he likes. Ladies are attracted to high value men because they can sense their confidence. On the other hand, a low value guy always feels incomplete without a woman and when he approaches a woman, he loses his self-esteem.

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5. Ignore her

If she's starting fights, don't encourage it. It's time for you to ignore her. If you feel like she's making excuses to start fights with you, then just let her go because that usually means she doesn't respect or value you. By doing this, you send her the message that she can't have impulsive outbursts without consequences. A high-value man does not engage himself in pointless debates and fistfights. Don't show her any affection or attention until she accepts her fault.

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6. Be Direct

I appreciate men who are clear and honest with others. It is preferable to be rejected than to waste time playing games with a woman. Most guys will waste time being vague and acting like a friend. They discuss everything with a woman and use emojis while texting. But for a high-value man, there is no room for such things. He is direct, bold, and focused on his aim.

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7. Don't change your goals

Nobody likes an aimless man. A man who loses himself in materialism and the false pleasures of society is no more appealing. Goal-setting and achieving may sound like something old, but it's necessary for a high-value guy.

The old question stands: Where do you see yourself in five years? Think bigger and make good use of time. There is no hurry; rather, the journey is what makes men. If you haven't got a clue, that's a problem. Now is the time to think long and hard about your goals for the future.

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8. Mindset

I appreciate Men understand their worth and understand that they are attractive to women. They do not perceive women as superhuman creatures who are superior to them because of their mindset. They are entirely calm when they are with women, and their carefree attitude is incredibly appealing to women. Most regular guys get nervous around attractive women because they lack the mindset of a high-value man. So, try to develop a Growth mindset, not a Fixed mindset. It will help you a lot in your journey.

That's all about for today's video. I hope you have enjoyed watching it. Give this video a big thumbs up, and tell us in the comment section how to do you like our video. You can watch more videos from our channel if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.

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